My 100 days without alcohol are over. But I didn't expect this to happen... (2023)


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Hello brain lovers Gregory here from the brain, Academy I'm.

So glad you're here, you will be the very very special witness of this moment.

Historical moment.

This is the end of my 100 days without alcohol.

The whole experiment is over.

And now for the first time in 100 days, I will be drinking alcohol.

My first class I'm, really looking forward to it it's been a hundred long days.

So let's try to do this together and make this a very special moment that will count for at least the rest of the year there you go.

It looks good.

It looks fine.

This one is for you guys.

So something happens in these 100 days without alcohol and I want to talk about it in this vlog here today, it's been weird, it's been absolutely not something that I expected hear me out last year.

I did 100 days without alcohol and I really liked it.

But I really liked about.

It was that I wasn't a control at all times, even when I was going to receptions or parties or anything, I, wasn't drinking alcohol.

So I stayed cleared in control, even in the middle of the nights, driving home.

It was always safe.

And this sense of control really enjoyed end of the 100 days I was feeling a little bit anxious and I was really looking forward to having my first drink, which I did last year and which I enjoyed saturated well, which I enjoyed kinda.

It really quickly went back to normal.

Now this year, when I started my 100 days without alcohol, I was really thinking that it would be the same.

You know, 100 days without drinking I would be talking here today to you that it's, actually, not that difficult and it's worth doing.

It it's, very healthy cleansing, the whole body and mind it's, really good for your brain, not to drink as alcohol as I explained in the form of video really slows down neurogenesis and that's all kind of nasty effects on the brain.

So almost so prepared to give this talk to you guys.

And then something happens along the way of these 100 days.

You see a couple of weeks ago, I was invited to some friends for dinner when we got there, of course, they were offering some alcohol for the aperitif I, don't know, if you guys have aperitif, but we are so close to the French culture here in Belgium, the aperitif, the epical is something sacred anyway, had the epital.

And the thing is I, wasn't drinking alcohol.

Of course, so my friend was telling me, well, I've got some beer without alcohol.

If you want some beer, yeah, with no alcohol.

Remember once having tasted beer without alcohol, and it tastes at home, I, really didn't like it.

But this time I would like what the heck sure why not let's try it.

And he gave me this.

Beer was a special beer.

Actually, a bearded I really enjoy.

And but this one was for not alcohol and I touched it and I really liked it.

It was really good.

So I came home all excited.

The next day I went to the supermarket and bought myself a whole bunch of beers without alcohol, just to taste them and to check out, which ones I would enjoy.

So I tried out a whole lot of beers without alcohol and even bought some wine without alcohol.

Now to be honest, I didn't like all of them.

They were really true that stood out for me, personally that I really enjoyed and the wine.

Yeah, that really didn't know, the wine was a total fiasco the beer.

However, there were two that really stood out that I really really really enjoyed.

So I started drinking my beer without alcohol.

Then a couple of weeks later, I got invited to another friend's house and their day served somewhere in the dinner man.

It was really good wine.

I have to say this was the centimeter I adore centum.

You know, it's my favorite all-time wine.

So in like, you know, just like a little bit today.

So yes, I since I have to admit, I drank a little bit of Santa minion.

And when I tasted it I was really surprised about the taste.

It had changed I mean, it wasn't as I remembered.

And it was weird don't you anymore.

So I, didn't drink a lot of it just a couple of sips and I left.

It I was really not worried.

Of course, because I start liking less alcohol.

That would be good thing.

However, I had a lot of questions, I didn't understand it why how and all that.

But again, a couple of weeks later, there was my beer without alcohol.

And then next to it.

There was not a beer with alcohol, I, didn't know, which was which so I took a sip of the one with alcohol and I ended up spitting it out.

It was like, oh, my god.

This is horrible and I realized.

It was a real beer.

So really strange thing in my tastebuds happening and everything and then started thinking about what is happening a lot of questions, a lot of thoughts rushing through my head.

And what I ended up realizing are two things here.

My very first beer that I drank ever in my life.

I was 14 years old.

