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Online dating has already become a worldwide phenomenon. Our purpose was to create a dating service based on the comparison of astrological compatibility of the people involved – an original value added. We are aware of the fact that there are lots of websites which suggest dating using Astrology. Most of them, however, take only partial information into consideration (i.e. date of birth without paying attention to the time and place of birth). We suggest potential couples a sophisticated comparison of their horoscopes.

Another complication lies within the result percentage of such calculations – on every website you get different results. We attempted to make it lighter by showcasing you the number of the most significant constellations, using smiley faces. The positive constellations are shown as smiling faces and the negative constellations are shown as frowning faces. This makes the result clearer and lighter to understand. Of course, there is the possibility to instantly calculate a horoscope together with an interpretation.

We also brought a brand fresh feature – we consider not only the planetary constellations (they tell us about many different aspects of a duo’s life) but also the extent of mutual complementarity(planets, quadrants, elements, Moon phases, signs. ). The basic idea can be summarised as following: ",My superior characteristics are those which you lack.",. This indicator (represented by asterisks, the more of them, the better) sort of helps us to substitute the role of the unconsciousness in virtual dating. As we know, in the real world we are often attracted by people who have what we lack (opposites attract).

Let’s summarise what makes our dating service unique:

  1. It compares entire horoscopes
  2. The results of the compatibility calculations are not represented by numbers only and provides space for multilayered interpretation
  3. It considers the factors which influence the mutual complementarity of a duo

Eventually, we would like to wish you a lot of suitable potential playmates to choose from and good luck in building the relationship with the right person.

Number of users of astro dating service: 5328 women and 25 guys

Let’s share your opinions, ideas and feelings in our original talk or our discussion forums! Get to know lots of good people with whom you can compare your horoscope, read each other’s brief astrological characteristics (and understand them better) or find a soulmate for life with a matching constellation.

Many people will behave in a thoughtless way regarding the interpersonal relationships, they may also incline to rather radical attitudes. The extremism will rise worldwide. On the other arm, this unfluence is beneficial for the matters connected with the regeneration.

You may encounter more friendly gestures and kindliness than usually which will enable you to make fresh contacts. The desire to have joy and to love the life is good for the social events. Please your senses with art or a good meal.

The social and aesthetic feelings are strengthened. Excellent time organising charity events, concerts, churches or sanctuaries. Attempt to spend your time on those who need it (the feeble, the opressed).

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