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Judge sentences Daughter to Death.. (emotional)

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Here, we have an informational video to show the audience, how serious committing crimes are these judges in today's video are ruthless and are not putting up with anything, nor should they we're going to be taking a look at savage.

Judge moments in the courtroom let's, move straight into the first clip.

I hope the audience here today can learn a thing or two.

This man is being sentenced to prison.

He thinks that he's innocent when it's proven that he's guilty.

The judge asks the convict what he thinks the person of this crime deserves and says what he believes whoever done the crime should get and that's exactly what happened.

The judge gives him that time.

I'm, innocent.

I didn't do it? Okay? I've maintained that the whole time I feel like there was things that were allowed to be said that should have never been allowed to been said and didn't have no nothing whatsoever to do with the case.

And what was being said, just because somebody has domestic abuse issues with their spouse, doesn't mean that they would put their hands on their kids, which has also been pretty much proved that I've never touched my kids in any harmful manner whatsoever.

I've never harmed my kids.

I didn't even hear anything that said that I had done anything to her in front of the kids.

Well, I could make a lot of comments on what you said, I could make a lot of comments on the trial.

But I know that was just be arguing with you or talking with you I'll, ask you one simple question, you claim you're innocent.

So you tell me what sentence the man or woman that you claim did this should receive if you ever find out who did them, they deserve to be under the jail.


So they ought to get the maximum sentence.

Most definitely okay on the crime of malice murder.

I sent you to life in confinement without parole on considering the death of another.

I sent you to 10 years of confinement consecutive, or after count, one do you understand each of your sentences? Yes, sir, I won't, advise you that you have 30 days after today to file a notice of appeal that'll, be fine.

On this case, I'm going to instruct mr carter on behalf of you.

This one is worth the wait this girl thinks she can back mouth to the judge and not just that.

But she thinks since she has some jewelry that's, apparently worth the money.

She is better than others in the room, she's disrespectful.

And she has a bond that is meant to be five thousand dollars, but wait to hear the amount that the judge gives her right after she disrespects him.

This right here is why you respect everyone, even if you end up making a massive mistake, you said, are you working? Yes, how much money making week approximately approximately about 200 bucks a week? Okay? And you own any property value, a house, a car bank account significant amounts of jewelry.

Yes? What do you own? I own a lot of jewelry all right as well as go ahead? How much would you say your jewelry is worth it's, not a joke.

You know, we are not really in a club.

Now, okay, but you just let me laugh, I apologize it's all right.

How much is your jewelry work it's worth a lot of money like what like breakfast it's worth money? Have you had any kind of drugs in the last 24 hours, actually, no bye.


Come back.

Ma'am, come back.

Come back.

Give me the paper again, someone would be ten thousand are you scared? I am serious adios.

Come back again.

Come back again, bring him back again.

I believe I heard you saying to you, I believe you did you say, actually, did you say that? Yes, sir, oh, you did say that I found your direct criminal contempt, 30 days in the county jail.

This judge is fired up, he's, furious and he's screaming.

He allowed the convict out on bond, and he is meant to not drive or do anything when he was caught driving.

The judge is absolutely furious, literally screaming at the man.

Let me share this with you heated exchange between the judge and one of the defendants at first 21-year-old lavon, tarantine stood quietly before state.

Supreme court judge william bowler, awaiting, his fate.

He had pleaded guilty to second-degree vehicular water for his role in a tragic accident.

In april of last year, tarantine was released on bail initially.

But this morning we learned that he was arrested again, recently for possession of and driving the same vehicle with a suspended license.

The judge wasn't happy told you you were not supposed to drive.

So what it tells me is one bad decision after the another you didn't, learn anything you violated the law again by driving the same car that you already somebody with you were not supposed to be behind that wheel it's, not like I was joined by anything your honor.

I just went to the chinese place to get me.

And my kids something to eat did I release you on bail to say that it was on the condition.

You don't joy ride.

And the courtroom fireworks did not end.

There you'll hear more tonight on news, 4 at 5.

We now have a judge who isn't going to put up with his lawyer at all she's, really just not having it with what he says and she literally screaming at him, throws him out of her own courtroom.

This is seriously insane.

You need to see this.

Dr, mccaffrey your honor.

It creates a tone of respect where I'm from you sort of got to earn that watch yourself.

Your honor get out of my courtroom get pleasures.

If douglas touches me, you will not be happier on her.

You know, what if douglas beats you to a pulp I'll, be delighted get out.

This judge is savage and wished the victim to rot in jail.

This convict did the worst of the worst and seriously nobody's on her side, her lawyer, even says, he realizes what has to be done, but just asked to give her a break the judge reacted and was not happy tonight.

We do want to take you inside the courtroom of a judge erupting from the bench.

When a woman convicted, a boyfriend shows no sign of remorse and mocks distraught family members.

She was sentenced to life in prison.

But the judge wanted to make sure that's, not all she'll be thinking about from behind bars, if a judge could throw the book at a woman, he managed to do so today, not physically, but certainly by his stinging words, and he had a lot of them for 31 year old, camilla gamet, the woman, convicted boyfriend, marcel hill in march gamut, claimed it was self-defense and showed no remorse today at trial.

The way I was portrayed everything mostly everything was lies.

There was a little bit of truth.

But mostly I was convicted off the lies family members who got a chance to address the court today would beg to differ.

I remember the cries of help that he screamed would get life behind bars.

Still while family members spoke.

She would only roll her eyes and laugh, but jackson county circuit court.

Judge john mcbain would have none of it and you're going to shut your mouth or I'm going to have some duct tape put on it.

No duct tape would be found a jury convicted gamut, her lawyer, argued, she unknown attacker in a dark room and started whacking an intruder after she woke up to glass being smashed on her head, the judge wasn't buying that and called it the worst cold he's ever seen the prosecutor argued, gambit's actions were premeditated and deliberate.

We have no choice, but to send her where she will.

Also, I can't believe she stands before you doing this.

This morning gamut had a history of violence against hill who told police in march of 2013.

She hit him in the head with a hammer.

The prosecutorship a brutal act.

Judge mcbain says, she'll pay for with life in prison without parole.

I understand you have to do what you have to do.

I agree with the family.

I hope you use it as well.

You know, if this was a death penalty state, you'd be getting the chair.

This is definitely what not to do in the courtroom.

You guys, respect the judge.

But if you guys did enjoy this video drop a like subscribe to the channel for more informational videos like this one and I'll see you guys in the next video.


What does death sentence mean in court? ›

A death sentence is a punishment of death given by a judge to someone who has been found guilty of a serious crime such as murder. His original death sentence was commuted to life in prison.

Can a judge overturn a death sentence? ›

Use in capital cases. Only four U.S. states have allowed judicial overrides: Alabama, Delaware, Florida, and Indiana. Indiana abolished it in 2002, Florida in 2016, and Alabama in 2017.

What are the four types of sentencing? ›

6 Types Of Criminal Sentences
  • Fine Only. Some misdemeanors only call for the assessment of a fine upon conviction. ...
  • Jail. Jail always a threat for someone convicted of a felony or any serious misdemeanor. ...
  • Probation. ...
  • Home Incarceration. ...
  • Split Sentence. ...
  • Habitual Offender Adjudication.
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