I, judge me, I'm European.

We have a drinking culture.

So 14 years old, I drank like not even half of it.

It was stated, horrible, I, really didn't like it.

It was so bitter so rude.

So I, didn't finish my beer and I.

Remember, after that, my first beers after that again, when I was like 17 years old, I, didn't like them.

It was just peer pressure and trying to be tough with the other guys delicious.

And so little by little beer became an acquired taste, but I didn't.

Enjoy it back then later on I really really enjoyed it.

Of course, however, the probability that I've really enjoyed it because of the dopamine, kick of the alcohol it's now becoming for me something that is pretty obvious, I mean, each time you drink, alcohol, there's a dopamine, kick that kicks in in your brain.

And that makes you enjoy it.

And that makes you crave it that makes you looking forward to more, etc, etc, it's, the alcohol that really pushes you to drink more of the drink, but to drink itself without the alcohol should be enjoyable by itself.

Of course, so that's.

Why I started realizing drinking beer without alcohol.

Beer itself is great it's.

The actually actually it's the alcohol that messes it up.

Why? Because first the more you drink of it more drunk, you get and it's, just you can't even walk anymore, or think, straight or whatever.

Second, one of the things I really love is playing piano and more drink less I can play.

So if I'm with my friends to have a couple of drinks, I, can't, really play piano anymore.

The way I would like now if I drink, no alcohol or beer without alcohol, I would still be one percent clear and would be able to enjoy and perform here.

In this case, a piano playing without any problem.

And this is true for a lot of things I ended up thinking about this more I realized that it's, actually the alcohol that's screwing up the experience.

It poisons.

The experience of the drink with wine, the same if I could only find a wine that is as good as a sentiment without the alcohol in it that would be fantastic I'm.

So looking forward to having that experience because it's the taste of alcohol behind it that ruins it.

Now for me so looking really forward to discovering more drinks that I can have without alcohol.

So there's, a whole alcohol part, the whole don't mean part that pushes you to enjoy it when you're actually not enjoying it, because we should not forget that alcohol is a drug right? But the drink itself isn't.

So enjoying the drink without the alcohol has been a huge revelation for me and then there's something else I realized last year I had the same this year.

I had the same when I first stopped drinking alcohol.

The first ten days or so I become cranky.

I become nervous.

I become irritable, hey, Sherman.

And what I had this year, which I didn't have last year is that for the last ten days, I became so lucid so clear minded so focused so much more positive and enthusiast and driven that's, because of the neurogenesis, remember alcohol slows down neurogenesis almost to a halt.

The more you drink it.

The more it slows down the creation of new brain cells.

Now, usually when you change the behavior, it takes around three weeks for that to have an effect in your brain to have an impact on your chances.

Well here it's been a hundred days away more than three weeks.

So three weeks, they're, probably the first impact I didn't really realize that, however, now that I'm so much further it's been 100 days.

And for the last ten days, I really feel an impact I really feel clear.

I drink, my couple of beers at nights without alcohol.

The next day I am crystal clear, I don't have that foggy feeling I, usually have when I drink alcohol and I can work better I can focus better it's been so enjoyable that right now, I don't feel like going back to drinking alcohol.

I, remember last year I was craving alcohol.

The last days that we really wanted my drink, not now I'm so happy that I discovered these drinks without alcohol that uh, I don't want to go back to that other experience, hasta la, vista baby.

So it looks like those 100 days will go on for a while now I'm not planning to drink alcohol anymore at home, unless some friends invited.

But then of course, it would be way less if I'm invited somewhere else.

Yeah, my drink, of course, but I will check for other options.

First, this is a new thing for me.

This is a new world.

I mean, I'm, not a heavy drinker I'm, not a light, drinker I, miss more than a social drinker because up 200 days ago, I like to enjoy a drink of alcohol by myself, some close friends of mine, always make fun of me saying to them alcoholic, of course, I'm not I mean, it's, not something we should be talking about it's a very serious thing.


This is new territory for me.

This is something new I.

Never ever thought.

