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Okcupid Customer Service Number Delineated Here With Complaints and Reviews

Mr. John Dapolito On Phone To Okcupid Service

Ms. Eidel Rioz On Phone To Okcupid Service

May account has been suspended and I do not know why I call two times, no figure reaction my calls.

Ms. Colleen Clarke On Phone To Okcupid Service

Called two numbers listed above, no one got back to me. Have been locked out of my account.

Ms. Clarke, Colleen On Phone To Okcupid Service

Called 646-365-3070 and 646-216-8762, I cannot open my account for weeks now. No one called back at all.

Mr. Jason On Phone To Okcupid Service

My account was suspended please tell me why. I want access to it please send response to this adress. Jayst. [email protected] please open it back up.

Ms. Gk On Phone To Okcupid Service

Still attempting to get an response to my question. Have called twice no come back call – left an email address no one contacted me. And this is why i do not buy the services as I can not reach anyone from the company, to response any question. I have encountered and proceed to encounter more scam artists than genuine fellows. The question is when you see that they are not genuine and you turn them in — they get blocked. Are they blocked from the site – followed up on – or just blocked from your view ? Does the site have any intention on cleaning it up from as many of these guys as is possible ? Or is it that we are just supposed to keep wading through them endlessly? I have no problem flushing them out, but would like ot know that it is doing more than simply hiding them from my view.

Mr. Shawn Chu On Phone To Okcupid Service

Had subscribed to your A list subscription and misunderstood a charge and would like to have my account credited. Thought it was $9. 95 per month and would save 50%. When I got your email I eyed that you charged me $149. 40 for six months. Order is 4254396177455916057. URGENTShawnSudbury, ON, Canada.

Ms. Andrea Dutkin On Phone To Okcupid Service

I go to the website as usual. Past eight months. To find I’ve been suspended for disturbance of services. . I’m an a list. Member have never violated anything. Haven’t a clue what’s going on. Lost money for services. Need you to look into what screwup was done on your end add days to my account and contact me.

Did they restore your account?.

Ms. Vinny On Phone To Okcupid Service

I have just seen that my complaint which I posted on the 8th of November is STILL up on your site, I asked that you eliminate that notice as you had the temerity to post my telephone number. Damn Why is my number still up? Do you not read your complaints, I want my number liquidated. Please take down my number soonest.

Ms. Amber On Phone To Okcupid Service

Hi, I like to rise up a complaint. I have registered a account with your dating site twice. Reason for 2nd account is I cant log in and have wrote many times to your email for help, but heard no feed back so a friend told me to sign up again with different email address, but using the same name and was alright until later I can log in and I requested for my password duo of time, but received nothing when I check my email. This is the 2nd time I wrote in to complaint, but still hear no feed back. Graciously delete both my accounts. Many Thanks.

Ms. Lavinia Schlebusch On Phone To Okcupid Service

Please eliminate the photo of me and my compliant from your site, forthwith I didn’t get a response from you after I reported the scam artist that scammed me and now if I do a Google search on my name I see I see I am mentioned in your complaints page. I have just deleted my profile off from the site, I do not want to have anything further to do with your site. Please liquidate that eight November complaint I posted. And take down my number, I do not want it on the Internetthanks.

Ms. Lavinia Schlebusch On Phone To Okcupid Service

Please check your email, I have sent you an email with two attachments of a scam artist operating out of your site. This is a serious matter and is being investigated by the F. B. I. And the Department of State as he shows up to have a forged or stolen American passportLavinia Schlebusch 27 72 687 8437.

Ms. Amber On Phone To Okcupid Service

I am having trouble signing into my account with my lap top and my mitt phone.I have wrote in the complaint for the pass few days regarding this matters, but I have received no reply. Appreciated your help on this matter. Many ThanksRegardsAmber .

Ms. Sapna On Phone To Okcupid Service

I am from India. I can not make call. But i have a complaint. I am a two week old user of OKC. Abruptly past three days i am not able to login. It says ” technical difficulties”, but a Google search told me that, this is one way of blocking account. I am not sure, what rule i violated to block me. I am just a user. Could someone please help? Could someone please send a mil to my email, for why it has been blocked? I request you to unblock it. Also please send me the reason so that i can take care next time.

