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Steve Bain is an Englishman who has traveled to Thailand many times and has lived there, on and off, since 2010. He is a graduate in Economics and is fascinated by the developing economies and cultures of South East Asia. His websites and are loyal to providing the very best advice for western guys.

In a previous article about Thai ladies and their dating potential for us westerners, I set out why I believe that the ladies from the land of smiles are a viable option for a serious romance now that economic development in Thailand had introduced a more mainstream sort of visitor to the country for work and business purposes.

It occurs to me that I left my very first article with a bit of a cliff-hanger ending. Having argued that regular Thai damsels are demonstrating interest in finding Western bf’s these days, I then continued with the bad news that the culture-gap is so large inbetween Thailand and the west that most of us are not particularly well suited to serious romantic attachment to a Thai lady at all.

Here are a few things you should know so that this generalization may not apply to you:

The Culture Gap

The very first thing to note about the culture gap is that life in Thailand feels much more conservative and traditional. It makes you think of a time before we all commenced locking our front-doors and shutting ourselves off from our neighborhoods and communities. There’s less pressure to fall inline with the daily grind of work, pay the mortgage, observe TV, sleep and repeat.

With regard to Thai women, the very first and last thought of the day for many of them is focused on “sanuk” i.e. having joy. This is an significant point, life in Thailand is much more about liking the moment, there’s no concern for political correctness and not much thought given to the future consequences of deeds taken today.

Another overriding divide inbetween Thai culture and Western culture is the way in which Thais love doing things as a group. With the exception of bedroom activities there’s not much in life that your average Thai doesn’t choose to do in the company of friends and family.

The downside to this, from a Western point of view, is the loss of independence that you have to accept if you want to become a part of the group. Don’t underestimate how much you value your independence—,most of us in the west have been weaned on it, and it isn’t an effortless thing to give up.

Before continuing, I’d let to set your minds at ease with regard to an issue that cropped up in the comments after my previous article, you do NOT need to worry about mistakenly ending up dating a Thai tranny. The entire tranny issue is massively over-hyped, if you want to avoid the trannies then you will not fight to do so.

Back to the culture gap… to give an idea of what it would be like for you in a relationship with a Thai dame, I’ll describe a few of the main components of daily life in Thailand.

Thai Ladies And Cultural Norms

Family Hierarchy

I already mentioned that life in Thailand is a bit like a bygone age in the west. One respect that fits with that assessment is the respect Thais have for their elders. If you want romance with Thai ladies, you’re going to need to be very respectful towards her parents and you’re going to need to accept a excellent deal of involvement by them in everyday decision making.

Every family has a hierarchy and even if you are dating a female that is significantly junior than you are, you are still going to need to fit in with your “in-laws” wishes about lots of things. If you have become too habitual to going your own way then you are going to fight with the deference that is required.

Saving Face

The big issue here relates to the way that Thai avoid confrontation with one another. If you feel like having a good debate on any given topic then you’re in trouble. The problem with debating something is that one side or another might win the debate and the losing party will “lose face” over being wrong. Losing face is a big deal in Thailand, much more so than in the west, and everyone avoids it.

Telling little white lies in order to help someone save face is also commonplace, in fact the length and breadth of situations where a little white lie is deemed acceptable is so extensive that you’ll sometimes wonder if you’ve ever heard the truth.

Public Behaviour

Any sort of public display of affection is going to be frowned upon in most areas of Thailand. One of the big concerns that Thai women have about getting involved with Western guys is the fear that we’ll be a little over-familiar. Even holding palms is looked down upon in some situations.

Ga Sunburn Yoo

This relates to an breathtaking feeling of debt and gratitude that Thais feel towards their parents. I already mentioned that Thai damsels are deferential towards their parents, but the ga sunburn yoo concept goes much further than that.

Thai children are raised to understand all of the sacrifices that their parents have made for them across their lives. In Thai society the children assume the responsibility of taking care of the parents once the children are old enough to work. If you marry a Thai dame then you are going to assume a fine deal of financial responsibility for the parents whilst still being deferential towards their views!

Nam Jai

This translates as “generous heart.” Anyone that fails to demonstrate nam jai is looked down upon in Thai society. When you read on Thai girls’ dating profiles that they are looking for a generous man, they mean a man that has nam jai. It is not just about handing out all your cash to all and sundry, and it’s also nothing to do with taking advantage of your good nature either, albeit there are opportunists out there.

In rural communities in particular, most people don’t have many worldly goods, but most people no matter how poor will gladfully share what they have with you as it is a way of voicing their nam jai. Since you are likely to have more money, you’ll be given lots of opportunities to spread the wealth. This might be exactly what a Thai person would want to do, but it might not be your idea of a good time!

In Summary

Thai chicks are an option, but being with one long-term does come with some serious life-changing customs. You can attempt to get your woman to drop those customs if you like, but I can more or less assure that you’ll end up with an unhappy lady on your arms. Better to understand the switches necessary and go into your relationship knowledgeable and ready for compromise.

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Witness out for kathoey.

I once dated a Vietnamese chick who, despite being very Americanized, still venerated the ghosts of her ancestors. Is this practiced among Thais as well?

Yes, superstitions about ghosts (called phi) are common. Lots of Thai properties have little spirit houses somewhere on the premises to keep the dead ancestors glad…,.

I’m in Thailand right now just out of coincidence (traveling all of southeast Asia inbetween now and October after a year of suffering overpriced and SJW hell in Melbourne, Australia).

Having been to South America during much of 2009 I must say it was a much more pleasurable place to be when factoring in the multiplicity of things to see (nature and city-wise) and the beauty and friendliness of the women.

I’m ALWAYS freaked out by the shemale factor here, which is why I only hook-up with or “swipe right” on other foreign westerners or “farang” as we are called here. The Thai people also have hideous teeth by and large, and that unluckily extends to their womenfolk in droves.

