Private Investigator for Cheating (2023)

Listen, better sooner than later!

Private Investigator for Cheating (1)

Why to hire a private investigator to catch a cheating girlfriend?

When it comes to relationships, many things can go wrong. One of the most common issues that couples face is cheating. If you think your girlfriend is cheating on you, it might be time to hire aprivate investigator. Aprivate investigatorcan help you get the proof you need to confront your girlfriend about her suspected infidelity. Theprivate investigatorcan help you gather the evidence for you to make the right choice!
MartinInvestigation Service is your best bet if you are considering a private investigator to help you investigate your cheatinggirlfriend.

Note: Should she be cheating, better to know now and not later when married. But read on, and then reach out.

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If you think your girlfriend might be cheating, you should talk to her about it. If she is cheating, she will likely deny it. However, if you have evidence that she is cheating, such as text messages or emails, you can show her these and confront them to her. You can hire aprivate investigator to get more proof if shestill denies it. Once you have concrete evidence that she is cheating, you can decide whether or not to end the relationship.


Hiring a private investigatormight be a good idea if you think your girlfriend is cheating but don’t have any evidence. Aprivate investigatorcan help you gather evidence via surveillance.

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Thecost of a private investigator varies depending on the services you require. But let’s be clear, your peace of mind costs more than any upfront cost to find out the truth.


The risks of hiring a privateinvestigatoris dicated by the “quality” of the private investigator. Here an Martin Investigative Services, and after 50 years in service, you can feel confident your found the right firm. Don’t skimp on cost and go with an investigator who quite frankly may mess things up more than fix. Here at Martin PI, we offer a free consulation.


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There are many things a private investigator can do totry and find evidence that your girlfriend is cheating. They may follow her to see if she is meeting up with someone else.


There are somesigns that your girlfriend may be cheatingon you. For example, she may be spending more time away from home or working late hours without explanation. She may also be dressing differently or wearing more makeup than usual. Additionally, she may be talking to you less or seeming distant. If you notice any of these changes in her behavior, it may be a sign that she is cheating.


Unfortunately, when someone decides to cheat, that is on them not you! You see, you may have been gifted with knowledge to take on this situation, but will be light-years ahead and depart from this person before children are involved. If there are children, take the high-road and get close friends to help guide you. Yes, it hurts but knowledge is power!

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Martin Investigations is second-to-none!

If you suspect that your girlfriend is cheating on you, hiring a "private investigator for cheating girlfriend" can be a wise decision. They have the expertise and resources to help you gather concrete evidence of infidelity. It's essential to consider hiring a reputable and experienced private investigator like Martin Investigative Service, who can offer a free consultation and help you navigate the sensitive situation. Remember, knowledge is power, and having clarity about your relationship can lead you to make the right decision for your happiness and well-being.

See and hear Thomas Martinspeak on various solved cases. After 50+ years, we are ready to help you with your investigative matter.

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Start by contacting us and a meeting will be set up. Call(800) 577-1080


What is enough evidence of cheating? ›

To prove adultery via circumstantial evidence, one must show that the adulterous spouse had both the “disposition” to commit adultery and the “opportunity” to do so. Evidence of “disposition” includes photographs of the adulterous spouse and the other man or woman kissing or engaging in other acts of affection.

How do private investigators find out if someone is cheating? ›

This involves following the suspected cheater and observing their behaviour to gather evidence of infidelity. Surveillance can be conducted using a range of methods, including GPS tracking, hidden cameras, and physical observation.

Can I hire a PI to see if my boyfriend is cheating? ›

Private investigators are professionals that are trained in gathering information and surveillance, and they are the best way to confirm infidelity.

Can I hire a private investigator to see if my girlfriend is cheating? ›

Hiring a private investigator (PI) will provide you with the information you need fast. PIs can gather video, photos, and other evidence that can determine if your spouse is cheating and they can testify about what they observed during their Infidelity investigations.

Are texts enough to prove adultery? ›

Yes, text messages can be used in court to prove adultery if they provide evidence of an extramarital affair.

What is the most common way cheaters get caught? ›

1. How are most affairs discovered? The phone! While there are text message codes that cheating spouses use to avoid getting caught, there is no denying that mobile phones are a danger zone for adulterers.

Can a PI track text messages? ›

Can A Phone Detective Obtain Text messages? Like wiretapping a phone to listen in on conversations, a private investigator can't read text messages without the individual's consent. Laws vary from place to place, but a private investigator more than likely won't be able to obtain text messages.

Can a private investigator track a phone? ›

By analyzing cell phone data, investigators can trace financial transactions, identify hidden assets, and gather evidence related to financial investigations. Cell phone investigations aid in locating individuals who have intentionally evaded detection by tracking their phone records and GPS location data.

Can a private investigator get my search history? ›

Private investigators, law enforcement, and government officials can see your search history by asking your Internet Service Providers for your browsing data.

What is considered almost cheating? ›

The relationship experts we spoke to define micro-cheating as behaviors that hover near the mutually agreed upon boundaries in your relationship that comprise fidelity — from logging on to a dating site to see what's out there, to forging emotional relationships that are more emotionally charged and sexually tinged ...

Is it hard to prove cheating? ›

Proving adultery took place in your marriage is difficult but possible. Direct evidence (not hearsay) can come in the form of proof, such as eyewitness testimony or the guilty party admitting to the adultery (can be either the spouse or the paramour).

What counts as cheating and what doesn t? ›

Cheating or infidelity is not clearly defined as it can involve several things. It goes beyond being sexually involved with a person that isn't your partner and can include having a deep connection with another person. Simply put, cheating is being unfaithful to your partner.

How far is considered cheating? ›

What is considered cheating in a relationship? In short, cheating is being emotionally or sexually unfaithful to your partner with who you are in a monogamous relationship with. Being intimate sexually or emotionally with another person is usually considered cheating.


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