My very first meet up today was a frustration

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Met her talking politics on Twitter. She sent me fifteen year old pictures where she looked good. We met at a walmart parking lot, and then to her house. Her face was not horrible, but her figure was not superb.

Looked like she had a bowling ball on each side of her hip, then two bowling ball sack for butt cheeks.

Tits draped like NY undress steaks with puffies on the bottom. She did not want me to see her naked. She unclothed then leaped under the blanket. Did not want make-out she was ready for hook-up now. The frustration left me with problems getting as hard as I needed. She went below the covers and sucked me. Put my finger up her, she was tastey. She was either real horny before or she got her own self ready while she was waiting for me to arrive.

Did not bother with her tits much but I did bite her ear and neck some. I ask if she desired to rail, she ask me to rail her. Laid on her back and opened her brief gams. I had no problems getting in. She was so moist that juice ran out of her as my man rod went in. After two strokes she groaned and I thought she was hurt. When I ask she said it feel good don’t stop.

Pumped her a few more times and she embarked groaning again, She got noisy, repeated jesus a lot. Jesus this feel good. Groaned noisy and came again. Shoved my knees up for leverage, pulled her gams up then hooked them with my arms. Folded her in half, commenced driving my man rod straight down in her. She’s yelling Jesus that’s good fuck-stick, She cums again and starts to piss. I feel the warm urine running against me. I keep pumping and then jizz.

She told me it had been years since she had a man. She wondered if I could do her once again. I said I could but I needed to wash up. When I got back from the bathroom she had a desert cart in the room. She had cheese cake pies and cakes. I understood why her hips and culo were so large. Stationary me a drink and ask why I needed to wash up when I am going right back in.

When I said she had urinated she got upset. Checked the bed then looked embarrassed. She had never done that before & she hoped I would not be upset.

She desired to stir into the spare but I let her know the bed was fine. We could stay on the other side.

She did not take her robe off until she was under the blanket. Slipped over said she would suck my dick again if I desired,

Got me hard , so I went back into her now spunk loaded cooter. Slick feeling and taut. Gams up then fucked her hard a bit when she began with jesus that feels good again. Was able to make her spunk twice more and on the 2nd I could feel warm humid urine again. She ask to let her gams down. it was hurting her hips from the long fuck. Shot me geyser, then relaxed. I washed up, she washed my hair then gave me a hair trim.

I attempted to pay for the hair cut, she refused the money. I would have met her if she demonstrated me up to date pictures, but its sad when women use old pictures

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Commented May 11, 2017 by anonymous

You fucked her twice even however she pissed, on you so all in all it must have been some good twat. In a dry spell you very likely will go back again, I would.

Commented May 11, 2017 by anonymous

Are you sure she wasn’t squirting vs. pissing.

Commented May 11, 2017 by anonymous

Obviously, it wasn’t a frustration. You fucked her twice and blew your blast twice. She was glad to suck you, too. It wasn’t as if she thought she was a supermodel. She knew how bad her assets was, so she didn’t want you to see it. You’ll go back for more, because you know it’s a honeypot you can have without a condom.

Commented May 11, 2017 by anonymous

I see you do not understand the meaning of frustration. Or the idea someone would be selfless enough to keep his word to take care of her.

Commented May 11, 2017 by anonymous

Any cunt that moist naturally is good. Any woman who is so horny that touching her starts an orgasm, means my man rod got a special treat. Chances she would be that hot the next time are very slender.

The embarrassment that she lost control of her bladder, could actually make her less open and primed for hookup. Was my 1st meet up on line, I have beaver closer to home. One of them a youthfull mother of two, who’s spouse is a vegetative state due to an accident.

If I go back it will be because she ask me.

Commented May 11, 2017 by anonymous

I hope she doesn’t ever call you again, and I hope she has more self respect than to permit the likes of you in her fuckbox again. She was hot, joy, and desired it. Flawless tits and puny hips aren’t the be-all-end-all.

Commented May 11, 2017 by anonymous

Such a selfless stud to fuck that free vulva even tho’ she’d put on some weight and gotten old. Such a gentleman.

Commented May 11, 2017 by anonymous

Just got back from a journey to Home Depot for some parts for a bathroom project. Had to come back some stuff I didn’t need and charmed the CSR at the front counter. We ended up down an isle with her on her knees sucking my stiffy. She was older, mid-30s, a bit heavyset, obviously had a duo kids and a bit worn and tired in the face, but she was enthusiastic as hell. Told me my chisel was twice as big as her husbands.

Commented May 11, 2017 by anonymous

So a female worker at Home Depot sucked your manstick in a store isle. Truly? are you yanking our chains here?

Commented May 11, 2017 by anonymous

You very likely have many hopes. Hope you will one day touch a titty other than your moms. Will have hookup with another person of some type. You obviously do not understand the word meaning of frustration. Or the fact I displayed this women the utmost respect, after she blatantly lied to me.

If someone offers you a Prime Rib dinner, when you arrive dinner is a Hotdog, you still eat. You thank the cook, you complement the host. You suggest some help with clean up from dishes to clearing the dining room.

Commented May 11, 2017 by anonymous

I do not expect you juvenile’s here to understand the depth of my confession. It’s directed toward the older more mature fellows here. Its to explain how disappointing it is to be lied to.






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