Cheap massages, lovely cuisine, attractive waterfalls, and some interesting old temples pretty much sums up the good points of Thailand. I’ve been to far worse, but also much better places. I would not rank it as a “poosy paradise” for Come back of Kingsmen and what we’re after.

Stick to the Philippines, Eastern Europe, and South America by the sounds of things. Far less transsexuals (and much better teeth)

I much choose the Phillippines if you’re looking to date South East Asian. Im in a hurry right now so I’ll elaborate on this later.

I’ll look forward to that, I know that the Filipinas are very regarded. I’m not sure I could treat the food tho’.

Permit me to preface this by telling that English is not my native language, excuse any resulting errors. If anything is unclear, let me know and I will attempt to provide a clear(er) reaction.

When it comes to South East Asian women there are many misconceptions both ways, but they both boil down to the same thing:

Feminist propaganda would like everyone to believe that SEA women ( and women from the developing world in general, Latin America, Eatern Europe, South East Asia ) are either:

– Poor, enslaved hookup gimps to evil Western Patriarchs who can’t treat a “real woman”

– Evil golddiggers who will never indeed love any Western man, unlike the aforementioned “real women” back home.

Likewise there is also misinformation out there from guys who have most likely never been there that makes it seem like the women are ideal, docile angels just waiting to be picked up by any semi-white looking stud.

Very first I will speak on SEA women in general and later on in this comment I will specifically expound on my reasons for prefering Filipina women over, say, Thai women.

These women are not “submissive” in the sense of a dog, servant or victim.

This misconception arises from the fact that Western feminists believe that not being a 24/7 insufferable, combative cunt means you’re automatically a servant houseslave, they see no gray area. Instead they have a healthy view of gender relations and the natural coerces of masculinty/womanhood.

As long as they view you as a worthy mate and respectable masculine force they will be glad to go after your lead. The previous sentence is vital, in order to have your masculinity respected you must comeback that respect.

In exchange for you protecting her from danger, she will not embark trouble without cause. In exchange for her deferring to your judgement you’re expected to take her needs and desired into consideration ( ie don’t be a douchebag needlessly, if you know she hates a certain kind of food don’t make plans to go there twice a week ). In exchange for being the primary breadwinner you will never go to bed without a packing meal or come home to an unkept house. These are elementary things but they exemplify the synergy that still exists there inbetween studs and women.

As for Filipina women, there are several reasons I personally choose them.

– The culture in general is less cynical and/or hostile towards foreigners. The Thai, especially in Bangkok, seem to have two faces when it comes to Farang ( foreigners ), on the one forearm it’s the land of smiles but behind many of these smiles are people attempting to run a con on you. Note that this happens everywhere in the world, I’ve just found it more common in Thailand.

– Filipina women are enormously family oriented, in some ways comperable to Thai women but specially many chicks here deeply desire a fairytale-esque core family unit and are glad to pursue that wish at an early age ( ie not when they’re 35 and their ovaries are about to go into terminal decline ). If you want a family/child oriented lady, go to the Phillippines.

– The vast majority of the country is Catholic. This makes it much lighter to “get” the culture and its people. Note that they have, like any large nation, a unique flavor of Christianity. For example the family unit trumps religious doctrine in certain cases, a child born out of wedlock to a foreigner who is never seen again will be loved and taken care of regardless.

– I’ve personally found the ladies to be cleaner and better groomed than Thai or Cambodian ladies. Still, nothing strikes Japanese chicks when it comes to cleanliness ( partly because they just take such excellent care of themselves and partly because of the vastly different climate, with the constant warmth and humidity in the Phillippines you simply can’t stay fresh for hours on end unless you’re inwards with AC ).

Thanks for the good description of Filipino women! 🙂 Hope everyone acts like that these days. Some are switching but most Filipinas are like that. I am married to an American man and so far we have no big issues, most likely having different cultures just blends in together fairly well so far 🙂

Is it specific to thailand or does it apply to some other asian countries as well (particularly china, phillipines, vietnam and japan)?

Hi, yes, I’m not sure about Japan but generally speaking there are similarities through most South East Asian countries.

Having said that, there differences even with Thailand, the rural areas are the most traditional whilst the urban cities, Bangkok mainly, are embarking to become a bit more westernized (especially amongst the junior generation).

very much so. Tuk-Tuk’s are becoming endangered there now.

I have been in a successful relationship with a thai woman for 16 years, half of it married. Key to success is lot of discussions about the differences in lifestyle and culture. My wifey understood that pretty well and has adapted greatly to life in Switzerland. I must admit, that she is not your typical thai woman. She likes to be alone and is not into sanuk. Two of her sisters live in Sweden and are also very blessed there. The thai women can assimilate very well, just keep them away from other thais. A indeed good book to read is this one:

It explains the concepts in English and Thai for both to read.

That’s a good point about keeping your damsel away from other Thais once they get to your country. There are a lot of former bar-girls living in western countries and it is undoubtedly a good idea to keep their influence away from your lady.

Congratulations on your successful relationship, there are too few of the success stories that get any publicity, people only usually here the bad stuff about Thai women.

I read a lot of bad stuff too and ready accordingly. No free stuff, she had to take care of my property and got pocket money. Enforcing discipline does impress the ladies in the long run. They want ultimately a man who is in charge and can be trusted. I also made an effort to learn the Thai language. That way you expand your options a lot.

Do you get the ‘,evil eye’ from white ladies ‘,of a certain age’ when they see you with her? I get that a lot. I think part of it is due to the fact that even however she is only Five years junior, she looks 15 years junior than me.

LOL, no, not truly. But then it might be, that i don’t truly care. She’s 12 years junior, we both met at our peak SMV. So now we deteriorate at about the same rate :-). She’s the look and i am the brain. I am going to win…,

actually, that “evil eye” is an interesting point. Im nosey what about local thai studs when they see their women with foreign boys.

the evil eye is something only cowards give you. look back and they will eventually lower their goes cause they know they are just shameful pushovers.

this is why Im not very trusting of whats damsels say, especially those from 2nd and 3rd world nations.