I would be here saying this that I'm actually seriously considering not drinking alcohol anymore, or at least bringing it back to really minimal minimal doses.

So wish me luck.

I'm probably gonna need it.

No with the contrary I'm, not gonna need it.

This feels so good that feels right.

And yeah, if you guys have this kind of experience somehow, but he's sharing the comments below, maybe you have some good advice as well I'm telling you.

This is a new world for me.

So yeah, I might do another one of these topic and flogs in another hundred days, maybe why not let's see how good I'll be in keeping my resolutions.

So I'm, yeah, I'm really confused.

Here, guys let's give it a shot because well, not a not a shot, not a no not a shot, don't, forget to Like and subscribe.

And if you want more of this check out some of the other episodes, oh, and if you want to real stuff go to brain there, you can join over 250,000 other students on the brain academy and starts using your brain better.

Yeah, brain out sharp in your mind.


What happens to your body after 100 days without alcohol? ›

After giving up alcohol for 100 days you will begin to feel great once again. You will find that you have more energy, that your sleeping patterns are great and your quality of sleep has improved.

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After two weeks off alcohol, you will continue to reap the benefits of better sleep and hydration. As alcohol is an irritant to the stomach lining, after a fortnight you will also see a reduction in symptoms such as reflux where the stomach acid burns your throat.

What happens to your body after 90 days without alcohol? ›

Improved mood and mental health

As your natural endorphins and dopamine begin to normalize, you'll find it easier to manage stress and difficult emotions without relying on substances. Substance use disorders can worsen symptoms of mental health conditions and make it more difficult to manage them.

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It may take a full month of not drinking alcohol to feel better. Although positive changes may appear earlier, 3 months of not drinking can not only improve your mood, energy, sleep, weight, skin health, immune health, and heart health. It can even reduce your risk of cancer.

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Going sober for 7 months (235 days) comes with a lot of great benefits for myself including: Less anxiety, more energy, less brain fog, lower blood pressure, more productivity, more money and better social skills.

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  • Journal or Diary. It may seem simple but a journal can be a great gift for just about everyone. ...
  • Yoga Mat. It is no secret that many people in recovery turn to yoga during sobriety or shortly after. ...
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  • Personalized Sobriety Date Medallion. ...
  • Books. ...
  • Recovery-Related Items. ...
  • Donation. ...
  • Art Supplies.
Jun 4, 2019

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Within a few weeks of quitting drinking, your hydrated skin will thank you with: Diminished puffiness. Reduced dryness. Fewer wrinkles.

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The Benefits of Quitting Alcohol on the Skin.

This is due to the fact that, during the first few days, the body is trying to eliminate accumulated toxins. Once it has resumed its full functions, the improvements become noticeable. The skin regains its radiance and imperfections tend to disappear.

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The six-month mark is where you may begin to feel comfortable with your sobriety. However, this feeling of comfort can also be dangerous. It's possible you'll experience a phenomenon called the “pink cloud,” meaning you're happy about everything and feel invincible because of your newfound sobriety.

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Is 100 days without alcohol good? ›

You'll sleep better and have more energy and feel more optimistic. Once you pass the 60 Day sobriety milestone and move to 100 Days alcohol-free you'll be stronger and more confident in your decision to not drink. Talking to people about how you feel now that you're not drinking will be easier.

What happens to your body when you stop drinking for 6 months? ›

6 Months - Improved Focus

At this stage, you've continued to reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer. This is the point where some more intangible benefits start to appear. Some people find that their self-esteem improves and ability to be self-compassionate also increases (Collison et al., 2016).

What happens when you don't drink alcohol for a long time? ›

“If heavier drinkers remove alcohol for a longer period of time, they might see weight loss, improvement in body composition, less stomach fat, improvement in triglycerides (one of the fat particles in the blood),” she said.

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According to the Merriam-webster dictionary, the definition of sober is not intoxicated or abstaining from taking intoxicating drugs or from drinking alcohol. Sober can also mean refraining from using any addictive substances. Sobriety, on the other hand, is the quality or state of being sober.

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