[FULL] 90 Day Fiance: Love in Paradise Season 3 Episode 11 I Saw the Sign (June 27) Full Episode HD (2023)


90 Day Fiance: Love in Paradise Season 3 Episode 11 I Saw the Sign (June 27, 2023) Full Episode HD
Matthew and Ana have a tearful goodbye. After calling off their wedding, VaLentine and Carlos reunite. Scott overwhelms his ex Lis with his love. Jordan finds out how Everton has been spending the money she sent him.


I just want to make sure that if I have to wait two years, you're gonna wait for me, of course, when Matthew proposed, it felt like a dream came true because I can have a life with him in America.

You have to keep your promise now I, just hope that I'm not wasting my time.

Hey, Mom.

Unfortunately, the wedding is not happening is off that is like shocking.

This is still a small part of me.

That's open Carlos would show up in we'll go back to planning away.

I got a phone call.

And she had a lot I got a voicemail from a woman that claimed that she had been dating Everton.

You know that man Everton he's been right here with me, I, I'm, sorry, don't ever keep a secret for me again or it's going to cause us a lot of trouble.

Thank you.

Hey, baby, hey, I, see your pumpkin.

Yes, I just finished up.

So how am I gonna say bye to Mom I'm a thank her for being all right? See you in a little bit? Mama are you working on dinner? Yeah, well, we're about to head out I just wanted to say.

Thank you for having us.

Yeah, I.

Appreciate you letting us stay and feeding us and taking good care of us.

Yes, yes.

It is good to see you nice to see you too there's.

Your baby, hey, Mom, mom I, tell you it's very hard for me to like say, goodbye to you, you know, you're, always in my heart, mom, yeah, don't fight.

Don't curse, I, promise, your mom I.

We will my mom always want me, you know, hey, make sure you guys live good together and that's what I really want for us all right? You can see him soon I, try to take care of yourself.

Yes, ma'am, you too love.

You love.

You already babes.


Thank you.


Your step.

Now, hey, bro, hey, bro, what's, up.

Man, hey, I'm just just ordering some food.

Hey, hi girl.

How are you good to see you? You can see that you made it? Yeah, awesome.



Be right there.


Thanks bro.

Everton's friend, Sheldon lives in Grand Cayman.

And we've hung out many times are super close.

And he happens to be in Jamaica this week.

So we've decided to meet up with him for a game of dominant tell me how many I draw seven.

Yeah, you ready to get your ass kicked.

Oh, all right.

Domino's is a huge social activity in Grand Cayman.

And in Jamaica, their culture is more Community Based.

So the guys get together and they're all playing dominoes and Hooten and Holleran and having a drink.

So, hey, so how are you like in Jamaica? I mean, normally we are in Cayman like, uh, I, love it.

We went up to see his mom.

It was a little different than what I'm used to so welcome to the Country Life.

So yeah, man.


My friends.

So I swear, um I just wanted to chat with you I promised myself that I was gonna put the voicemail and Everton's infidelity behind me.

But after everything that happened at Everton's, family's house, he's cast.

So many doubts on our relationship sitting here with Sheldon.

Now, I realize that I have an opportunity for more promotion, I'm, not gonna let the opportunity go.

So I, um, I do have a concern do you know, if this woman his girlfriend that he smelled detailing, whatever Tim's been up to.


Man, okay.

Did you know her I I, I, I know, but yeah, honestly I know, I know he told me he was gonna tell you about it.

I did not know that she was calling you I, didn't know, all this stuff here.

But so do, you know if Everton was giving that girl and Cayman money, you know, um, like I always thought, the the Western Union note ever since I got that voicemail I've been doubting, how much that I could and not just my during the pandemic I was sending Everton money because I knew that he wasn't just having to take care of himself.

He was taking care of his mom and his kids.

But now I'm wondering, if if hoarding anyone else, he said, like 100 bucks, you know, it's like I, don't know, I don't know what this is a guy you're married or want to get married he's, a super kind guy.

So yeah, he's been super kind with his own money.

