Dating a Girl With a Baby: Yes or No

Single mothers surround you every day. You even may not know it, but the girl in the coffee shop making the most perfect cappuccino in the world can have a kid or maybe even two. They can still be sexy and fit, smiling and joking with you, flirting and just having fun. But underneath all they want is a happy family with a strong father figure who will protect and love her and her child. So if you are dating a girl with a baby make sure you’re ready to become that figure in their life.

Turns out that most guys are scared to date a single mom. Why? Well, it’s probably because the first word which comes into their minds is “commitment”. A pretty frightening word for men, you know. Not everyone is ready for that actually, and unfortunately, it doesn’t depend on age. There are so many young guys under 30 who will love your kid with all their heart, while at the same time lots of men above 40 will never accept a woman with a child.

It’s quite natural that the very thought that you fell in love with a single mom signals “No, don’t do that!” but hey, give yourself a chance. If you can’t imagine your life without this person, then accept everything she has. You will be rewarded later when those kids will call you daddy and you’ll be their best friend and support.

If you still fear to make this step, read on to see the most popular myths debunked.

Myth 1

Single moms always have a tragic background and loads and emotional issues.

Truth: Actually, lots of single moms are in perfect relationships with their ex-husbands and feel happier after divorce than before that.

Myth 2

Single moms always prioritize their children, not their boyfriends.

Truth: Well, just imagine this. She has a house full of chaos and no time to meet her friends. But then suddenly she starts to dedicate her time to you and even asking her neighbor Mindy to look after the kids on Friday night. Do you still think you’re not important to her?

Myth 3

It’s pretty difficult to schedule a date night with single mom cause she’s always busy with kids and she’s the one who puts them to sleep.

Truth: If you really want serious relationships with this woman, this is not even an issue. She’s a grown-up woman and she’ll figure out something. Just plan everything together.

While you still fear something, have a look at these benefits of dating a single mom:

  1. She will definitely feed you well.
  2. She knows the worth of money.
  3. She’s not the “nightclub kinda girl”.
  4. You will see what kind of mother she will be for your common children.
  5. She will not leave at the first sign of a problem cause she’s used to them.

As you can see, everything is quite negotiable. The most important thing is that you should not give up your feelings just because the woman has a baby. If you want really meaningful relationships do this step forward and you will become a part of a loving and caring family.

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