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This page contains support indicating the pairing of Simon Seville and Jeanette Miller, and their most accepted couple name is Simonette (Simon + Jeanette), though some prefer the pairing name as Simanette.


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Simon and Jeanette are the characteristically smart couple who wear glasses and always have a logical explanation for almost anything (almost). Except when Simon takes charge, Jeanette can sometimes be shy and timid and a doormat for Brittany's schemes. Simon and Jeanette share a non-confusing relationship, but are very shy and don't open up about it. Jeanette and Simon, in the series of cartoons, occasionally hold hands and hang out often. Simon is sometimes very defensive of her, and when Jeanette gets clumsy and falls, Simon is usually the one to catch her and help her to her feet. Their actions show that the two care for each other more than friends, but could be embarrassed about it. In the CGI films series, Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked, their shy relationship takes a central role by progressing through a new, temporarily confident, version of Simon.

Simon's Hints[]

80s Series & Films[]

  • In The Chipettes, Simon quickly catches Jeanette when she faints and falls backwards.
  • In I Love the Chipmunks Valentine, Simon makes a valentine for Jeanette.
  • In The Gang's All Here, Simon helps Jeanette before she falls over.
  • In My Fair Chipette, when Jeanette wins the beauty contest, Simon pushes her on stage with a big smile on his face.
  • In Sisters, Brittany is so happy she was invited to lunch that she throws her books at Jeanette causing her to fall. With a worried look, Simon helps Jeanette to her feet.
  • In Sweet Smell of Success, when Jeanette and Simon create more perfume and smell it, it seemed as if they would shake hands, but just held each other's hand instead.
  • In A Little Worm in the Big Apple, he comforts her by holding her while patting and slightly rubbing her arm.
  • In May the Best Chipmunk Win, Simon is excited when he sees Jeanette in their classroom, takes her hand, and have lunch together.
  • In The Chipette Story, Simon helps Jeanette take off her shoes.
  • In The Chipmunk Adventure, whenever Simon feels "stressed out" with his brothers, he always goes to Jeanette for help. They also dance together during "The Girls of Rock 'n' Roll."
  • In Alvin and the Chipmunks Meet the Wolfman, Simon and Jeanette hold hands on the stage when they perform in the school play, and they hold hands and dance several times during the end of the movie.
Simon & Jeanette (4)
  • In the Hardees Glass Commercial, Simon and Jeanette dance together. In addition when Jeanette falls, Simon quickly catches her.
    • In Sploosh, Simon and Jeanette's characters almost share a romantic kiss, Simon's character helps Jeanette's character escape the clutches of Alvin's character, and the two get married.

CGI Films[]

  • In Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel, when they meet at school, Simon instantly falls in love with Jeanette when he laid his eyes on her. He purred at her which shows that he has a crush on her.
    • When he is practicing for the concert, unable to get a hold of himself, dreamily remarks that Jeanette's glasses were "quite fetching."
    • Simon nervously agrees to help Jeanette unlock the cage she and her sisters are trapped in. This indicates that he feels shy talking to her.
    • Simon and Jeanette smile at each other happily when they reunite just before "We Are Family."
  • In Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked, while The Chipmunks and Chipettes are skating on the ship's deck, Jeanette nearly slips, but Simon catches her by the hand. He holds it for a second before letting go in embarrassment.
    • When Jeanette finds one of Simon's sarcastic comments funny, Simon becomes nervous, and looks away from her for a second, and is shyly delighted.
    • While on the island, Simon manages to create a fire with his glasses and Jeanette calls it impressive. Simon becomes so flattered, and when they look into each other's eyes for a while, he accidentally burns himself.
    • When Brittany becomes hysterical to the possibility of being stuck on the island forever, Simon protectively puts his arm in front of Jeanette as if to protect her.
    • When Simone (Simon's alter ego) is kissing The Chipettes' hands, he is taken by Jeanette before he smiles and kisses her hand, and then continues to kiss her hand multiple times and admire her. He also moves really close to her, beautifying her with words, and complimenting her.
    • Simone dances in the rain with Jeanette and sings with her.
    • Simone would compliment Jeanette, make romantic gestures such as giving her a bracelet, and help her across a dangerous bridge by telling her to look into his eyes.
    • When the side effects wore off, Brittany informs Simon that he had given Jeanette a bracelet and that they had went out on a date, startling him.
    • Simon saves Jeanette from Zoe.
    • Simon tells Jeanette on the raft that "Even the most perfect gem cannot compare to your beauty". Jeanette smiles at him and Simon smiles back. Simone says just about the same thing earlier, revealing a similarity between Simon and Simone.
    • When the Chipmunks and the Chipettes are performing their song at the International Music Awards, Simon and Jeanette dance together, and when the song ends, Simon is holding Jeanette close in his arms.
  • In Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip, while Jeanette was dancing during the party song in the opening scenes, Simon came up to her and was intrigued by her dance moves.

