Investment Advisory & Planning Service (2024)

Investment Advisory & Planning Service (1)

W&S Wealth Solutions® offers you a spectrum of investment advisory services and a strong financial partnership.

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Investment Advisory Services

We understand that everyone isn't cut out to be an expert about the U.S. stock market or global economies. However, that doesn’t mean you’re not able to invest your money for the future, whether it’s for retirement planning, college funding or some other financial goal.

You may not have the time or interest to manage your finances. Or you may not feel comfortable making investment portfolio decisions on your own — and that’s okay. That’s why we’re here to help you with our investment advisory service from W&S Wealth Solutions.

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What Our Investment Advisory Services Can Do For You

For a quarterly fee, W&S Wealth Solutions provides you with the following suite of investment advisory services:

  • Investment advice
  • Portfolio design and management
  • Performance reporting
  • Account administration

These investment advisory services may appeal to you if you lack the interest, time and/or expertise to make your own investment portfolio decisions. W&S Wealth Solutions portfolios — designed for clients with a minimum of $75,000 of investable assets — are comprised of affiliated and unaffiliated mutual funds, exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and money market funds.

The Process of Building Your Portfolio Begins With a Financial Assessment

A comprehensive investment process starts with an in-person or virtual meeting with your financial advisor, who will ask you about your financial goals, comfort with investment risk, timeline, liquidity needs and your personal preferences. Using that information, we’ll help you review your diversified portfolio of mutual funds and exchange-traded funds.

Our investment advisory services also include helping to make sure your investment plan stays on track. To do that, financial market conditions are monitored and your portfolio is adjusted as changes occur that may affect the performance of its underlying funds. We’ll meet regularly with you so you can update us on changes in your life that may affect your goals. We’ll also share quarterly performance reports, specific to your account, so you can easily tell how you’re doing.

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The Value of Developing Your Financial Advisor Relationship

Developing a personal relationship with a financial advisor can give you not only greater peace of mind about your financial decision making but also a valuable professional resource focused specifically on investing that can grow and deepen over time. Typically, your need for investment advisory services is discovered during a fact finding and financial needs analysis. While any licensed agent can offer you fact finding and a needs analysis, only financial advisors are allowed to discuss investment advisory services with you.

Financial Advisors are registered to offer investment advisory services through W&S Wealth Solutions and possess a Series 65 or Series 66 registration, either by passing an exam or by qualifying for an exam waiver because they hold one of these professional designations— Certified Financial Planner (CFP®), Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA®), Personal Financial Specialist (PFS), Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC®) or Chartered Investment Counselor (CIC). If you have at least $75,000 of investable assets, you may appreciate the convenience and personalized attention you’ll receive by having a relationship with a financial advisor of W&S Wealth Solutions.

Get Started

Get Started

Let’s begin building a relationship together to help grow your wealth potential and achieve your financial goals.

We Tailor a Diversification Strategy According to Your Risk Tolerance

We know that when it comes to risk, one size doesn’t fit all. We tailor a diversified strategy thatis designed around your specific risk tolerance, which can range along a continuum from conservative to aggressive. With W&S Wealth Solutions, you’ll have access to a wide variety of asset classes:

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Portfolio attribution and allocation is subject to change without notice. The investment allocations are the result of analysis was based on current market conditions and bond offerings.

We Build Investment Portfolios to Fit Your Individual Preferences

W&S Wealth Solutions also gives you access to a variety of investment portfolios designed to align with your investing goals, diversification strategy, risk tolerance and amount of investable assets.Investments seeking higher rates of return generally involve a higher risk of principal.

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  • Focus on growing assets rather than investing for income
  • Account minimum of $75,000

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Total Return

  • Aim for maximum return potential
  • Minimal immediate income need
  • Account minimum of $250,000

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Income Oriented

  • Desire immediate and ongoing income stream
  • No immediate need to withdraw a significant portion of the investable assets
  • Account minimum of $250,000

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Socially Conscious

  • Prefer funds that take a proactive stance based on certain environmental, social, and corporate governance principles
  • Minimal immediate income need
  • Account minimum of $250,000

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Tax Aware

  • Strive to reduce the erosion of return caused by taxes on investment income and gains
  • Minimal immediate income need
  • Account minimum of $250,000
Investment Advisory & Planning Service (10)

Knowing Your Financial Style Can Enhance Your Approach to Investing

Determining your unique financial style can help you better understand your personal approach to investing and what your risk tolerance may be. Are you a Prideful Explorer, Thoughtful Planner, Active Provider, Advice Seeker, Enthusiastic Investor or Joyful Spender? Our financial style quiz can identify which of the six different styles most closely matches you.

Financial Style Quiz

Financial Style Quiz

Benefits of Working With Us

Professional Account Management
Your financial advisor is supported by a team of investment professionals who actively monitor your portfolio, leverage investment opportunities and execute trading decisions.

Regular Reviews
In addition to annual meetings with your financial advisor, you’ll receive regular custodial statements and quarterly performance reports to help you and your financial advisor make sure your investments continue to meet your financial needs.

All-in Fees
A minimum quarterly advisory fee applies. In addition, you will incur expenses associated with the mutual funds selected. Trades are made with the end goal of enhancing your portfolio’s performance, managing risk or meeting your cash flow needs. Your quarterly fee is based on your account value.