He's, not gonna be super kind with mine, I'm pissed to find out that Everton was giving away the money I was sending him to other women.

I literally went without and gave Everton the money that I needed for my bills.

Because he told me he needed it I.

Guess his little girlfriend needed some too I've had to make sacrifices to get here.

And I fact that my partner is making the same sacrifices to focus on what's.

Your point of view, I see a point of view and I agree where you're coming from Everton's a little sneakier than he wants people to think he is I was behind on my bills.

When I was sending him that money.

So why the hell I was paying my electric bill is lost on me has to definitely, you know, cut off certain ties and make you happy that's.

What it is she's, a pastor you're, the future and that's all that matters.

Yeah, but I mean, I think that with all this information, it really leaves in questioning what I'm doing here.

Yeah, you got both kind of work.

You got both got things you got to work on like I, don't know, you know, hey, you guys you scared me there right anyway, usually in a situation like this I would have hopped in my car and I would be gone by now, but I can't drive in Jamaica to help me when I really want to tell them, I, still don't say, I, haven't seen or spoken to Carlos since we broke up, almost tomorrow I realize that I love my things at his apartment.

So I text, Carlos and asked him if he can bring them to me, I just have a lot of mixed emotions, I heard I feel anger.

And to be honest, this is still a small part of me, that's, hoping he's gonna come to his assistance and apologize.

If Carlos was apologizing me right now and hear me not just with his head, but with his heart I'd be willing to continue conversations and see where this goes in the future.

Hey yourself.

Thank you I.

Appreciate it.

Thank you for bringing it over I'm gonna walk on, um, unfortunately, things didn't go as we planned, but things happen for a reason I understand that.

Now I always keep in mind.

The good things about you and I know, you're, you're a good man, I mean, I wish you the best and thank you for everything.

Okay, I.

Appreciate that all right? I wish you the best too all right? Have a good day? See you soon.

Thank you.

Despite of all the difference that we have I thought that was the love for the rest of my life right now is gone it's hard to see the person you love with that whole face.

And you know what you have outside is what you feel inside and maybe a stone.

This is definitely not the man I fell in love with I want to be happy.

And happiness is not with Valentine foreign foreign or care on how hurtful it is that he chose ultimately his friendship over our relationship, but I'm no longer responsible for keeping this relationship afloat for considering Carlos's feelings, I'm done about out that is the next man or woman's responsibility.

Not mine foreign foreign things are moving pretty fast in the Dominican Republic.

Two days ago, I closed, one chapter with Lydia.

And now I'm opening up another check.

My ex-girlfriend, Liz I think there's something a surprise for you laughs I planned this beach getaway in Puerto, Plata and I'm, hoping that we can rekindle everything and start where we left off.

Last time, I want to take advantage of like every minute that we have together and do as much as we can do, um I want to treat you like the Colombian queen that use, but I believe it's soul.

Mates, I, I, didn't before I, miss you so much, you know that you're so beautiful, I still question, but all I do know is that if I was to close my eyes for last time, I would hope that would be my kids on one side and her on the other because that's that's happened for me.

It just feels very natural and I.

Think when you love somebody, you feel that way I don't know how you feel about Mia, but I still love you and I can't.

You know, I want to win your heart again, you know, you're everything to me now let's have fun.

Let's just reconnect I, just have a lot of pain about what happened and um, I just want to lose again, I'm exciting to go with the Scott, but then I started to feel like, uh, overwhelming, no more patient with you that's, what I'm talking about right now, you know, it's, just like, hey, let's, just take it easy.

Uh, let's have fun here because we are here.

You know, would you do you see yourself? Come in the United States with me, um a huge place.

Yes, not not.

But the best.

Thank you I'm feeling that kind of pressure know about the resorts about other biggest stuff, you know, he just seems desperate.

Let me get the door for you baby.

Check this place, holy we don't have privacy.

Oh my God.

Thank you very happy.


Sure, yeah, lay down I'm.

So freaking tired.

Thank you.

It was and I are supposed to go off to the beach.

Then she got like in a funk.