Many of the good ladies, usually date within their race, but they look at westerners espically whites as some sort of idiot to take advantage of.

i looked the entire movie. it always astonishes me to see someone who is such a monster – in a positive sense – yet has some stupid sentimentalities towards powerless things like children or animals. or chicks sometimes.

how can you love stupid animals, yet hate people? yeah, right, a feeble stray dog, the pride of the evolution. lions kill each other’s babies, ffs, and wolfs can be as atrocious as any human.

as if strength and rationality needed an outlet or compensation in the form of weakness and irrationality in some part of one’s life. maybe it is so.

Tim Sharky is one of Pattaya’s most well known characters, as I understand it he made his money from being a loan shark – hence the name. He’s not boasting about standing up for yourself – he had an quarrel with the police recently and went straight down to the station accusing them of theft. This is an Enormously dangerous thing to do in Thailand and he posted a note on his website about it stating that if he is found dead, it wasn’t suicide. The fellow is fearless!

That said, don’t misunderstand his comments – they are about Pattaya ladies, not regular Thai chicks. My very first post made the argument about why regular Thai chicks are embarking to showcase an interest in westerners (see link at the end of the article above), but you’re very unlikely to find any regular women in Pattaya.

Even outside of Pattaya you need to use good judgement about the ladies to get involved with, my website gives explosions of information about that. Just take your time and get a treat on the culture – that’s exactly what my site is set up to help you with.

Thanx for the info. But nosey is this a local sterotype of damsels in Pattaya or is this just a thing with regular city damsels like in Bangkok?

what percentage of women do you think are “hoes” there. Do you think its best to meet ones from the suburbs?

Generally speaking, anywhere that attracts a lot of tourists is going to be utter of gold-diggers. I can’t give a specific percentage, but it is high. There are lot’s of foreigners in Bangkok too, but the damsels in BKK are much more varied because BKK is much more than a tourist destination.

Even so, BKK does have its tourist hot-spots like Soi Nana, Patpong and Soi Cowboy – and you’ll only find working-girls there.

Damsels from the suburbs of BKK are a good option, especially the university educated damsels. The culture gap is a little lighter to bridge, and you’ll have a lot of options without needing to travel somewhere remote.

Thanx that makes alot of sense. Ive noticed this too that the foreigner ladies that are easiest to get to know are the ones getting westernized in the universities but he dual edge sword is thats the thing we are attempting to get away from lol. Hopefully get best of both worlds. Just open enough to meet us but still traditional.

Better tell them to leave Sweden, as the place is getting infested with Sharia Law.

Why do certain boys who claim to be so “concerned” about not having hook-up with shemales keep bringing the subject up at every chance? To be fair, the author correctly said that the entire thing is exaggerated. People who want trannies will find them, people who don’t won’t. If nothing else, it’s just a tired old cliche that people with little to say harp on about.

cause it’s joy to be condescending.

I am married to a Thai lady. I agree with everything here. Western women tend to assume that Thai women are ‘,enslaved’ but in my practice there is simply a harmony inbetween the sexes that no longer exists in the English-speaking world. (Harmony is very significant in countries influenced by Buddhism and Confucianism.)

There is a very refreshing lack of political correctness.

I can also loosely describe a woman as beautiful to my wifey or her family and friends, and tell a woman she is beautiful, without it being seen as sexist objectification or being spanked for having a roving eye. Appreciation of female beauty is part of the culture and fellows and women engage in it. When I am introduced to her friends, they usually say, “Oooh handsome” —, but I believe this is one of their face-giving white lies and I’m not truly the incredible stud that the frequency of this compliment would imply.

I love the emphasis on sanook (joy). The West is so bloody uptight about everything all the time!

I’ve learned tolerance is the key to joy, its like the rule in improve comedy that you always have to say “yes”. You have to permit someone to say something crazy or stupid and permit it to develop into something joy.

I’m dating a Thai woman and I agree, they aren’t enslaved they just believe in natural gender roles. The lack of political correctness in their thoughts is also refreshing, she will tell me if she thinks a woman is too fat, or criticize you for not acting like what a man is supposed to act like in a situation, or feel bad if she can’t fulfill a role she see’s as her duty to do as a woman. Very different from how Anglo women think.

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Quick advice: There’s indeed good information at about dating a Thai chick. I was instantly amazed not only by the depth of information available, but by the beautiful pictures posted across. It’s called, “Your Thai Girl” and it’s a helpful source for understanding Thai women and the beautiful country they come from. I can truly recommend this ebook to anyone looking for a beautiful Thai lady and learning about the culture of Thailand. Thai women are attracted to Western fellows because of the respect and goodness they receive from them. These are two qualities Thai female singles look for in a romantic relationship.

Asian women, while in a different way, are about as obedient/not servant as Western women were.

There’s a give and take with the relationship.

Yeh, what Anglo cunts think is ‘,subordinated behaviour’ is just mutual obligation and a sense of fair play.

I think feminism has it in the minds of too many American chicks that anything you do for your man is an act of subordination. What I hear from my Chinese fiancé a bit too often is “I don’t like”. It took me MONTHS to get her to suck my hard-on and months more to take a facial but now when she arrives at my place it is “I wash you dishes, then we shower and I give you oral hook-up.” Make me a sandwich, bring me a beer and then suck me while I witness the Superbowl: life does not get much better (this is my next project).

The thing is, I do all sorts of stuff that “I don’t like”. I do it because it makes her glad and that makes me blessed.

With American women, it seems that they think “I don’t like” and that becomes some grand conspiracy of the patriarchy to oppress them, or else the are just self entitled bitches who never do anything they don’t like.

I have no practice with Thai women but if my present relationship doesn’t work out then it is either Thailand or Philippines and LBFMs for me until I die.

I had a similar practice with a Malaysian woman I dated years ago. She didn’t suck my hard-on until we had been dating for like 6 months. I gave up asking after the 3rd month. But when she realised how much pleasure it gave me, I was getting a fellatio on almost a daily basis until the novelty wore off, then it went down to 2-3 times a week.

