The Wall (ALVINNN Episode) (2023)

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This article is about the 2017 CG-animated series episode. For other uses, see The Wall (disambiguation).

The Wall is an episode of the ALVINNN!!! and The Chipmunks series.


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When the girls at school cast votes for the cutest chipmunk on the bathroom wall, Alvin worries about the results.[1]

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Brittany rushes to inform her sisters that some girls at school started debating who is the cutest chipmunk in the girls' bathroom and that they must keep it from Alvin or he'll start acting crazy. Unfortunately Amber and Annie starts discussing it in front of The Chipmunks and both end up agreeing that Theodore is the cutest, to Alvin's dismay. In order to to be known as the cutest instead, Alvin tries sabotaging Theodore by making him read lines stating how much like a baby he is. Theodore refuses after a couple cards, so Alvin asks Simon to help but Simon refuses as well for the poll is a pointless waste of time. Determined to make the videos, Alvin dresses himself as Simon and Theodore, saying how nerdy Simon is and how much a baby Theodore is. The next day, Alvin plays the recordings on the school's TV, finding himself in trouble and sent to Principal Meadows's Office. Brittany confronts Alvin about making his brothers look stupid and for making things worse, for now the girls are voting for the cutest chipmunk, with Theodore winning and Simon behind him. Alvin, desperate to win, starts acting like a baby and a nerd, while also passing out fliers to encourage girls to vote for him. Jeanette and Eleanor hold a girls meeting to find out why Alvin isn't winning, at which Alvin participates in disguise. He later leaves crushed. The Chipettes, worried for Alvin, decide to sneak into the school at night and make Alvin the winner by adding more tallies. The next morning, The Chipettes show Alvin that he has been 'voted' as the cutest chipmunk. The girls are all nice to him at school for Brittany paid them to be as well as never mentioning cutest chipmunk again.




  • This episode shares its title with The Chipmunks episode The Wall.
  • The song in this episode was written by AwkwardMarina.
  • Goof: When The Chipettes are talking about "That old crazy guy." Brittany's voice at one point sounds like Eleanor. The same happens later to Eleanor when she says "Yeah, I don't think that will help." in Jeanette's voice.
  • Kevin asking "Are freshmen getting shorter?" is a reference to Michael Bagdasarian's short video, "Are Freshmen Getting Smaller?"
  • Kevin also mentions San Marcos High School, which is an actual high school in California.
  • Kevin's question about "Are freshmen getting shorter?" and saying that their school's girl volleyball team won against San Marcos High School are strong suggestions that the school seen in the series is a high school.
  • Some of Alvin's outfits from previous episodes make reappearances: the baby outfit he wore in Dave's dream sequence in Slippin' Through My Fingers, the Simon disguise he wore in Saving Simon (minus the blue hat), and the blonde wig he wore in Lil'T, which he also wore in Viral.
  • The Chipettes' burglar outfits are black versions of the ballet outfits they wore in Ballet Boys.
  • Goof: During the song Alvin receives two tallies, but later when Brittany adds more, there are none.
  • By the end of the episode there are a total of 142 tally marks on the board in the girl's bathroom: 65 for Alvin, 47 for Theodore, and 30 for Simon.
  • When this episode premiered in the US, it aired with a re-run of Oh Brother Where Art Thou.


The Wall (ALVINNN Episode) (1)

The Wall (ALVINNN Episode) (2)

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The Wall (ALVINNN Episode) (3)

The Wall (ALVINNN Episode) (4)

The Wall (ALVINNN Episode) (5)

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The Wall (ALVINNN Episode) (6)


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What episode did Brittany like Alvin? ›

In the episode "I Love the Chipmunks Valentine" admits she loves Alvin that saying "Alvin, I love you" Alvin responds to what "really!" In Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked, he agreed with Brittany that she was the pretty one, out of the Chipettes.

What episode in Alvin and the Chipmunks is the hipmunks in? ›

Watch ALVINNN!!! and The Chipmunks Season 2 Episode 17: We're The Chipmunks/Save the Dance - Full show on Paramount Plus. Sign up for Paramount+ to stream this video. When a new boy band,"The Hipmunks," tries to steal the spotlight, the Chipmunks are forced to compete in a battle of the bands.

Why did they stop making Alvin and the Chipmunks movies? ›

Why it was Cancelled. The first four films were panned by critics, fans, and audiences. Justin Long dropped out the voice of Alvin Seville. Most of the fans of the characters were offended about how many adult jokes were in the film.

Who is the oldest chipmunk? ›

Alvin is the oldest and also the most mischievous. Then there's the middle child, Simon, who is the smartest of the three chipmunks. Lastly, there's Theodore, the youngest chipmunk who's youthfully innocent and adorable.

Does Alvin ever kiss Brittany? ›

In Kiss Conspiracy, Alvin accidentally kisses Brittany on the lips when they were jumping around making smooching sounds with their eyes closed. In Albrittina, in one quiz, Alvin's mystic mate was described as beautiful, extremely famous, singing in a girl band, likes the color pink and her name starts with a letter B.

What movie does Alvin meet the Chipettes? ›

The world-famous singing preteen chipmunk trio return to contend with the pressures of school, celebrity, and a rival female music group known as The Chipettes.

What is the oldest version of Alvin and the Chipmunks? ›

The very first broadcast show of the classic Chipmunk series from 1961 that started it all, never released before on VHS or DVD!

What is the oldest Alvin and the Chipmunks show? ›

The Alvin Show (1961–62)

The first television series to feature the characters was The Alvin Show. By this period, the Chipmunks looked much like their modern incarnations. Also, an animated portrayal of Seville was a reasonable caricature of Bagdasarian himself.

Who is the tallest girl chipmunk? ›

Anna Faris as Jeanette, a female chipmunk who is the tallest of the three, and the member of the Chipettes. Janice Karman provides Jeanette's singing voice.

Who is the oldest Simon or Alvin? ›

Simon is frequently regarded as the oldest of The Chipmunks given his height and maturity and is often a center of controversy among fans. In the 80s series, however, Alvin is proven to be older than him in the episode Grounded Chipmunk. Simon's age in the CGI/live-action films has never been stated.

What was the Chipmunks last name? ›

Alvin Seville is the main protagonist of the Alvin and the Chipmunks franchise.

Who does Brittany like in Alvin and the Chipmunks? ›

Brittany and Alvin have a very competitive relationship. They are constantly at odds with one another and fight, but they do show that deep down they love each other. They are shown in the future as married with twin boys.

Do Alvin and the Chipmunks date the Chipettes? ›

Over the years, each of the Chipettes engaged in on-off relationships with their Chipmunk counterparts-- Simon with Jeanette, Theodore with Eleanor, and Alvin with Brittany.

Who adopted the Chipettes? ›

Miss Miller


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