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Know the truth. Don’t be tormented by uncertainty. Bring your concerns to Central Polygraph Service for a professional, confidential and personalized polygraph examination of the person you suspect of being unfaithful in your relationship. All polygraph examinations are constructed around the client’s specific requests and adhere to strict confidentiality ensuring complete privacy.

Relationship and Infidelity Polygraph Lie Detector Tests Chicago Illinois – Central Polygraph Service: Relationship Tests | Central Polygraph Service (1)

  • Illicit Sexual Relations
  • Engaging in Any Sexual Activity
  • Use of Escort or Prostitution Services
  • Secretly Dating or Secretly Rendezvousing with Anyone
  • Engaging in Online Cyber Sex or Pornographic Activities
  • Communicating or Meeting Anyone from the Ashley Madison Website

Central Polygraph Service utilizes state-of-the-art digital polygraph systems and conducts polygraph examinations according to strict standards and methods as approved and accepted by the American Polygraph Association and the U.S. Federal Government. Due to established laws, there is a strict limit of up to (4) pertinent test questions that may be established by the client for each polygraph examination (all other questions on the polygraph test are generic in nature and are established by the examiner for baseline purposes). Although each polygraph examination is always customized per the client’s needs and requests, following is a sample list of just some of the types of approved pertinent test questions that are frequently used for infidelity and relationship issue type polygraph examinations:

  • Since (SPECIFIC DATE), besides (SPECIFIC NAME), have you engaged in sexual intercourse with anyone else?
  • Since (SPECIFIC DATE), besides (SPECIFIC NAME), have you engaged in oral sex with anyone else?
  • Since (SPECIFIC DATE), besides (SPECIFIC NAME), have you engaged in French kissing with anyone else?
  • Have you ever engaged in any type of sexual activity with (SPECIFIC NAME)?
  • Since (SPECIFIC DATE), have you communicated in any way with (SPECIFIC NAME)?
  • Have you ever utilized any pay-for-sex type service?
  • Since (SPECIFIC DATE), have you met in-person with anyone from the Ashley Madison website?

Polygraph Test Fee: $550.00 Per Test/Per Person ($100Scheduling Fee + $450Test Fee)

For more information on the polygraph testing process, please see our “How Polygraph Works” section by clicking here.

For answers to frequently asked questions, please see our “Test Guidelines and Frequently Asked Questions” section by clicking here.

For more information on our test fees and cancellation policy, please see our “Test Fees and Cancellation Policy” section by clicking here.


How much does an infidelity polygraph cost? ›

Our typical lie detector polygraph examination is anywhere from $900 to $1,500+, with the average fee of about $1,250. Again, in polygraph examinations you get what you paid for. A lie detection test polygraph examination is only as accurate as the examiner and the technique he is using.

How accurate is an infidelity polygraph test? ›

The polygraph (lie detector) is a good example of a test that was once seen as both valid (measuring what it is supposed to measure) and useful. But, modern research on the polygraph has revealed that its scientific underpinnings are weak, and it doesn't actually measure truth-telling.

What questions are asked on an infidelity polygraph? ›


Since (SPECIFIC DATE), besides (SPECIFIC NAME), have you engaged in oral sex with anyone else? Since (SPECIFIC DATE), besides (SPECIFIC NAME), have you engaged in French kissing with anyone else? Have you ever engaged in any type of sexual activity with (SPECIFIC NAME)?

How do you pass an infidelity polygraph? ›

Things You Should Know
  1. Answer questions vaguely to avoid providing enough data to spot your lies.
  2. Use as few words as you can and speak calmly, without hesitation.
  3. Clench your sphincter while answering questions to trick the polygraph into thinking you're lying.

Can a lie detector test help a relationship? ›

For many people, once their relationship has deteriorated to the point of needing a polygraph test, the final results offer both partners a huge sense of relief. Finally, everything that wasn't being said is out in the open and dealt with and you can go forward with a clean slate.

How much is a relationship lie detector test? ›

A lie detector test cost, in New York, is typically between $400-$500. For more information on local polygraph test costs or lie detection services, in New York, contact our office today.

Is there a test to prove infidelity? ›

How Does an Infidelity DNA Test Work? Like all DNA tests, an infidelity test requires a DNA sample. In this case, the sample can be collected from the person who is suspected of infidelity, the other person you believe to be involved, or from a secondary source, such as a cigarette butt, hair, or used dental floss.

Do honest people fail polygraphs? ›

The problem with polygraph tests

These tests can fail because a person who is telling the truth could be anxious and a person who is lying might not be anxious at all. Dr. Saxe and Israeli psychologist Gershon Ben-Shahar (1999) said, “it may, in fact, be impossible to conduct a proper validity study.”

Can you be honest and fail a polygraph? ›

Polygraph tests are not infallible, and there are several reasons why you may have failed the test even if you were telling the truth. For example, if you are particularly nervous or anxious during the test, this can cause the polygraph to register false positives.

How much evidence do you need to prove infidelity? ›

How Do You Prove It. The person alleging adultery must prove that their spouse committed an adulterous act via direct evidence (e.g., eyewitness accounts; admissions by the guilty spouse and/or the paramour) or, more often, via circumstantial evidence.

What is the best predictor of infidelity? ›

The Biggest Predictors of Infidelity
  • Be less satisfied with their relationships overall.
  • Have lower levels of sexual satisfaction specifically.
  • Have higher levels of sexual desire in general.
  • Report less love for one's partner.
Nov 8, 2021

How do you know if someone is lying on a polygraph? ›

Both during and after the test, a polygraph examiner can look at the graphs and can see whether the vital signs changed significantly on any of the questions. In general, a significant change (such as a faster heart rate, higher blood pressure, increased perspiration) indicates that the person is lying.

What questions to ask in an infidelity test? ›

Relationship, Infidelity & Sexual Contact Tests

Since (SPECIFIC DATE), apart from (SPECIFIC NAME), have you had oral sex with anyone else? Since (SPECIFIC DATE), apart from (SPECIFIC NAME), have you passionately kissed anyone else? Have you ever had sexual contact with (SPECIFIC NAME)?

What happens if you tell the truth on a polygraph? ›

Because law enforcement officers play upon an accused person's hope that he or she can prove his or her innocence by just telling the truth. Sadly, most people who act upon this hope, and tell the truth while taking a polygraph examination, are still charged with a crime and the polygraph results are used against them.

What is the most accurate lie detector test? ›

This means EyeDetect can be an effective lie detector test. In fact, it is the most accurate lie detector today. Note: There is no perfect lie detector test. All tests have a margin of error.

Do polygraph tests work for cheating? ›

In both instances, a simple polygraph test can provide you with definitive answers and settle the matter once and for all. With over 96% accuracy, lie detector tests are increasingly used to uncover the truth in these types of scenarios.

Are polygraph tests 100%? ›

Some studies have shown that polygraph tests can be accurate up to 80-90% of the time, while others have suggested that the accuracy is much lower, around 50-60%.

How much does it cost to be infidelity? ›

After leading a double life affair, the most obvious price of infidelity paid is the loss of trust that the partner once had on his or her spouse. Unfortunately, more often for the one against whom the spouse was unfaithful, trust in future relationships and friendships is damaged as well.

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