The only problem I have dating Asian women is that they are boring conversationalists for the most part.

Exactly. This myth arises from the fact that Western feminists stiffly believe that doing anything for a man means you’re submitting to the Patriarchy. Hence when a Thai woman gives her man a oral job even however she might choose missionary it means she’s “submissive” and being exploited by the evil Western man forcing her to do oral. The concept of give and take is enitrely foreign to them.

“The concept of give and take is enitrely foreign to them.”

this. with american women i’ve dated, everything is a competition, they are obsessed with not putting more into the relationship than i am, which would equal being a bad feminist. i’ve never dated an asian woman, but with the EE ladies and latinas i’ve dated, it was all about making me blessed, which led to both of us being glad.

Harmony Inbetween the Sexes, something feminism in the West has disrupted and transformed into an Unnatural Unnecessary Obstacle, where interaction inbetween the Sexes is viewed as Potentially Dangerous and Courtship Exploitation.

Western women tend to assume that Thai women are ‘,obedient’

It’s part of the propaganda. Many Western women have been indoctrinated with the Feminist concept of “Patriarchy,” which is basically just a conspiracy theory that blames all the evils of the world on guys. (The remedy of which is providing women free money and power, of course. LOL) Anyway, Western women have to rationalize why guys would reject them for a woman they see as inferior, and make no mistake they DO seem these native Asian women as inferior. The only explanation they can come up with, which fits within the Patriarchy narrative, is that those dudes are looking for a “submissive” woman. A white man who goes out into public with an Asian woman can tell about the dirty looks from white women. haha

Women make similar rationalizations after they’ve hit the wall, and see their ex-husband dating a woman Ten to 20 years junior than she. They don’t understand basic human biology, that fellows evolved to be attracted to fertile women, so they have to rationalize that he’s a child molester or pervert or whatever.

We are so uptight about everything here in the US. Leave behind real terrorism, we have already lost the war because most Americans are conditioned to be afraid of their own shadow. Case in point: this week’s Naval Yard incident where a single phone call by a dutiful see-something-say-something citizen mobilized a petite army of civilian and military law enforcement —, all for nothing. I’d say most of the uptightness is a result of our own paranoia courtesy of our own guberment.

Since I’m not interested in anything long-term with any woman anywhere in the world right now, what’s the story on short-term flings with Thai women?

Short-term? Lots of hookers in Thailand.

I think all women are subordinated. Its what they want. They want to submit to a man and be predominated by him. If they fail to be servant it is because the man is too powerless or the woman lacks esteem, most likely because today women are being instructed that being enslaved is a flaw. Thus they war against their natural instinct creating stress and the common tantrums and such that we see. I see these “shit-tests” as a Western woman attempting to spark your natural dominance. The more you fail to put a woman in her place, the more you attempt to be “understanding” and let her have her way, the more tantrums you will see.

“Land of smiles”-all I need to know. I can’t reminisce the last time I eyed a strange woman smile at me in the west.

It isn’t that bad truly,unless you are in a big city.

yeah even a fake smile from a woman is better than no smile. When a woman smiles (preferably a genuine real smile) it makes her look attractive even if she was average homely looking.

Do what you want fellas, but don’t let this happen to you.

nett dich zu kennen lernen, haha.

nein, geh nicht, mach erstmal die kartoffeln fertig.

the man has got the attitude all figured out.

so you’re telling you dig EE chicks more than asians, if i get your drift.

Funny, I was having a conversation with my tailor a duo months ago. He’s Thai and his English is just ok. But when we embarked talking about women, I had no problem understanding him. 😝. He basically told me I should marry a Japanese woman if I didn’t want a woman with too much “yap yap”, and who wouldn’t jack off my money. You guys who have dated Thai woman, is he right?

Japanese ladies are told to keep the blood line clean, pretty racist people. On the other arm, Japanese husbands are just terrible. Very likely a good choice when getting her out of the country. Thais are indeed utterly materialistic, but it all stems from deep seating uncertainty. Once you manage to make her feel secure and appreciated, she will be very faithful and frugal.

I knew a Japanese woman through mutual friends who I pleasurably discovered was a cherry at the age of 30. She told me point blank japanese boys are not into hook-up so there are a lot of thirsty women in Japan.

However, the guys I know married to Japanese women, blessed chaps all, all live outside of Japan.

“However, the guys I know married to Japanese women, glad chaps all, all live outside of Japan.”

I wonder why. Could it be because of culture barriers?

Japan has most likely the most racist society on earth and the Japanese woman would catch alot of flak married to a non-Japanese man. Lighter on both to live outside of that cultural.

^ that makes me want to budge there and fuck a lot of women just to grope it in their face. Plus I heard many youthful Japanese masculine are passive and are not interested in dating and hook-up. That’s good news for us.

I know Japan has their crazy ultra-right nationalist, Uyoku Dantai, and other right wingers who drive in a black van with rising sun flag on it and shout slogans calling for hate towards Chinese, Koreans, and other minorities there but do they ever physically attack another race like the Neo-Nazis in Russia and Mongolia?

I know they have signs like “No Gaijin” on some of their shop and bath-houses however.

There is nothing immoral about wanting to keep that bloodline “clean”. This was fairly normal in any healthy culture/civilization everywhere around the world.

Thailand’s not the only Asian country where you’ll find a good woman.

Look Steve, have you ever heard of Viet Nam?

Oh for Christ’s sake, Walter…

Yes of course, Saigon is undoubtedly on my travel list – Halong Bay and Nha Trang too. I think the Thais and Vietnamese share many qualities, albeit they’re not too fond of each other…,

God damn you Walter! You fuckin’ asshole! Everything’s a fuckin’

travesty with you, man! And what was all that shit about Vietnam? What

the FUCK, has anything got to do with Vietnam? What the fuck are you

Living in south america not asia. However, many here make the same mistake as you do. Decent dude with much junior doll as in 40+ boy with 20+ damsel all the way to 60+ boy with 15+ dame (some countries have 15+ as legal age).

