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substitute ‘id1234567890’ with ‘id’ and ‘your ten digit number’

This works ideally on all devices.

It does go straight to the app store, no redirects.

Is OK for all national stores.

It’s true you should budge to using loadProductWithParameters , but if the purpose of the link is to update the app you are actually inwards of: it’s possibly better to use this “old-fashioned” treatment.

Simply switch ‘itunes’ to ‘phobos’ in the app link.

Now it will open the App Store directly

To have a direct link without redirection :

  1. Use iTunes link maker to get the real direct link
  2. Substitute the http:// with itms-apps://
  3. Open the link with [[UIApplication sharedApplication] openURL:url],

Be careful, those links only works on actual devices, not in simulator.

This worked for me ideally using only APP ID:

The number of redirects is ZERO.

A number of answers suggest using ‘itms’ or ‘itms-apps’ but this practice is not specifically recommended by Apple. They only suggest the following way to open the App Store:

Listing 1 Launching the App Store from an iOS application

For apps that support iOS 6 and above, Apple offers a in-app mechanism for presenting the App Store: SKStoreProductViewController

Note that on iOS6, the completion block may not be called if there are errors. This shows up to be a bug that was resolved in iOS 7.

If you want to link to a developer’s apps and the developer’s name has punctuation or spaces (e.g. Development Company, LLC) form your URL like this:

Otherwise it comebacks “This request cannot be processed” on iOS Four.Three.Trio

You can get a link to a specific item in the app store or iTunes through the link maker at:

This is working and directly linking in ios5

This is ordinary and brief way to redirect/link other existing application on app store.

I can confirm that if you create an app in iTunes connect you get your app id before you submit it.

Creating a link could become a complicated issue when supporting numerous OS and numerous platform. For example the WebObjects isn’t supported on iOS 7 (some of them), some links you create would open another country store then the user’s etc.

There is an open source library called iLink that could help you.

There advantages of this library is that the links would be found and created at run time (the library would check the app ID and the OS it is running on and would figure out what link should be created). The best point in this is that you don’t need to configure almost anything before using it so that is error free and would work always. That’s good also if you have few targets on same project so you don’t have to recall which app ID or link to use. This library also would prompt the user to upgrade the app if there is a fresh version on the store (this is built in and you turn this off by a plain flag) directly pointing to the upgrade page for the app if user agrees.

Copy the Two library files to your project (iLink.h &, iLink.m).

On your appDelegate.m:

and on the place you want to open the rating page for example just use:

Don’t leave behind to import iLink.h on the same file.

There is a very good doc for the entire library there and an example projects for iPhone and for Mac.

If you have the app store id you are best off using it. Especially if you in the future might switch the name of the application.

If you don’t have tha app store id you can create an url based on this documentation

Passes this test

  • Open directly in the App Store

An app

List of developer’s apps”your app ID here” comeback json.From this, find key “trackViewUrl” and value is the desired url. use this url(just substitute https:// with itms-apps:// ).This works just fine.

For example if your app ID is xyz then go to this link

Then find the url for key “trackViewUrl“.This is the url for your app in app store and to use this url in xcode attempt this

For Xcode 9.1 and Swift Four:

Two.Conform the protocol

Three.Implement the protocol

It is very significant to come in the exact ID of your APP. Because this cause error (not demonstrate the error log, but nothing works fine because of this)

According to Apple’s latest document itms-apps: or itms: won’t not work. You need to use

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