Girls reveal the truth about their lesbian first kiss

You will never forget your first kiss. These memories will always revive the mix of jitters and excitement you got when looked at your partner’s lips, touched their hair, felt their breezing on your cheek…

For girls, who kissed girls this time is even more thrilling. Some of them were exploring their sexuality, some, already sure in their preferences, were trying to find love. Nevertheless, all these stories are unique and very cute. That’s why here we collected some of the stories in which girls share their feelings about the lesbian first kiss.

From BFFs to first love

“I was only 16 when I’ve met my first best friend. We’ve spent lots of time together and it didn’t seem more than friendship, until she asked me if she can kiss me. It was a bit awkward at that time because none of us didn’t really know how to kiss. But it was nice anyway. After that, we’ve spent a year dating. This lesbian first kiss experience, made me realise that I was a bisexual.” – Alice, 23

The B-day party surprise

“It was my 12th birthday party and I’ve invited a bunch of girls. By the end of the evening we were playing Truth or Dare and I ended up kissing a girl from my neighborhood. It didn’t turn me gay, actually, but it was my first kiss ever and I’m happy that it was like this.” – Sofia, 15

The kiss that changed my life

“I’ve never identified myself as a lesbian. I even had a few boyfriends back in school. But when I went to college I’ve met Sarah – my roommate and just an amazing person. Instantly I’ve felt something different about her and really wanted to get to know her more. We weren’t really close, though, until one night when she confessed that she is a lesbian. I told her it was totally okay with me and I won’t tell anyone unless she wants it. We’ve spent a few more hours talking and then she kissed me. It was completely different from what I’ve experienced before. That night has changed my life completely because I realised that I’m not really into boys anymore and now I can say that I’m a lesbian and I’m proud.” – Julia, 32

The dance floor kiss

“I was always kind of scared of men and felt more secure around women. I remember the day of my lesbian first kiss pretty well because we went dancing with a bunch of girls and we were drunk just a little bit. So, we were dancing and I saw this girl by the bar looking at me. She was really pretty. I smiled at her and the next thing I remember was she coming and kissing me right away. I was kind of shocked at first. But again, I was drunk a bit and her lips tasted of strawberry, so I’ve just melted into it and kissed her back. I’ve never seen her again, unfortunately, but this episode made me realise who I really am and since then I’m dating girls only.” – Zoe, 25

Friends will always help

“It all went out of a joke. I was 15 and my best friend was going on a date with her boyfriend. They never kissed before but she had a feeling that today was the day, so she felt really nervous about it. So I said: “If you are so scared that you will be a bad kisser, let’s practice now”. Surprisingly, she agreed. At first, it felt weird and a bit awkward but then we tried a few more times and it actually felt good. At that time I was also questioning my sexuality, so it was a good chance to check it.
We are both dating men now, but we still keep our little secret that our first kiss was with a girl.” – Sally, 18

Christmas miracle

“I was visiting my friends in New York and we went to a Christmas party at their friend’s. You know this kind of party where no one actually knows each other? Well, that’s was it. So I was hanging around, talking to people and then I’ve met a girl. Apparently, she was also visiting some friends of hers in NYC and we started talking about how did she like it here and so on. At some moment a weird guy came to us, placed a mistletoe above our heads and said: “Kiss”. I never actually considered kissing a girl but at that moment somehow it felt right for me, so I just kissed her. She was surprised as well, but she kissed me back. And I should admit, it was the best Christmas kiss I’ve ever had.” – Alex, 29.

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