If you date/fuck under such conditions these are basic guidelines to go after. Dont be shocked.

You are part of the white/caucasian race. You are part of the western world.

The locals earn maybe $400/month while you make $4000/month (at least, i hope or else you shouldnt go bride shopping but earn some more $ very first. Youthful fuck pals/wifes will cost you.)

You do NOT have to adapt – you display the money.

Yes it is ok to give the parents money. Give them enough so they feel gifted having you as sugar-daddy (or spouse if you must, mistake ofc) of their beloved daughter. Simply buy her, if you have the cash for it and the country is poor enough. Hell $2K might be enough in some parts of the world. If you no longer want her, sent her back with some extra money. They will be ok with it.

If you want to keep her, make sure to send a nice present each year. If she makes you trouble, complain about it and let her family know your generous yearly donations are endangered. They WILL tame her. More contact with her poor local family is not needed and certainly not wished.

Never would i spend more time in a dirty rural shithole where her family lives than i have to. What is most likely NEVER. Just invite them. Let them stay at a not too nice hotel for a few days. Invite them in a not-too-good restaurant. Best they can treat, lowest you can be bothered to visit. Once or twice a year for a weekend is the max.

One fine chance to secure her eternal faith and dedication is if you “save” the life of one of her family members. Poor people in poor countries often have no access to doctors/decent treatment. Often this is relativly cheap, say less than U$ 1000 for a hospital/pneumonia treatment. Dont do this on a regular base but if say her mother gets sick and you take care of it you can remind her 1000 times that her mother would have died if you hadnet been there to save her. She will attempt very hard to please you for years, all in fear you leave her and her family is then without savety net. Fear can be a powerful allie.

It goes without telling that your finances must be protected from her and from courts that might give her some. Money is power and as long as you control the money and she has no way to get her palms on it, you will be in charge and do fine.

^this is more fair advice than the article.

Fear can be a powerful ally.

You’ll get the same sort of woman in Thailand as far as class and looks as you would get in the US.These poor ladies are just using you incel suckers and you’re too stupid to know it.

You want a poor chick who’s amazed with your job as manager of a MickyD’s then go to Appalachia

one would think that (when looking at fat ugly western white women), they should be more modest and act soft to attempt to make up for their ugliness but what surprises me is that even the ugly fat ladies act like self-entitled cunts. Both ugly inwards AND outside. I don’t understand why guys would be thirsty enough to go for these ugly hags. They are truly at the bottom of the bottom scrap.

Oh and how pissed they get when you meet up with a skinny, womanish Asian chick. Priceless!

For whatever reason in most cases the fatter and uglier a doll is the worse her personality is.

Think of all the other problems she must have if she doesn’t even have the will power to diet and exercise. Regardless of what studs think, this is something she should be doing anyway for her own basic well being.

Yes, dieting and exercising are not effortless, but they are not that hard, especially with a 21st century understanding of nutrition and metabolism.

**off to lift while fasted**

it’s a good thing to reminisce when feeling social anxiety about approaching a lean, beautiful woman. they are often far better adjusted and more satisfied with themselves than the tattooed fatties, and thus more pleasant to talk with.

They have less of a point to prove.

ajsdkfoj asdf

Yup, I was in Europe and encountered two land buffaloes thinking well at least they’d be nice as a warm up and man have I never gotten a fatter insult or rudeness.

wow even in Europe, they got fatties like here in the “good ‘,ole” USA? lmao

These fat hags are a waste of resources, they take up space, oxygen and they should be fed to thirsty lions, bears and hyenas. They contribute absolutely nothing to the society and the fact that they exist is enough to make me throw up. One time I was coerced to sit next to a fattie in the airplane and I just couldn’t take it because I almost vomited. The fattie asked me “what’s your problem?” in angry tone when the pig bitch clearly knew I was sick. I replied…, “it’s your fat lard that makes me wanna throw up?” I was glad to say that but indeed I made a “big” scene. I was astonished that no one bothered to take out their little cellphones and attempt to capture that shit…, Everyone there was like…, “omg I can’t believe he said that shit”…, Fatties are abhorrent. I support this entire fat shaming and fat people deserved to be mocked everywhere they go.

Not many but they do exist.

On the subject of shaming, and I agree it works, there is a group that is in need of shaming moreso than obese women. Fatties are effortless to spot and thus effortless to shame. What I’d truly like to see and I mean I would be extatic to see is the shaming of divorce rapists. All of them, fat ones, skinny ones, pretty ones and fugly. They all should be dragged through the mud. There needs to be some drive on here to encourage much vitriol upon the DIVORCE RAPIST.

Only thing is they’re hard to spot unless you know of them personally and white knights who see what shows up to be an anonymous woman being shamed and who don’t know any better and who cannot judge any woman by her deeds will turn a shaming incident into a lawsuit or squeal for a swat team of mangina cops to rescue the ‘,rapist’. There has to be a way to lay a hard scarlet letter on these cunts and clearly mark them for all to shame.

there should also be shaming on cunts who make false rape charges. Recently there was another story about the cunt Emma Sulkowicz and how there were implementing fresh law in campus across the United States that anyone who sexually harasses a woman will now face a fine of 35K and have their student loan revoked (if applicable).

It’s heinous and I indeed feel sorry for youthful fellows that have to go to college today.

I kinda got the feel of this too, when you marry into a family oriented culture, you have to be the hard working “beta” , following the norms. It sounds effortless but when you grew up with so much freedom it will be a fight to get use to. Similar how the dudes from the east fight to figure out western ladies for dates.

The big issue here relates to the way that Thai avoid confrontation

with one another. If you feel like having a good debate on any given

topic then you’re in trouble. The problem with debating something is

that one side or another might win the debate and the losing party will

“lose face” over being wrong. Losing face is a big deal in Thailand,

much more so than in the west, and everyone avoids it.

