I love Dan and all of his Rooms!

OMG!! I love Dan and all of his Rooms! I love all of the fresh friends I have made!! This is earnestly the best talk room site ever!! I love you Dan, Nikki, Preston, Jenni (my twin), Alec, Rob, Sean, Alex, Beg, Mary, Brit, Sophie, Chris, Tyler, James, Paul, Scott, Hernan, Jeremy, John, and my dearest, Trevor <,Three I love all of you and wouldn’t have gotten to know you w/o Teenchat!


Love this site been here for Five yrs now,i have met many kewl and interesting peepZ.Mmmmmmwha Teenchat!!

Jessie aka Oh Em Gee

I absolutely love this site! I haven’t been coming in for very long, but even still I’ve gotten to know a lot of very nice people, and made tons of cool fresh friends! It is enormously addictive as people say, and I’m sure you’ll keep wanting to come back to these talk rooms like the rest of us. Attempt it, you just might like it! O.<,


Teenchat is excellent, i’ve met some indeed cool people here, some of whom i’ll very likely meet in real life. If i’m bored, i always know one of the regulars will be on. I’d have gone crazy through boredom long ago if it weren’t for this site.


Teenage talk is good!Without it i couldn’t keep in touch with my gf from Germany which i love very much!It is the Holy Grail for us because she goes to a internet cafe where there are no instant messengers.Thank you Teenage talk owners for this free and effortless way to communicate.You have helped me and many others!Teenage talk KEEPS LOVE ALIVE!(at least in my case).A nice day to all of you:)


I’ve been going on teenage talk for years now and it only gets better. meeting fresh people every time and even the same group of friends to look forward to.


i love teenchat it’s a excellent way to meet fresh friends from all over the world!! it’s excellent, emo talk is the best by far tho !! hehe xoxox


I truly Love this site it permits me to meet fresh pplz round the world. And gives me a chance to talk to pplz that i dont see everyday so there is always something we are talking bout that i dont already know

Katie Williams

This is a truly superb talk room! I was having troubles with a stud and myself and I met a very good person on there Sizzlin who helped me overcome my problems and nightmares about this dude. Thank you so much and keep up the good work.

I am like one of teenage talks fattest chatters. I’m on here every day and I have to say. I LOVE IT!! its mondo awesome especially when i meet people who actually know what music there talking about instead of attempting to fit in .. im a metilist and nothing else soo its awesome! I LOVES IT.

alexa lynn

These talk rooms are amazinggg! This is the one place where I can meet tons of chill people and have joy at the same time. if you haven’t attempted it, your missing out.


Hey there everyone, I just have to say I love this site. It has so many different free talk rooms that I love but I think preps talk is the best. I have so much joy talking with different ppl. I very recommend using this site.


haha! I love talking to random people and these talk rooms are utter of random people!


This site is amazing and joy. You can meet a lot of superb, interesting people. I love talking to people who are like me. I also love this site because you can relate to a lot of unknown people. This talk is just crazy amazing.


It’s pretty cool on here! I have a laugh reading stupid things people write to each other. And you can meet so many fresh ppl here it’s amazing that it’s free!


Hmm..I unno how long ive been coming here..A long butt time..But i have Sooo Many friends on here and i love them to death..NerdPants!!Ily. D

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