Online Birth & Marriage Records Indexes for Genealogy Research

a genealogy guide for finding vital records

also includes some divorce records

also includes information for ordering Texas birth, marriage, divorce and death certificates Utah.

  • Utah State Archives Assorted Name Indexes includes indexes for some early birth records (1890s-1905 and 1905-1908)
  • Utah Birth Certificates, 1903-1911 (at Ancestry/requires payment) includes scanned photos of the birth records
  • Utah Birth Registers, 1892-1944 (at Ancestry/requires payment) coverage varies by county, not all counties included, most are for c.1898-c.1905
  • Weber County and Ogden Online Certified Marriage License Search, June 1888 to Present


  • Vermont Birth and Marriage Records at Ancestry (these require payment).
  • Vermont Birth Records, 1909-2008
  • Vermont Marriage Records, 1909-2008
  • Vermont Divorce Index 1981-1984 and 1989-2001
  • The above Three databases are included with a subscription at Ancestry, along with a Vermont Death Records Database, 1909-2008
  • Some Early Vermont Marriages


  • Virginia Birth, Marriage and Divorce Records Indexes at Ancestry (these require payment).
  • Virginia Birth Records Index, 1864-1999 includes digitized pics of the birth certificates for 1864-1913 (the early birth records in this database are delayed birth records that were recorded later)
  • Virginia Marriage Records Index, 1936-2014 includes photos of the marriage records for 1936-1988
  • Virginia Divorce Records Index, 1918-2014 includes photos of the divorce records for 1918-1988
  • Virginia Marriage Records, 1740-1850 coverage varies by city or county, not all cities and counties included, Ancestry also has Virginia Marriages 1851-1929 for assorted cities and counties.
  • Library of Virginia Marriage Records Indexes coverage varies, not all cities and counties included


  • Washington Birth Records 1883-1935 (at Ancestry/requires payment) coverage varies by county, includes pictures from the microfilmed records
  • Washington Marriage Records 1865-2004 (at Ancestry/requires payment) coverage may vary, includes digitized photos of the records
  • Select Washington Marriages 1802-1902 (at Ancestry/requires payment) click on the link to see which counties are covered
  • The above Trio databases are included in a subscription at Ancestry, along with a Washington death index 1940-1996
  • Washington Marriage Records includes marriage records or indexes for various years for these counties: Adams County, Asotin County (Historic), Benton County (Historic), Chelan County, Clark County, Columbia County (Historic), Ferry County (Historic), Franklin County, Garfield County (Historic), Grant County (Historic), Grays Harbor County, Jefferson County, King County/Seattle (1855-1940 with more being added) Kitsap County, Kittitas County (Historic), Klickitat County (Historic), Lincoln County (Historic), Mason County, Okanogan County, Pacific County, Pend Oreille County (Historic), Pierce County, Skamania County, Snohomish County, Spokane County, Stevens County, Thurston County, Walla Walla County, Whatcom County, Whitman County (Historic), Yakima County
  • King County & Seattle Marriage Records Search 1975-present
  • Pierce County (Tacoma) Marriage Records Index 1980s-present
  • Spokane County Births 1890-1903

West Virginia.

  • West Virginia Vital Records and Indexes includes births, deaths and marriages, coverage varies by county


  • Wisconsin Marriage Index 1973-1997 (requires payment)
  • Wisconsin Birth Index 1820-1907 (requires payment)
  • Wisconsin Marriages, pre-1907 most are from 1880-1907 (requires payment)
  • The above Three indexes are included in a subscription at Ancestry
  • Wisconsin Pre-1907 Vital Records Index covers 1852 to September 30, 1907 (most entries date from 1880, includes some entries prior to 1852)
  • Langlade County Birth Records Index to 1909
  • Milwaukee County Marriage Certificates 1822-1876
  • Milwaukee County Marriage Records 1822-1876 (index only)


  • Laramie County Marriage Indexes before 1985 scanned documents – may not work with some web browsers
  • Sheridan County, Wyoming Marriage Index 1890s-1920s

U.S. Citizens Born or Married in Foreign Countries.

  • U.S. Consular Reports of Births, 1910-1949 (at Ancestry/requires payment)
  • U.S. Consular Reports of Marriages, 1910-1949 (at Ancestry/requires payment)
  • Also see: Records of Deaths of U.S. Citizens in Foreign Countries

General Vital Records Databases & Directories

  • Online Searchable Death Indexes for the USA
  • Birth, Marriage and other Genealogy Records and Indexes at FamilySearch

highlights include (some of these may not be finish, coverage may vary by county).

  • Alabama, County Marriages, 1809-1950
  • California, County Birth and Death Records, 1849-1994
  • Florida Marriages 1837-1974
  • Georgia Marriages 1808-1967
  • Illinois: Indexes for Cook County Birth Certificates 1878-1922, Birth Registers 1871-1915, Marriages 1871-1920, and Deaths 1878-1922
  • Illinois, County Marriages, 1810-1934
  • Indiana Marriages 1811-1959
  • Iowa, County Marriages, 1838-1934
  • Massachusetts Marriage Records 1841-1915
  • Michigan Birth Records 1867-1902 and Michigan Marriages 1868-1925
  • Fresh Hampshire Birth Records, Early to 1900
  • Ohio County Marriages 1789-1994
  • Pennsylvania: Philadelphia Marriage Indexes 1885-1951
  • Western States Marriage Records Index indexes some marriage records for Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Fresh Mexico, Nevada, Utah, Northern California, Eastern Oregon, Eastern Washington and Southwestern Wyoming

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