Telling little white lies in order to help someone save face is also

commonplace, in fact the length and breadth of situations where a little

white lie is deemed acceptable is so extensive that you’ll sometimes

wonder if you’ve ever heard the truth.”

100% true, and this isn’t only for Thai, this extends to the entire Asian culture. Me being German, I found out the hard way that I am 100% romantically incompatible with Asian females because of their entire “saving face” way of life. In my eyes, it is accomplish 100% lounging, which I whole-heartedly despise. I am a very open and fair person who loves debating and I have absolutely no problem telling anyone how I feel, with Asian ladies being a finish 180 degree spin, being very closed, not fair, and don’t like debating about anything, not even what to have for dinner. They will lie about the smallest and most insignificant things that it drives me literally insane. Want to know how she indeed feels? Good luck. Want to know what she wants for dinner? Good luck. Want to know why she’s mad at you? Good luck. You will never get the truth to come out, it may be possible with a hammering, but that’s not me, so I got out and never looked back. This chick was beyond rich, loved to fuck, and was gone all the time so I woudn’t even indeed have to put up with her very much at all, but I still left. It’s not worth the mental stress that being permanently lied to causes. It’s disrespectful to lie.

The more stoic natures of northern europe and the anglosphere are very similar only difference is I think the anglosphere folks are alil more emotional or sensitive in comparison to germanics and slavics. North east asians are like northern europeans that but they dont like debate and are more passive and will “lie” to get out of it.

Those from like latin america,india,southern europe and middle east will give that directness but they get riled up more effortless if you are too blunt and will perceive you as rude or bigoted and things get ugly. They may not have the “face concept” but their honor or ego is on the line every time.

It sounds minor but you truly get the feel of it when you dangle around those different groups. best not to mix the Two up when it comes to introversion and extroversion.

Then please explain to me how my French genes contribute to me being an argumentative type of individual? I love confrontation.

Well let me take a stab at this. The french are a mix of celts,germanic babarian and romance people(italian romans).

so perhaps its the southern european and the flamy celt blood coming out while the germanic side of you is just chilling like an ice cube lol

The crimson pill trains you to not care about those things like what she wants for dinner, how she feels, what she’s angry about, etc. Let HER care about those things about you.

What? The Crimson Pill is about recognizing the encroachment of the State on the Citizenry of this excellent nation.

Everything to do with learning how to not be a g-spot is a side effect of being a man, not taking the crimson pill.

Learning what Operation Northwoods is for example, is taking the crimson pill.

Not to dismiss your article, but I find the ‘,Saving Face’ section most interesting: it reminded me of Political Correctness.

Anytime a Culture censors itself in the name of not causing offense is a time for worry. It doesn’t matter what it’s called: censorship is censorship.

It’s why I can’t date Asian females. Not even American-Asian.

Unlikely to have discussions with?

That’s a truly good point, one that I’d not thought about. Perhaps it’s not that political correctness doesn’t exist in Thailand, but rather that it manifests itself differently.

I’ll have to do some thinking about this – thanks for the insight.

You’re welcome. Thanks for writing. Please keep me posted on anything you come up with.

How long has PC been around? Since Marxisms inception or long before that?…,. possibly under a different name or definition I wonder.

it’s just different cultural mindset. In their eyes, our white American individualism and right to privacy is a foreign concept and weird to overseas Asians. Even Asian-Americans who act independent get a lot of shit from their overseas Asian counterparts who tend to be more group-based and collective people (making choices based on what’s good for the group).

We would never most likely truly understand their concept of saving face nor should we. Don’t take things gravely, lay back, fuck a lot of Asian women and just have joy. They aren’t to be taken serious anyways as they don’t indeed take us earnestly either.

Makes sense…,. thanks for the reply.

All cultures have social norms, do not confuse this with political correctness. PC is ideological, views pressured on people from academics or politicians etc. to have you conform in one way or the other by obfuscating/diluting the language. Organic culture is organic, you may feel out of place in a different culture, but that is exactly how it is supposed to be.

any of you guys ever been to bestgore dot com? They demonstrate a lot of pictures of reality in Thailand (not so pretty)…,. it’s a gruesome website so go with a caution. The bestgore commenters don’t think that Thailand is a safe, good place. Plus they have a derogatory word for foreigners, “farang”…, kind of like Japanese version of calling foreigners “gaijin”…,

And I heard local thai guys are hostile towards western white guys for “stealing” their women and will attempt to scam, con, rob, and even strike you (when they are in a group).. I heard jet ski scam and motorbicycle scam and the police are corrupt to the core.

And a lot of westerners being thrown out of high balcony condos and police ruling it as “suicide”…, Few months ago, there was British duo who got raped and killed on some local thai beach. Thai media was telling the suspects were Burmese.

I heard they dislike Russian tourists but uncommonly mess with them.

Lightly the most racist country I’ve lived in. Maybe not in a sinister way, but it is very common that you hear farang, when people talk about you. They also value white skin and avoid receiving sun exposure. You’re gonna have a hard time if you’re black or brown toned, they think its dirty. Haven’t experienced any hostility from the local dudes. The police are very corrupt and pretty much mafia, especially on the islands. The islands are run by big families and the duo that was killed was very likely done by someone from the family and the burmese used as scapegoats.

it’s ironic how the thais look down on dark skinned people when most of the population in Thailand have dark people. Just like South America, it seems like in South East Asia, the light skinned people rule and look down on dark skinned people…,.. I guess this is more like global thing?…, Also I also noticed the fake attitude and passive aggressive from thai people since I also have practice dealing with them. They are never fair to your face and will most likely lie with a fake smile (hence the land of the smiles).

Not just thailand, most asian countries value white skin. But their ideal of white skin isn’t European or white American white skin. Most Asians I meet tell me they think white people have nasty skin with freckles and shit. Their ideal of “white” skin is just more lighter version of what they originally are. They just don’t want to get dark because in the old days in Asia, if you were dark and suntanned it means you were in the farm all day working (tying it to lower class peasants) while the upper classs could stay inwards and relieve. The light skin hue tone of asians are more like yellowish white vs white people’s skin tone is more like pink white.

