Thalia (2023)

"This might be a little out of turn, Aiden, but I don't think I've ever been so aroused by a discussion of nihilism!"


Thalia is one of the characters who appear in Dying Light 2 Stay Human.

She is the librarian’s assistant in the Peacekeeper’s library. She enjoys reading and philosophical discussions regarding books. She has an interest in Aiden and can be romanced. She appreciates Aiden Caldwell for his mind and quiet insight, she isn’t shy about it, either.

After every Book Club quest complete, to begin the next one, the player must speak to Thalia. Thalia will ask Aiden questions about the books he had picked up for Albert and how they relate to the world’s apocalyptic struggles. When the player finishes each discussion, Thalia will provide a new list for the location of more books.

When all of the Book Club quests are finished, Thalia will invite Aiden to her apartment at night. If the player arrives at her apartment, Thalia and Aiden will have an intimate conversation about the world. Afterwards, you will be given the option to sleep with Thalia. The next morning, Aiden will attempt to sneak out and Thalia will catch him before he leaves. The two share a brief exchange acknowledging that they may never see the other again, but are glad that this “dream” will have come true. The player will not be able to speak with Thalia after this interaction.

If you sleep with Thalia before attending Danior’s party, it will unlock rare dialogue. You will be given the option to tell Rowe and Lawan about Aiden and Thalia’s tryst. To which Lawan will say she is jealous.

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