CGI Series[]

  • In Jeanette Enchanted, Simon helps the others and sets up the house as to make Jeanette believe she had Magical Powers on her birthday, as he wanted to cheer her up.
  • In My Sister The Weirdo, Simon is the only one who wanted to help Jeanette to get over her shyness about public speaking and he gets jealous when Jeanette asks for Alvin's help instead of his, but is determined to help in any way he could.
  • In Driving Dave Crazy, Simon looks at Jeanette with softness when he gives her back her spider.
  • In Saving Simon, Simon looks awestruck when Jeanette complements him while holding his cheeks, and later he smiles Innocently when she gives him a kiss on his cheek.
  • In Saving Simon, Simon winks at Jeanette.
  • In She's Got Style, Simon tells Dave to let Jeanette down gently.
  • In She's Got Style, Simon doesn't want to say he dislikes her hat, not wanting to hurt her, though he also doesn't want her to go to the fashion show looking ridiculous.
  • In Lights Camera Uh Oh, Simon puts his arm around Jeanette's shoulder.
  • In Lights Camera Uh Oh, Simon is the first to offer to help Jeanette.
  • In Secret Admirer, when Alvin and Simon are discussing about which Chipette Kevin has a crush on, Simon says that of all the Chipettes he thinks that Jeanette is the prettiest and later he denies the fact that he has a crush on Jeanette when Alvin accuses him of so.
  • In Secret Admirer, the fact that Simon has a crush on Jeanette is heavily implied throughout the episode as he showed to have clear interest in Jeanette, and he and his brothers follow The Chipettes around school, only to see them 'flirting' with him. Even at the end of the episode The Chipmunks deny any feelings they have for The Chipettes.
  • In Super Girls, after Alvin tells Simon to invent a side clobber gadget because he thinks Jeanette side clobbered Theodore, Simon refuses to listen to him and tells Alvin to stop spying on poor Jeanette.
  • In Super Girls, Simon sees that Jeanette is looking stressed out with making superhero gadgets. He approaches her to see if she is okay, but she tells him that she is not, and is having a difficult time making the gadgets, so he offers to help her.
  • In Super Girls, Simon tells Jeanette that her Superhero gadgets are ingenious.
  • In Clumsy Jeanette, Simon holds Jeanette’s hand as he tries to help her get over her clumsiness.
  • In Simon Says, Simon stutters when Jeanette asks him who designed the dangerous rollercoaster.
  • In Munk Vs Machine Simon worryingly asks Jeanette why she took off her glasses and she says she doesn't want to break them in the dodgeball games.
  • In Lice-enced to Teach, Simon holds Jeanette’s hand as he helps her up onto the desk and they briefly stare at each other.
  • In Of Mice and Munks Simon rushes out to comfort Jeanette when she thinks the mouse has been eaten.
  • In Geizmo's Day Out, Dave suggests Simon should take Geizmo to Jeanette's while he's away cause she's the most trustful person he knows.
  • In Zeela the Great Simon is fine with Jeanette using his idea for Geizmo so she can create Zeela.
  • In Zeela the Great, Simon is amazed with Jeanette's robot Geizmo, and defends and apologized to Jeanette.

Jeanette's Hints[]

80s Series & Films[]

  • In the baseball scene during the introduction of the Alvin and the Chipmunks series, Jeanette is smiling and blinking her eyes at Simon before she turns to pitch the baseball to Brittany.
  • In Alvin in Neverland, Tinkerbell (Jeanette) takes John's (Simon) hand and flies off with him.
  • In I Love The Chipmunks Valentine Special, Jeanette makes a valentine for Simon. Later, Jeanette dances with Simon, and she blushes when Simon dances with her. Also, when Jeanette has to dress up as Brittany's date and Jeanette calls this a miserable idea, Brittany tells her to relax for she will have plenty of time to be with Simon, implying that Jeanette had wanted to spend her night with him.
  • When Jeanette fell in the Hardees Glass Commercial, she stares at him admiringly when he catches her.
  • In Mind Over Matterhorn, she is holding on to Simon while waiting for Alvin. Jeanette also leans into Simon's arms to shield her eyes when Alvin climbs down the cliff.
  • In The Chipmunks Go to Washington, Jeanette and Simon watch baby eagles in a nest. When Simon looked away after he told her that they should tell the others, she didn't look away. She stared at him for a quick second longer, indicating that she has a crush on him. Later on, Jeanette hugs Simon tightly, and Brittany looks at them with a look that displays she knew her sister had a crush on him.
  • In Big Dreams, she comforts Simon when he is distraught at the end of the episode. The two potential future sequences also show them married regardless of economic status.
  • In Help Wanted: Mommy, when they have to pretend that they're getting along perfectly, Jeanette and Simon do act like they're having the most fun together. They also walk off with linked arms.
  • Jeanette has a picture of Simon in her room.
  • In Sploosh, Simon and Jeanette's characters share an almost-kiss and eventually get married.