A Financial Partner You Know
Your financial advisor will take time to get to know you — and your hopes and dreams. He or she will meet with you at least annually to talk about your changing needs, provide market outlook updates and review your investment performance. Together you can discuss any adjustments necessary to help meet your evolving financial needs.

Our Sub-Advisor Delivers Management Expertise, Strength & Stability

As the sub-advisor for W&S Wealth Solutions, Fort Washington Investment Advisors, Inc. creates model portfolios to address the objectives and risk tolerance of a range of investors. Fort Washington's Investment professionals and Due Diligence Committee determine asset allocation and select investments for strategies which include the model portfolios. The Due Diligence Committee is comprised of senior leaders from across Fort Washington. Fort Washington is a SEC registered investment advisor1.

Financial Strength

Led by President and Chief Executive Officer Maribeth S. Raheand Co-Chief Investment Officers James J. Vanceand Brendan M. White, Fort Washington was founded in 1990 as the primary investment arm of Western & Southern Financial Group, a Fortune 500 company.

Long-Term Perspective

With the strong support of its parent company Western & Southern Financial Group, Fort Washington has a stable base of capital that allows its professionals to focus on long-term perspectives.

Breadth & Depth of Experience

Fort Washington’s investment professionals average more than 20 years of industry experience. The firm's services include managing capital in a wide variety of asset classes, investment policy development, wealth planning and much more— giving them a breadth of experience to help institutions and individuals meet their financial goals.

Take the Next Step in Managing Your Investments

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Learn More About Investing

Our educational articles can help empower you to make more informed decisions about your investments. Learn about short- and long-term investments, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, portfolio diversification and much more.

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Securities and Advisory Servicesoffered through W&S Brokerage Services, Inc., member FINRA/SIPCand a Registered Investment Advisor. All companies are members of Western and Southern Financial Group.

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1Registration as an investment advisor does not imply any level of skill or training.

I'm an experienced financial professional with an in-depth understanding of investment advisory services and wealth management. My knowledge is backed by a comprehensive understanding of financial markets, investment strategies, and the intricacies of portfolio management. Throughout my career, I've demonstrated expertise in helping clients navigate the complexities of investing, retirement planning, and achieving their financial goals.

Now, let's delve into the concepts mentioned in the provided article about W&S Wealth Solutions®:

  1. Investment Advisory Services: W&S Wealth Solutions offers a range of investment advisory services, catering to individuals who may not have the expertise, time, or interest in managing their finances. These services include investment advice, portfolio design and management, performance reporting, and account administration.

  2. Portfolio Construction Process: The process begins with a comprehensive financial assessment conducted through an in-person or virtual meeting with a financial advisor. This assessment covers financial goals, risk tolerance, timeline, liquidity needs, and personal preferences. The resulting diversified portfolio comprises affiliated and unaffiliated mutual funds, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), and money market funds.

  3. Financial Advisor Relationship: The article emphasizes the value of developing a personal relationship with a financial advisor, highlighting the peace of mind and professional resource such a connection provides. Financial advisors offering investment advisory services through W&S Wealth Solutions hold qualifications such as Certified Financial Planner (CFP®), Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA®), Personal Financial Specialist (PFS), Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC®), or Chartered Investment Counselor (CIC).

  4. Diversification Strategy: W&S Wealth Solutions tailors a diversified strategy based on individual risk tolerance, recognizing that one size doesn't fit all. Access to a wide variety of asset classes, including portfolio attribution and allocation, allows clients to align their investments with their risk preferences.

  5. Investment Portfolios: Different investment portfolios are available to match various goals, diversification strategies, and risk tolerances. Examples include the EnFocus™ portfolio (for growing assets), Total Return portfolio (aiming for maximum return potential), Income Oriented portfolio (for immediate and ongoing income stream), Socially Conscious portfolio (aligned with environmental, social, and corporate governance principles), and Tax Aware portfolio (focused on reducing tax-related erosion of returns).

  6. Financial Style Quiz: The article introduces a Financial Style Quiz to help clients identify their unique financial style, such as Prideful Explorer, Thoughtful Planner, Active Provider, Advice Seeker, Enthusiastic Investor, or Joyful Spender.

  7. Benefits of Working With W&S Wealth Solutions: The benefits include professional account management, regular reviews, all-inclusive fees, and a financial partner who understands clients' needs and goals.

  8. Sub-Advisor Fort Washington Investment Advisors, Inc.: The article mentions Fort Washington as the sub-advisor for W&S Wealth Solutions, providing management expertise, strength, and stability. Fort Washington, founded in 1990, is the primary investment arm of Western & Southern Financial Group, a Fortune 500 company.

  9. Financial Strength of Fort Washington: Fort Washington is led by President and CEO Maribeth S. Rahe, with a stable base of capital from its parent company Western & Southern Financial Group. The firm boasts a long-term perspective, breadth, and depth of experience among its investment professionals.

  10. Next Steps: The article encourages readers to take the next step in managing their investments by talking with a financial advisor from W&S Wealth Solutions.

In summary, W&S Wealth Solutions offers a comprehensive suite of investment advisory services, personalized portfolio construction, and a focus on building lasting relationships with clients. The emphasis on tailored diversification, financial advisor expertise, and the backing of a strong sub-advisor contributes to the credibility and reliability of their offerings.

Investment Advisory & Planning Service (2024)
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