I also heard Thais dislike Burmese and they have like some sort of animosity against each other.

I was told to be extra careful when going to Thailand, I doubt I will go there …, only for fucking horny asian ladies but not to even stay there any longer.

Spot on, albeit dont think they regard white people skin as nasty. They wish they had that tone albeit they do dislike the freckles/moles.

The burmese are treated like gimps, get taken advantage of and worked to hell for next to nothing. The thais have there own slang for them. Have a burmese housekeeper utter time arranged by my landlady who is filthy rich and only pays her $120/month and stays in a puny room on the property. I feel like have to give her extra cash and also groceries on the side. Truly sweet and cooks burmese food and is the best food i’ve chowed. But make your own judgement about Thailand if you come here. Still love it here despite the negative aspects mentioned.

Also worth telling I’ve always felt very safe but wouldn’t feel as much if living on one of the islands. Have there own rule of law there.

Danger is real…,Fear is a choice.

I don’t have this asian thing for some reason. Except for Koreans. Those are well dangled and long legged.

I very first came to Thailand 15 years ago. I’ve lived here full-time for the last 8. I’m a single man with cash flow, and I’ve had a lot of practice with Thai women of all sorts. Here is their priority list and where a westerner falls on it. 1) Family Two) money Three) food (as she’s eating she’ll be contemplating her next meal) Four) sleep Five) friends 6) job 7) the western dude. If the dame has a dog or cat then the boy will be 8. Three and Four are interchangeable depending on the damsel. Even being that far down the list is fine with me. Living here hits the living hell out of living in the States. In the words of the fine Roosh, it’s poosy paradise. I’m mid-50’s and my current #1 woman is 22 and flawless. Attempt to pull that off in the US. There it would be a much more convoluted process and far more expensive (one way or another). Here, no problem.

Your priorities make all the difference in the world however. For someone who doesn’t wish to stick their dick in every woodpile with a snake in it, puss doesn’t hold much weight.

Props for liking your life. Deep throats to be you tho’ if and when WWIII is initiated. How will you aid your brothers from across the world when shit goes down? Your 22 year old cooter isn’t going to do much in that situation.

maybe being there makes him leave behind about the WWIII …, which isn’t truly something to think about anyway. Save your” if’s” and “when’s” for other much decent use, and stay for the aid of your brothers if this war is initiated, and be a hero while he love’s the rest of his “sucking” life. hahaha.

Have joy fighting and dying for gays and your Feminists women!

Way to make a generalized statement containg zero substance. Looks like four fools upticked you, bravo.

Y’all will not be missed.

Yeah. How will he ever get back? Too bad there aren’t constant 12 hour flights.

Why should we be obligated to fight for a country that has twisted, fucked up values and treats studs like shit? Because there is freedom? Witness or read the news. It’s coming to a point where if you do not conform with the status quo, your livelihood and, eventually, freedom will be in jeopardy.

Guess what, mate—, that ain’t freedom.

“Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”—,essentially, you have the very first one, and the next two have to be in a petite designated area. The founding fathers-if alive today- would endorse leaving the country, if not do it themselves.

The chicks in Asia are just plain better. They look better. Most of the countries have some sort of cultural grounding so the women are not deluded narcissistic megalomaniacs like here in the good ole us of a.

My loyalty lies in my country, not a foreign one. I am a Patriot to the Nation that has given me what I have today.

You will not be missed.

Neither will you, once they are done using you.

Hey, different strokes for different folks. I think the United States is corrupt to the core, has special interested out the donk that don’t benefit the citizens, and is beyond saving.

You are not a “patriot to the nation” , you are just a pawn of the government, who works on behalf of the 1% elite

I like your style except the priorities. I will never accept beeing #Two, nm further down the list.

What’s the point of being with a woman who is with you entirely for your money?

The money game is good for some time, but at 50 I’d want to find a loyal woman (and regardless of what people on this site say, there are some (very few) but some women who are actually like that.)

I’m confused you say it’s “conservative” I’ve been Thailand and you cannot walk anywhere at night without half naked women throwing themselves at you for hook-up (not hookers). Hookup is generally on tap if you’re a half decent looking white masculine.

I agree however that political correctness has wrecked the west. And Thai chicks are nice people generally.

It’d be like shooting fish in a barrel for me = as much joy as playing Brain Age for the rest of my days…,.

Those ladies are hookers mate! A real Thai woman will not act like a dirty westernise hoe. That is how you tell the difference. She will act like a good woman.

They dont “throw” themselves at you like that..but they are open and friendly and effortless to talk to, unlike Western ladies. So for a Western man who is used to being disregarded downright (as is the norm), it seems as if they throw themselves at you. Yea bar women WILL literally throw themselves at you but I dont think that is what he is talking about.

So for a Western man who is used to being disregarded fully (as is the norm)

No it’s just you.

Nice shaming attempt, but it fails. Studs talk together now and we know what is going on.

I see a lot of articles here that put foreign and asian women on a pedestal and tell guys these women are somehow different than Western women. Sure the culture matters somewhat.. but women are still women, here or elsewhere.. and asian women especially can be exceptionally mercenary and materialistic. I eyed an excellent documentary a while back called “My Thai Bride” that showcased a man pretty much getting fleeced by his Thai wifey. The bitch demolished him.. drained him of all his money. I wish I could find this documentary online but it doesn’t seem to be around. Here’s a good description of it and of what happens in it:

All I can find is the trailer:

Beware of these two-faced foreign asian women. They’ll say anything to appease the ego of an aging, white, foreign man.. and make him believe they truly care about him.. but as soon as they’ve drained him financially, he’s outlived his usefulness to them, and it’s goodbye.

“I can’t eat or drink your love” indeed.

I’m positive the Author of the article is capable of defending himself, but I would like to state that I disagree with your assertion that he put anyone on a pedastal.