And then she stopped talking to me, I think you should just need her space and I had to give that to her foreign all right? Okay.

Okay, I'm, not sure what's happening right now.

We just checked in this hotel two hours ago and she's already grabbed our stuff I'm, really like at a loss right now, when Scott and I met, he was fun and like a happy person, but he started to be like inside insecure and possessive guy.

So that pushed me away, I, decide to come because I thought, maybe this time be different.

But this morning he started to act kind of creepy.

I, don't know, just just he telling me all the time to get here for that that kind of freaking me out.

So and to get my own hotel room and change my life I'm, trying to get a group of what just happened.

I, just don't know what to do.

But all I know is that I I need to figure out where she's at, and what I can do to make things better I lost Liz.

Once by losing her again, would be devastating? Are you ready? Matthew is tomorrow, wow and it's, getting harder and harder to say goodbye to him it's my last night in Brazil and it's our last night together, then kind of an emotional day.

Finally told Anna about the Visa and that it could take up to two years to come to America.

She was understandably upset.

And we had a difficult conversation I'm looking forward to tonight because I have a very romantic and intimate night playing with Anna Anna.

Okay, are you ready? Sure mm-hmm.


Do you like it for once in my life, I met a loss for words, come on that's, cool.

So I wanted to keep a massage.

So I need you to take off your insurance I'm, a Leo.

So I do care about beauty and Matthew is the most is the hottest I love.

His old body, it's, beautiful is it called all right? I feel so good.

It does.


He leaves tomorrow.

All right massage is over, you know, it's game time all right.

Let's play.


Good morning.

It's time to get up gotta get to the airport.

Unfortunately, yes, they could I couldn't, stay with you here forever.

But I wouldn't be able to pay for it after a few months, I'm heading back to Texas today and I won't be able to see Anna for five months.

The week definitely went too fast, but I could spend a year with her.

And it wouldn't be enough time, no it's even harder because I may be too way longer for defeat so Anna and I really connected here on a deeper level.

Over the past couple days, I loved you I love, you too I'm gonna miss you too and I think we addressed and we're here to work through to ensure that we have what it takes to go.

The distance, five cute little village, sucks, it's, getting harder and harder to say goodbye to him and it's very unfair, because we do love each other.



Matthew means home.

He means love.

He means appreciation I adore him and I.

Just think we were made for each other and he's.

My soulmate, um, it hurts it's hard to live and wait, oh, God.

It definitely seems unfair.

You know, we really have to fight hard.

We had to fight for a relationship.

We have to schedule time we have to plan out money.

We really have to be intentional.

So you know, it seems kind of unfair when I see people just taking their relations, but I absolutely think that our relationship is going to last in the K-1 Visa process, she's the most beautiful soul I've ever met.

And she cares so much not only about the people and her life, but about all of God's creation, I'm gonna fight for what I believe in and I will absolutely wait for Anna.

I love.

You very much I love.

You very much Market.

Every time he comes.

We get closer to each other.

So at least we keep fighting because that's what we do for our relationship right? And luckily, I've got one of the the best fighters in the world here with him, it's a log not being close to me.

And my biggest fear is not to get the visa and eventually lose him, but I've been waiting my whole life and things one more years, not gonna kill me or you know, so I'll be I'll be waiting for you today was supposed to be my wedding with a valentine.

But instead I'm meeting my family.

He didn't choose me but I, but I constantly choose him.

I, choose him I choose him over and over half is back no matter what.

And when it got down to it, he didn't have mine.

Thank you today was supposed to be my wedding with Valentine.

But instead I'm with my family at the beach foreign foreign.

When I was younger, I, never accept my sexuality, I confront a conservative family and I was afraid that they would reject me for being who I am foreign is that he actually gave me the courage that I needed to come out of the closet with my family.

And they accept me everything for meal I know, where else is my relationship Valentine brought me a pain.

But the most important thing is that I have my family support, I think that's.

The most important thing is that customs, hey, how you doing? How are you? Well I'm here to check out today, I was supposed to get married to America from Colombia, a single man really easy to look at this situation and think like his friend, but all I was asking for from Carlos was honesty and to be made a priority.