Mr. Bruceuws On Phone To Okcupid Service

OKCupid, I have been a very sated member of OK Cupid for a number of years, but all of a unexpected I have stopped receiving daily notices of possible matches. Please let me know if you’re able to fix it. Bruce Bartley.

Mr. Joseph Caliendo On Phone To Okcupid Service

My username c61350 which i have had for close to two yrs. was given to someone else i believe it happened yesterday around five or6 pm that is when okcupid said my email address was switched, and my password, i did not make those switches, if click an old message it shows me this other persons acct in ga. with my username, my friends, contacts, relationships, i can not get to see, all messages to me go to this fellow in ga. now i have people how think i live in ga, and assume his photo is me. please fix asap, i will ask a lawyer about okcupid providing out my information, and for ruining my relationship with a person who now think i live in ga. please fix asap.

Mr. Brett On Phone To Okcupid Service

On a list i purchased only $Nineteen. 99 one month only subscription and it charged me on my visa debit card for the total 12 months in the amount of $59. 70 instead which is not what i wished to purchase i would like the amount of Nineteen. 99 only purchased the rest i need refunded back to my account asap.

Ms. Monica Jennings On Phone To Okcupid Service

I have sent a duo of complaint to your company about someone are using Army Military Boys profiles and picture, and I never got a react back from anyone. Your dating site is very poor on security for people using Army employee identity theft is against the law. And the person was using Raymond F. Chandler as Sgt. Major the person using his picture and a email address had me fooled, but I didn’t give any information to him. So what I’m telling your site is not good at all, I do not feel like this is a safe site. The I meet someone else on this site, and the same thing is going on you guys need to look in to this matter. Or the Government are going to come after you guys. Your company need to stream who using your web site more careful.

Ms. Cindy Kelly On Phone To Okcupid Service

Can’t login to my account. It says that master robot had melt down to attempt later. BUT it also says that there are over 175. 000 people on line now I would appreciate your help in this matter Thank you.

I was on Okcupid and I deleted my account, but I want to go back, but I blocked some people so if I get back on will the ones I blocked see my profile. How can I just reactivate it.

It has been two weeks I can not login into my account ( Okcupid ) I have left so many messages, but looks like no bod cares from your customer services please graciously come back mu money to my master card.

Mr. Peter On Phone To Okcupid Service

This is very ridiculous, it has been happening to me for the 2nd time in two months, very first time last for ten days, after so many times complaining we got motionless, now is already for five days, i can not login into my okcupid account, each time i attempt, i get message telling we have technical difficulties please attempt again later, i am tired i just need entire my money reimbursed.

Same thing with me! can not get them to contact me!.

I can not login into my acc with Okcupid, this is happening for the 2nd time in month period, very first time last around ten days, now is already a week, I made so many complaints, but no react yet, looks like your company deepthroats, now I need my money back, each time I attempt to login, it is telling me we have technical difficulties please attempt it again later.

Ms. Angi Rowntree On Phone To Okcupid Service

Answerphone message, I am indeed unhappy as I am permanently signed in and you have logged me out, I have sent you innumerable emails to reset my password and have received nothing bk can you please give this your urgent attention as I just want to get bk into my account. Thank you Angi.

Ms. Angi Rowntree On Phone To Okcupid Service

Response phone message which cost me at least ?1. 20 from United Kingdom, I am truly not glad as I have sent you uncountable messages for lost password and had no response, I cannot understand why I have been signed out as always signed in. Please give this your urgent attention and this will be v much appreciated. Thank you Angi.

Ms. Amanda Fr On Phone To Okcupid Service

For over two weeks I have not been able to access my account (8888amanda) due to “technical difficulties” and I’ve not received a response from anyone at OK Cupid however I* have attempted everything, writing, switching my password. I’ve not violated in any way, any of your Bylaws. Please react to me as soon as possible. Thank you. Several people are awaiting a reply from me. AmandaFr.

Mr. Scott Bryant On Phone To Okcupid Service

I used your service from November of 2013 until spring of 2014 and loved it. I met my current gf there and we both cancelled out our services. Last week your company withdrew another years fee from me causing several checks to bounce. Since i do not have your service any longer and cancelled it several months ago i would like the service fee returned.

Mr. E N On Phone To Okcupid Service

My username on your site is saltwaterman15. Numerous times i have written in the feedback section request for help. To date no one has responded to my request and inquiry.

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