Also, I find it ditzy that you make a distinction inbetween Asian women and non Asian women because as anyone with a head on their shoulders understands, human beings are fickle. Anyone can be an asshole while everyone is a saint.

What happened to that fellow may well be true BUT I am guessing there were warning signs that she was a gold digger.

That’s the hookers bro, they have many bf’s and milk the beta westerners for money. Betas and gammas fall for it all the time. You have to stay away from the clubs/bars here, the Thai women are all pros or semi bros.

A normal Thai woman with a normal job is superb to be in a relationship with. You will have a normal relationship without the bullshit power games. You will be treated like a real man and even idolized. They don’t ask for money but expect you to pay for everything cause that is what studs have been doing in normal traditional relationship via history. I’ve dated many Thais after wasting 15 years with westernise women. Real relationships are dead in the west!

These documentaries are only there to discourage westerners from marry foreign women, don’t believe them! They want guys to be focusing on westernise women, not foreign women who are real relationship material.

I hate when Westerners pretend like Asians care about losing face way more than Americans or Canadians. Canadians will tell any lie to not blame someone publicly. If someone fucks up, they “blame the system” you can never blame someone in a company for their fuck up. How often does it occur that someone will argue in circles and make up bullshit in the west just to not look wrong or lose face. Such horseshit and lies.

This article is good. Despite the preponderance of go-go bars and the like in the tourist areas of Thailand, real Thai people are fairly conservative and reserved. The same is true for the Filipino people as well. In both cases, if you marry a Thai or Filipina lady, you marry the family.

Thai women are as bad as American women. Only difference is that they are a lot more cunning…,..

They are like women use to be in the west before the 50s, they look for a man with a good heart, NOT money and power.

I’ve been dating Thai women for the last duo years while I train in Muay thai in Thailand. If you ever want a REAL relationship, it’s the best option! They have fine values. The ads on TV over here is about compassion to each other, none of this emasculation of guys or hate towards guys.

They respect boys over here! They let you lead and act like a man, no power games and are very womanish.

Day game is the best over here, I can stop with any Thai female on the street and have a friendly talk (normal human interaction like it should be). In the west, they give you the passive aggressive bullshit like you are going to rape them.

They are skinny and stay skinny even after providing birth.

Very loyal, no superficial bullshit. You can be your beta self and they wont care. They speak more with their minds instead of hiding it.

They haven’t had over 100 dicks like westernise women. They attempt to keep their purity where I find it gives me the upper arm in a relationship due to having more practice.

I like it that much, I want to stir over here cause westernise society is so cracked these days and going to get worst (if that is even possible).

I have zero attraction to westernise women now. Once you been with a real woman…, today, I look at westernise women like they are ‘,escape mental patients’ that I avoid.

How is your practice using Muay thai in a real self defense situation:

Borderline futile like kick boxing, effective like kung fu or something in inbetween?

I did Five years of wing chung kung fu when I was junior. It’s the best for self defence. I took up Muay Thai cause I want to do more harm attacking.

Thank you for the qualified feedback.

They go for money, I assure you. They wont look twice at a poor western man.

Which is fine, once they are in a relationship they will be loyal as fuck. And thats what matters.

Anyone know if Philippines is any better? Can’t determine whether to go there or Thailand in the future.

Everything wrong with our culture can be summed up by that fat hog in that photo providing the finger contrasted with the Thai woman.

If she has a job, our society considers her the ideal modern woman: independent and certain enough to express her opinions. Any man who disagrees is a sexist/misogynist. Any man into the Thai woman has a fetish of some sort and can’t treat independent women.

I’ll take being a sexist/misogynist over suffocating to death under some obnoxious cheesehog any day of the week.

Our culture needs to switch, and it starts with respecting the free will of guys to choose their own fate, especially when it comes to who they mate with.

I’m attempting to read this fucking article, and somewhere there’s a noisy movie playing on a website I can’t read anymore because of all the SCAMMY FUCKING ADS.

The difference is that Thai guys are looking for a good wifey, whereas Western ‘,alphas’ like you guys are looking for quick lovemaking with no commitments. Therefore, Western women have switched to accommodate that, whereas Thai culture still encourages producing good, loyal wives who respect masculinity.

Western culture does produce worthless women (ugly bitches or tart’s) but women don’t create culture, they are simply a product of it. A reflection of it.

The broad with glasses on the top photo, I wouldn’t touch her even if I was toasted with a ten foot pole…, Couldn’t truly. Just looking at her would made me impotent !

‘,ga suntan yoo’ and ‘,nam jai’…, two concepts that are literally foreign to american women (even with a decent english translation).

I dislike articles like this, they encourage western studs to come to south east Asia with yam-sized expectations. In reality all Thai women I have ever met are greedy nasty bitches who just use you as walking ATM. They are far far far worse than western women.

The author has a vested interest and the guys here posting glowing reports of the Thai women are very likely just treated like carpets. They should attempt telling their “tirak” that their money has run out and they will soon see how much love these terrible women indeed have for them.

If you think western women are terrible , these capturing Thai female monsters are much much worse

Actually, this article and the one before it, makes the point that the culture gap is too broad for most western guys to bridge. There is a smaller assets of guys tho’, that love Thailand and the women there.

I can’t comment on the Thai women that you’ve met, but if you’re extrapolating from individual practices that all Thai women are “greedy, nasty bitches” then I just think that you’re wrong.

In that case, Steve, please attempt my test, tell the Thai lady that your money has run out. I’m sure you know what will happen.

When you are in Thailand and you compare the pretty Thai ladies with the youthfull western sweaty pallid masculine backpacker females wearing terrible clothes and unflattering clashing clothes you are sorely tempted of course.

Also recall generally speaking, Thai Women don’t fantasy of living in the West. They might fantasy of marrying a western masculine, but that fantasy is in Thailand. Also at its core, most Thai believe they are Chinese, and not simply Thai. Knowing that will help to understand them better..

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