But he couldn't give that to me choose me, but I constantly choose him.

I, choose him I choose him over and over and have his back no matter what.

And when it got down to it, he didn't have mine.

Hello, how you doing? Uh, Los, Angeles, California, I know that love is there ready for me? I just need time to heal my heart now on my soul.

And the person that I want to become after this is gonna be gonna be better than I.

Don't know, I do not regret talking about a lot of wonderful things that happen in between.

He and I.

Imagine this I will never forget I'm moving on to continue my journey in life and hopefully find someone who I can share it all with boy there's way.

More years behind me than in front of me, I don't have time to play this beautiful face is going to crack eventually, these muscles gonna start to sag so I need to make it happen.

So you were giving money to your little, um, Everton, you I like seriously, I can't, stand you I cannot stand.

You I would rather be by myself good morning.

How is it going we're packing up and heading back to Kingston because I'm leaving for America tomorrow on? How did you snipe barely at all I was up all night? Because my mind was race trip has, um has been eye-opening to say, the least yesterday Sheldon.

Let me know that the money that I was sending Everton during vid to make sure that he was okay with actually being spent on a woman.

He was sleeping with behind.

My back literally I was going without food.

I was skipping meals to maintain a budget because there was no money coming in.

And the money that I did have I was sending out thinking.

He was eating with it, but he wasn't even eating with it.

He was passing on to this girl in the voicemail see how it gets worse than that I'm in a mood I've been born like just I need a break today.

I actually have not talked to Everton yet because I wanted to calm down before I share how I feel and I'm trying not to absolutely explode.

We have a long drive to Kingston.

So yeah, I'll grab your buck for you.

Thank you.

Foreign really.

Interesting conversation with Sheldon.


He told me that you were giving money to your little [, __ ] for lack of a better word, I'm, curious, how you justify that when I was financially helping you it's, not like that, you know, there's, no girl I have given monitor.

Yes, you did.


You did Everton.

Be honest, yes.

You did not like, oh, it sound.

No I mean, it's, not like no.

Did you give her money? Pretend you I like seriously, I don't understand you I cannot stand you I know that the money that Jordan was sending it was for me, uh throughout the pandemic.

There was other people who actually needs a little bit of help too.

You know, the young lady in the voicemail, she always been helpful to me if I do ask her for a few dollars.

So if she calls up on me and say, well, if can you help me with a couple favor to her also babes I must say made me feel frustrated that you are yelling at me or you're, shouting, I mean, if you're sitting like right here, you're not talking to someone down the road or someone you know over there.

We are talking right here.

I have reached my threshold of self-control.

There's only so much disrespect that I can swallow quietly.

Some point your self-worth and self-respect has to be the strongest thing and I'm, not a girl that gets screwed over I.

Try so hard to be cool, calm and collected.

But when I come at you trying to like genuinely be heard, it literally goes in one ear and out the other.

If you don't like the way, I'm acting pay attention to how you treat me, you don't.

Listen to me.

I was listening Dad.

No you I was you do not listen focus in on me sitting here arguing with you about the waste of my time is the waste of my energy.

This is you want to argue with me about what happened I'm.

Not doing this with you anymore, I'd rather be by myself, Jordan have a whole bunch of stuff that I have to change.

But you know what I think it's the other way around she need to change some of those attitude that she has with that same.

And all of that, sometime I wonder, if she's like out of her mind or something you cannot expect an angel when you put her through hell that's, what I need you to keep in mind.


Growing man, just get next time on the season, finale, Love, In Paradise.

This is probably the last time I'm going to see Juan until after the baby's born.

What do you expect it to be I expected to be a girl? What about you we're thinking? Girl like what is it? Do you have any idea how much it costs for me to visit? This was not a vacation.

It was supposed to be, but nothing about this has felt like a vacation always always the next time.

No there's, not you needed me enter the Lion's Den.

So Liz broke my heart once again, and it made me do a lot of reflecting and thinking I think women deserve.


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