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To be eligible to register a .ca domain name, you must be a registered Canadian business or organization, a Canadian trademark holder, a citizen of Canada, have permanent residency in Canada, or otherwise qualify under the Canadian Presence Requirements. is good for anyone who is in the Home Industry and looking to either create a fresh site or use for redirection. is high in request and if you are a domain broker you might want to consider to hold the domain. We are accepting offers for this amazing, go ahead and either accept our suggest or post your own suggest for today. By submitting your suggest you have the chance to acquire before your competition. This chance will last for a limited time period only.

.NZ Registrations Grow Almost 7 In 12 .

Registrations of .nz domain names grew by 6.91%, or 33,657, to 702,311 in the 12 months to the end of November according to the final Domain Name Commissions .NZ Newsletter for 2017. And following a restructure of the organisation where Jordan Carter was appointed InternetNZ Group Chief Executive, it also marks a farewell from longstanding employees, Domain Name Commissioner Debbie Monahan and Jay Daley, Fresh Zealand Registry Services Chief Executive, who both depart

What To Do When There Are Problems Tra.

Transferring a domain name from one registrar to another should be a relatively straightforward procedure. But there will be times when it doesnt happen which could be because of a dispute, court order or even a 60-Day Switch of Registrant lock. There could even be issues with the terms and conditions from the existing registrar. To explain some of the problems that might occur, ICANN has published its third post on their Blog to explain the issues. Disputes that cou

ICANN Facing Budget Cuts as Expected I.

Lower than expected domain name registrations are forcing ICANN to make significant budgetary cuts, CEO and President Gran Marby explained in his latest post on the ICANN Blog. In the very first quarter of 2018 ICANNs income was $1 million lower than expected and income for the year is expected to remain vapid compared to 2017. Marby says ICANN is forecasting lower funding for 2019 compared to the approved 2018 budget. ICANN is also worried about depletion in their Reser Goes Big in Large 6-Figure S.

The buyer of certainly spent some money, with the domain name selling for a very big $275,000 in a sale brokered by Sedo. It was the only reported sale on the Domain Name Journal chart for the week ending 26 November that broke the 6-figure mark. Coming in 2nd was which sold for $75,000, also through Sedo, and which sold for $40,000 through Sedo predominated the chart, taking out Nineteen of the top 23 sales with a 4-ay tie for 20th

ICANN Publishes ICANN60 By the Numbers.

Today [20 Dec], ICANN published the ICANN60 By the Numbers report, which includes technical, demographic, and attendance statistics. This report summarizes our findings from ICANNs 2nd Annual General Meeting of the fresh meeting strategy. This report is part of ICANNs commitment to transparency. By the Numbers Report highlights include: 1,929 checked-in participants, with 718 listing their region as APAC 23% of attendees participating for the very first time 407 sessions

Fresh gTLD Plunge Sees Global Domain Nam.

There was a 1.Two million drop in the number of domain names registered around the world in the third quarter of 2017, a decline of 0.4% over the 2nd quarter, which was largely due to a drop of Three.Two million registrations in fresh gTLDs, the vast majority in Two fresh gTLDs .xyz and .top. However year-on-year registrations, or domains under management (DUM), grew 1.1%. The figures come from the latest Verisign Domain Name Industry Brief that shows the third quarter of 2017

Purchase process was plain, straight-forward and lightly understandable. No hassles and stress was experienced while purchasing my desired domain. Albeit it was a costly affair, yet it was very fuss-free while doing the payment. In no time, I became the proprietor of my desired domain.

Sean Porter – Texas, United States

Domain Brothers was very responsive concerning my request. When I placed my request for acquiring my desired domain to the Domain Brothers, within hours I got the reply for the same. Very responsive and very cooperative.

Mildred L. Shepard, Quebec, Canada

The process is much lighter than I have thought of. I am blessed with the service that Domain Brothers provided to me and am particularly pleased to be able to acquire a domain which I always wished to own and which is effortless to brand. I have a strong belief that this will enhance my business.

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