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(Video) Are They Siblings Or Dating? | Try Not To Fail | React

It depends on the iteration. They were raised like siblings, and are litter mates in the 80s series. The recollection of age timing in both the CGI films and new series suggests that Alvin and Simon are most likely littermates. I think everyone has a fan theory as to why Simon's subtler features are closer to Theodore's than Alvin's. They were supposedly found together, and so may have come from the same wild population. But so did the Chipettes, who don't have as strong of a resemblence to each other.

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How do you ask someone how many siblings they have? ›

Assuming you mean grammar-wise, “How many siblings do you have?” seems to be a better choice. If you're talking about is it socially correct to ask it, then I guess it is? There's nothing offensive about it, so sure. Ask it.

How do you reply to how many siblings do you have? ›

The “Number of Siblings” question means “How many brothers and sisters do you have?”. So for example, you have 2 brothers and 1 sister then your answer would be 3.

Is it more common to have siblings or not? ›

We tend to focus more on parent relationships, which while incredibly important, are only a party of the family system. Yet 82 percent of children live with a sibling, and relationships with our siblings may be the longest of our lives.

How do you ask someone about their family? ›

These questions can help you get started:
  1. Who were the oldest members of your family that you knew personally?
  2. Do you know their whole names? ...
  3. Did your parents talk about any of their ancestors when you were growing up?
  4. Did anyone who wasn't related to you live with you when you were a child?
  5. Where did you grow up?
Jun 22, 2022

How do you ask many people how they are? ›

General ways to ask “How are you?” in English
  1. How are you? We can't leave this one out. ...
  2. How's it going? “How's it going?” is a bit more informal than “How are you?”. ...
  3. How's everything?/How are things? ...
  4. What's been going on? ...
  5. Are you well? ...
  6. How are you keeping? ...
  7. What's up? ...
  8. What's new?
Nov 10, 2022

How do you ask how many kids you have? ›

Answer: How many kids do you have?

What does how many siblings mean? ›

Phrase. how many siblings do you have? Used to ask how many brothers or sisters someone has.

How do you reply to multiple? ›

Open the email thread that contains the message you want to reply to. At the top-right of that message, select the More button. Click Reply to All. Enter your message and click Send.

How many people have siblings? ›

Why sibling relationships matter. Experts say that around 80% of Americans have at least one sibling. For many, those are the longest-lasting relationships in their lives, extending well beyond the parent/child relationship.

How do you list siblings in a sentence? ›

Her two younger siblings go to a traditional school. The adults warned the siblings not to tell anyone about the punishments. Both were the youngest children in their families and had no siblings in the school system, he said.

What do you call a child without siblings? ›

An only child is a person with no siblings, by birth or adoption.

Why is it important to have siblings? ›

The Importance of the Sibling Relationship

Siblings form a child's first peer group, and children learn social skills, particularly in managing conflict, from negotiating with brothers and sisters.

Is it enough to have one child? ›

Across several studies, mothers of one appear to be happiest. Research shows that only children have an edge in key development areas. While once stigmatized, “older” first-time moms (and their children) reap benefits women who first give birth in their 20s are less likely to see.

How many siblings are in brothers and sisters? ›

Brothers and Sisters follows the lives of The Walker Family who include: Nora Walker, her brother Saul and her children Sarah, Kitty, Tommy, Kevin, and Justin.


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