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Women Share How Long It Took Them To Fall In Love

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Love with an open mind, Feel with an open heart

Top Ten ways Search Devices are better than Swiping

1. No missed connections because your special someone hasn’t found you to have a “mutual like”. You don’t have to wait for a mutual “like” to message.

Two. You can search for your special someone based on your preferences, as detailed as you want.

Three. Your special someone might find you and say hi.

Four. You don’t have to give out your exact location to the app on each login. Privacy.

Five. Your search doesn’t have to be limited to just your location. If you haven’t found your special someone going out around your area, maybe they are a little more far out.

6. No waste of time swiping through all the people matching just your gender preference, age, and location.

7. No timer on connecting or messaging.

8. The dating app steps out of the way and let’s you lead the way.

9. Profiles have more content, so you can get to know more about the person before messaging.

Ten. You can share more about yourself and get more meaningful very first messages and matches.

Love is a better teacher than duty

“Love is a better teacher than duty” -Albert Einstein

Friends Match Me totally free dating app: Singles worldwide and of all ages

Friends Match Me is for all singles worldwide, and for all ages. And totally free for all. Most members are inbetween 25-34 years old, at 36%. Here’s a breakdown of the current active members on Friends Match Me:

Join Friends Match Me and find, message, and connect with your match totally free! Find us on Google Play, the App Store, or join directly from our website at .

Friends Match Me active members demographics: Gender/Sexual Orientation

Wondering about the ratio of boys to women on Friends Match Me so far? We ran our stats program on our dating database for gender and each member’s profile response for gender(s) “Interested in” and here are the results:

In summary, so far about 93% of members on Friends Match Me are heterosexuals, 2% are lesbians, 3% are homosexuals, and 2% are bi-sexual. The ratio of guys to women is a little closer for USA members, however still there are more fellows than women on Friends Match Me.

We are actively marketing Friends Match Me worldwide and more members are joining Friends Match Me each day. As the telling goes, sharing is caring, so sharing one of our YouTube movies, or the link to the Friends Match Me website or apps makes the practice even better for everyone on here. We hope you love Friends Match Me, the totally free dating site/app, and welcome your feedback!

#Love is #1 hashtag on Instagram

According to Instagram’s year in review, the most popular Instagram hashtag in 2017 is #love.


Message who you’d like, when you’d like. No fees either, ever. Find love on Friends Match Me. The anti-pay dating site/app. #LoveFirst

Updated dating site/apps for multi-language compatibility

We have recently updated the Friends Match Me dating site/apps for compatibility across languages. Friends Match Me is open to members worldwide, so profile questions may be answered in any language, besides English – same goes for messenging with members!

Please comment or email us feedback on creating/updating your dating profile in the language of your choice. If your dating profile presently has special characters displaying rather than your language, please edit your profile and attempt again now – this upgrade should provide the correct display of your profile in any language you choose.

Love will find its way through all languages on its own -Rumi, Persian Poet

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