Kiss Conspiracy (2023)

Kiss Conspiracy is an episode of the ALVINNN!!! and The Chipmunks series.


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Simon is too embarrassed to kiss his co-star in the school play. So in a moment of desperation, he agrees to allow Alvin to switch identities with him. But to Alvin's dismay, Simon is now credited for "the kiss" and is overrun by all the girls in the school.[3]

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Alvin is attempting to fulfill his skateboarding "destiny" when he crashes into a bush to avoid Simon. Alvin and Theodore notice their brother looks upset so they pressure him until Simon reluctantly tells them that he has to kiss his co-star in the school play. Despite Simon wishing to avoid the "gift" of a kiss, his brothers are determined to help teach him to kiss. Alvin states a kiss is a two-step process: pucker and smack. The Chipettes witness Alvin's behavior and Brittany offers press and smooch. In disagreement, the two perform their technique, accidentally kissing each other as a result. Feeling defeated, Simon tells Alvin that Jessie, Alvin's "supergirl," is his co-star so Alvin comes up with a plan to satisfy them both; Alvin and Simon are to switch places at the kissing scene. The kiss brings unwanted attention to Simon (complements, autographs, and girls chasing him), much to the anger of Alvin for stealing his reputation with the ladies. Unable to put up with their current situation, Simon recommends telling the truth, though it doesn't have the effect he hoped for. That night after Simon informs Alvin of his aspirations in a girl and his career, Simon comes up with a final plan. During the final performance of the play, Simon's character informs the audience he doesn't know how to kiss and Alvin swings in to deliver the kiss instead. Simon's bravery and honesty unintentionally flatters the girls and they once again give him chase.




  • The "flying tickle attack" is a reference to Bromance's "flying squirrel attack."
  • It is revealed in this episode that Simon and his brothers have been in school for two years.
  • The episode's song may be a reference to the episode Dr. Simon and Mr. Heartthrob.
  • When this episode premiered in the US, it aired with a rerun of Safety Third.
  • Part of the Summer of Sport DVD.


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What season is kiss conspiracy? ›

Episode Information
1 : 3920A39

Did Alvin and Brittany ever kiss? ›

In Robomunk, Brittany kisses Alvin after she restores her partner (Alvin) and brings him back to life. In many The Chipmunks Go to the Movies episodes, Brittany is either saved, dating, or a partner of Alvin's. In The Chipmunk Adventure, Brittany joins Alvin in a spear when they find out about the truth of the race.

Is Alvin and Brittany dating? ›

Towards the end of The Squeakuel,Brittany and Alvin dance together(along with Theodore and Eleanor and Jeanette and Simon)and then smile at each other happily. In the episode Big Dreams Alvin and Brittany are married. So we know that they were made to be together forever.

What episode do they kiss in our secret? ›

kiss | iQIYI.

Does Simon have a crush on Jeanette? ›

He purred at her which shows that he has a crush on her. When he is practicing for the concert, unable to get a hold of himself, dreamily remarks that Jeanette's glasses were "quite fetching."

Does Eleanor have a crush on Theodore? ›

Out of all The Chipmunks and Chipettes, Theodore and Eleanor are the most open and loving couple. They both share many similar interests. Plus, several moments throughout the franchise hint towards Eleanor having a large crush on Theodore.

Are the Chipmunks siblings or dating? ›

They were raised like siblings, and are litter mates in the 80s series. The recollection of age timing in both the CGI films and new series suggests that Alvin and Simon are most likely littermates.

Who is the oldest of the Chipettes? ›

Brittany Miller is the oldest of the Chipettes, older than both Jeanette and Eleanor Miller.

How old is Alvin? ›

Main characters

In the 1980s media, the boys are triplets, as they celebrate their birthday together in "A Chipmunk Reunion" (Alvin stating to be born five minutes before Simon), and they are about 8–9 years.

In which episode do they kiss in forecasting love and weather? ›

Contrary to the pattern of most Korean soaps, viewers didn't have to wait till Episode 14 for a kiss, as the two shared a kiss and more in Episode 2 itself, promising a more mature and realistic K-drama, than other shows.

What episode did summer and Ari kiss? ›

Meanwhile, after so much angst and romance, not to mention heartbreak for Ari (like when Bodhi claimed it would be “gross” to date him, which he happened to hear), Summer ended up kissing Ari at the end of episode 9.

What episode of No 6 do they kiss? ›

But it all hit the fan with Episode #7 - an episode which featured Nezumi and Shion kissing on the lips. Now, you might think that for a series that loved the outrageous as much as this one did (one scene featured a dog nursing a baby), one kiss between teens wouldn't be such a big deal.

What movie did kiss appear in? ›

Kiss Meets the Phantom of the Park (also known as Attack of the Phantoms in Europe and Kiss Phantoms in Italy) is a 1978 American television film starring American hard rock band Kiss and produced by Hanna-Barbera Productions.


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