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Biography Reference Bank

H.W. Wilson, 2004. Price negotiated by site.

[Visited Nov’04] Part of the WilsonWeb service, Biography Reference Bank offers over 500,000 biographies from ancient times to the present. It indexes full-text articles from all the H.W. Wilson collective biographies (e.g., Current Biography, World Authors). Biographies are retrieved in response to a search link to articles indexed in Wilson publications (e.g., Biography Index, only from 1984 onwards). BRB is therefore an invaluable online resource for biography. The work’s international scope is a major attraction, as is its comprehensive content. Students interested in finding out about latest Nobel Prize winners can find a wealth of data, including links to some full-text reports of the award announcements, for example, searching for Peace Prize laureate Wangari Maathai retrieves a Current Biography entry and links to articles and full-text sources. The interface works slickly, but subscribers to numerous WilsonWeb resources can find the initial selection screen very busy. A browse feature permits numerous ways to search the database (e.g., by gender, place of origin). Searching Northern Ireland as a place of origin retrieves more than 40 hits, including Kenneth Branagh, who is not always associated with Northern Ireland. Icons at the top of the main window permit searches to be limited to biographies and obituaries or to entries with pictures. This is a very usable, content-rich resource. Summing Up: Very recommended. All libraries, especially public, school, and undergraduate.&mdash, J.J. Doherty, Northern Arizona University

Masters of Cinima

[Visited Nov’04] Graphically attractive, informative, and user friendly, this invaluable Web site concentrates on but is not limited to the work of major world directors. It is divided into numerous sections, the most significant of which are ",The News Fountain,", which runs down the left side of the main page and provides current news on directors and films (past and present), releases of historical and critically significant DVDs, awards, and tributes. Down the center of the page is a month-by-month calendar of upcoming DVD releases of major films. The site’s growing library of latest articles on international cinema is evident on the right side of the home page, there are links to articles and a list of more than 100 directors also included with links to at least a biographical essay and, at most, a Web site faithful to that director. This section also offers useful links to dealers in everything from DVDs and movie to film posters, critical reviews, online writing support for budding screenwriters, and film publications. The particular appeal of this site is its commitment to world cinema–there is a good balance of international film and US movies, with overall emphasis on the achievements of the filmmakers and the films themselves. Summing Up: Essential. All film collections.&mdash, J. Fisher, Wabash College

Science &, Technology&mdash,Astronautics &, Astronomy

NASA/IPAC Extragalactic Database

[Visited Nov’04] The NASA/IPAC Extragalactic Database (NED) can be searched for data such as position and crimson shift for extragalactic objects. The data has been gleaned from catalogs and the published literature and is updated every two or three months. In addition, NED provides a searchable skill base of information relevant to astronomy and astrophysics. The NED skill base includes a wealth of review articles, journal abstracts, thesis abstracts, pictures, and a glossary of terms. The home page provides a well-organized table of links to its contents, arranged in five columns headed Objects, Data, Literature, Instruments, and Info. The amount of astronomical information accessible through this Web site is enormous, for example, it contains basic data for more than seven and a half million extragalactic sources and gives more than two and a half million bibliographic references. The NED should prove indispensable for students and researchers in astronomy and astrophysics. Summing Up: Very recommended. Upper-division undergraduates through professionals..&mdash, M. Dickinson, Maine Maritime Academy

Social &, Behavioral Sciences&mdash,Western Europe

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