The result are several different companies, types of boats and prices, making the decision for a particular ferry not that effortless.

Sometimes it’s nice to get out of Pattaya for a while, and spend some time in the more relaxed neighbor beaches. Jomtien is by far the most popular alternative to Pattaya, this beach is more than Trio times as long and it’s truly flourishing with many bars, restaurants and hotels popping up there every year. &hellip,

Nightlife &, Thai Chicks in Jomtien

If you are looking for a more relaxed alternative to Pattaya without providing up all the nightlife, then you will very likely find your wish holiday destination in neighboring Jomtien. It would be not fair to call Jomtien the “little brother” of Pattaya – the beach and total size of this town is more than Trio times &hellip,

Ferry Guide from Koh Phangan to Koh Tao (and vice versa)

Koh Phangan to Koh Tao is one of the most traveled ferry routes in all of Thailand. The result are several different companies, types of boats and prices, making the decision for a particular ferry not that effortless. You might think you can just go to the pier on either island, buy your ticket and sit &hellip,

Koh Tao Highlights

Koh Tao has a strong reputation for fairly a few things. It’s marketed as the number one diving spot in Thailand by the southern Thais, and therefore every year thousands of travelers from all over the world come here to do their PADI (the worldwide most widely recognized scuba diving license). Then there’s a meaty &hellip,

Nightlife &, Thai Chicks on Koh Tao

The problem with the nightlife on Koh Tao is that there are too many fat and ugly Farang women, and not that many attractive and easy-going Thai chicks. The island is one of the last retreats in Thailand for backpackers and hippies from the western world, and so it’s not unlikely that a rough looking British &hellip,

How to get from Bangkok to Koh Phangan

Last month I went on my 2nd excursion to Koh Phangan (not for the total moon party but for the ladies), so I have some up-to-date information, photos and movies for you. It’s actually more popular to do the utter Trio island journey with Koh Samui, Koh Phangan and Koh Tao, but if you are like &hellip,

Koh Phangan Highlights

When I say Koh Phangan, the very first thing you most likely think about is the total moon party. I have already told you my opinion about it in my nightlife guide – I don’t like it and that’s because there are mostly youthfull and inebriated Farang boys and ladies, and only few Thai women you can &hellip,

Nightlife &, Thai Women on Koh Phangan

The nightlife on Koh Phangan is very different to its big neighbor Koh Samui: Less Thai damsels and less girly bars, but more backpackers and more beach bars. The island is mainly known for the utter moon party, that’s when thousands of youthful Farang boys and damsels get inebriated and crazy on Haad Rin. When it’s &hellip,

Wild Tranny Rubdown in Pattaya (Hj / Suck Job)

It’s almost unlikely to stay in Pattaya for a few days and not be suggested a rubdown by a hot tranny sooner or later. Just by randomly walking around town and exploring what Pattaya has to suggest during the afternoon when you don’t want to commence drinking beer in the bars yet, you will pass &hellip,

Girly Bars and Bar Women in Pattaya

So you just arrived in Pattaya with the bus from Bangkok. You have checked into your hotel, taken a quick shower, and since you are total in anticipation and excitement you determine to go on a walk right away and see what’s going on. It’s in the middle of the afternoon and truly hot, so &hellip,

Five Best Places to Meet Trannies in Phuket

I wrote guides on all different places to meet ladies in Phuket, but what I haven’t truly covered yet is something that more and more guys are interested in: Where to meet trannies in Phuket? How to deal with them? Do they charge more money than the women? Isn’t it a bit dangerous to take &hellip,

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