CGI Films[]

  • In Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel, Jeanette expressed great interest and excitement in meeting Simon, much like her sisters were about their counterparts. When Ian told lies about them, saying "And don't even get me started about Simon," Jeanette gasped in shock and disappointment.
  • In Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel, Jeanette quickly fell in love with him when she met him at the lockers. Her pupils even dilated as she looked at him, indicating that she was caught by surprise and that she was completely ecstatic. When led away, Jeanette further confirmed her crush by saying "That Simon is dreamy."
  • In Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel, as all six chipmunks prepare for bed, Jeanette and Simon both said warm good nights to each other.
  • In Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked, after Simon describes the shuffleboard as 10% shuffle, 90% board, Jeanette finds it funny, despite his dry sense of humor, causing Simon to blush. And when he looks away, she also turns her eyes into another direction, and bites her lip.
  • In Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked, after Simon makes a fire with his glasses, Jeanette calls it impressive, but while he's looking at Jeanette, he accidentally burns himself.
  • In Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked, after Simone starts falling for Jeanette, she becomes smitten.
  • In Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked, Jeanette happily dances with Simone in the rain.

CGI Series[]

  • In Saving Simon, Jeanette kisses Simon's cheek after he helps her with her crossword.
  • In Driving Dave Crazy, Jeanette smiles at Simon after he gives her back her Spider.
  • In She's Got Style, Jeanette smiles sweetly at Simon after she takes his cup.
  • In Lights Camera Uh Oh, Jeanette smiles when Simon offers to help her.
  • In A Rose by Any Other Name, Jeanette gazes at Simon as he performs his experiment.
  • In Simon the Superb, Jeanette is the only one watching Simon's magic show.
  • In Simon the Superb, Jeanette compliments Simon's magic show.
  • In Super Girls, Jeanette is quite enthusiastic when Simon says her gadgets were ingenious.
  • In Jeanette's Secret Garden, Simon is the first person Jeanette approaches to help her into convincing the principal to let her grow a garden at the school.
  • In Jeanette's Secret Garden, Jeanette blushes after Simon congratulates her.
  • In Tables Turned, Jeanette defends Simon when Alvin claims he's smarter.
  • In Tables Turned, Jeanette tries to cheer Simon up with the things he loves (science convention tickets and an experiment).
  • In Simon Says, Jeanette tries to comfort Simon and offer advice when she over hears his argument with Alvin.
  • In The House on Cedar Lane, Jeanette calls Simon for help.


  • Both have very similar signature colors.
  • Both wear glasses.
  • Both are brunettes in the 2015 series.
  • In both the 2015 series and the live-action version, they have the darkest tone of fur out of their siblings.
  • They are known for their specialties in science.
  • Both the smartest of their groups.
  • They both love nature.
  • They both normally pair up with their willful siblings (Alvin and Brittany respectively).
  • They are the tallest of the six (Simon a little taller than her).
  • They are both usually the ones to carry out Alvin and Brittany's schemes.
  • They're the shyest about their relationship, where as Brittany and Alvin are open about it but often argue but loving, and Eleanor and Theodore are the most open and loving.
  • They are very cowardly about something dangerous.



  • He can easily stand up to Alvin.
  • Although he is nearsighted, he can see a little better without his glasses than Jeanette can.
  • He's not as clumsy as Jeanette.
  • He can have a very dry sense of humor.
  • He tends to hold grudges, though most eventually disappear.
  • He has a low tolerance for duplicity.
  • He's always very uptight in a situation.
  • He is very pessimistic.


  • She doesn't stand up for herself easily and is used by Brittany to help carry out schemes.
  • Jeanette is helpless without her glasses.
  • Jeanette appears to be more clumsy than Simon.
  • Jeanette is shy around people.
  • She is very forgiving.
  • She has more patience when it comes to people that do her wrong than Simon does.
  • She is very optimistic.


80s Series & Films[]

CGI Films[]

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CGI Series[]

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