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By Jared DiPane Sunday, Aug 8, 2010 at 11:25 am EDT

Internet dating has been on the rise over the past duo of years, many couples have success stories from meeting someone through some type of social networking service or website. MeetMoi NOW is a fresh Android application that brings the ease of meeting people via the internet to a entire fresh level. This location based application permits users to see other singles in their area after packing out a profile about themselves. Users will be notified when fresh matches are found in their respective areas so they are able to determine whether they wish to strike up a conversation with the person or not. So whether you are the timid dude, someone always on the go, or just someone who is looking for another way to meet someone fresh, this application is a superb way to do so. Check out the utter presser for some more information, as well as some extra screen shots after the break.




Always-On Mobile Dating Application Suggests Matches Based on Location and Time,

Permitting Members To Stop Searching Dating Profiles And Commence Loving Dating

Fresh YORK, NY &ndash, August Three, 2010 &ndash, MeetMoi , the leading location-based mobile dating company, today announced the launch of MeetMoi NOW , an application for Android TM devices. MeetMoi NOW is a free application introducing proximity-based matching, which takes advantage of the background processing capabilities of Android. The service is designed to find people dates, even when their phones are in their purses and pockets.

&ldquo,There is a big chance to switch the paradigm of online dating from services where people spend the majority of their time searching for profiles, to a service that supplies profiles to users&rsquo, phones based on their real-time location,&rdquo, said Andrew Weinreich , CEO of MeetMoi.

Once downloaded from the Android Market TM , fresh members provide MeetMoi NOW with basic information about their interests in just a few steps, and then let MeetMoi&rsquo,s technology do all the work. Whenever two users with matching preferences are within a mile of one another, MeetMoi NOW notifies them both, permitting them to begin a conversation. To encourage face-to-face meetings when people are near one another, connections made through the service expire after 60 minutes.

&ldquo,MeetMoi NOW is a dating app for people with a genuine interest in meeting in-person, not just online talking and flirting,&rdquo, said Alex Harrington , President of MeetMoi. &ldquo,Our purpose is to make it joy and effortless to meet people when you are out and about.&rdquo,

MeetMoi has suggested internet-based mobile dating services since its commercial launch in 2008, with both a free and premium subscription practice. The initial launch of the app, available today, is in beta, MeetMoi expects to add premium features in a future release. Extra mobile platforms, including iPhone ®, , will be supported in the coming weeks.

MeetMoi, the leading location-based mobile dating company in the United States, was founded in 2007 in Fresh York City. MeetMoi matches users with one another based on preferences and proximity through both application-based and mobile web-based dating. By leveraging location awareness and the real time communication channels available on mobile devices, MeetMoi makes it effortless for members to connect in person. In addition to its own branded dating service, MeetMoi provides white label services for major brands and communities. Users may join the MeetMoi community for free, with premium service available for a monthly subscription fee.

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MeetMoi NOW brings online dating to a fresh level

This could get ugly with front camera support.

Well I see the Flag as Inappropriate so it should be mostly safe.

I believe there is an app called grinder that does the same thing specifically for gays/lesbians. Not sure if they have an android version however.

awwww. she didn’t get naked tho , :p

what are you. 12?

Rapists delight it has never been lighter to find a victim. Just pack out a brief BS profile and you get pics and proximity. What more could you ask for? I know I’m getting a refill on my ruffies. Lmao for real ladies buy a dude or get some mace.

The problem with “location-aware” apps is that no one ever leaves their GPS on all the time, for fear of killing their battery. I can’t wait until everything becomes location-aware, but I don’t think it will until we solve the terrible battery life problems on smartphones.

Come on, say it like it indeed is.

“MeetMoi NOW brings finding a hooker to a fresh level”

Looking for friendship,and a Christian lady

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