Dying Light: 8 Interesting Side Quests You Should Do (2023)

The best side quests in Dying Light are the ones that keep them interested in an enveloping mystery.

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There are plenty of side quests in Dying Light that will increase the fun and keep the interest of the players. Not only are side quests great for their story content, but they will give players a grand reward of XP, cash, and potential weaponry. The many side quests in Dying Light are a part of the game’s charm that should not be ignored.RELATED: The First Things You Should Do In Dying Light: Definitive Edition

To get the most out of the story, Dying Light players should keep their eyes open and make note of some of these interesting side quests in Dying Light. In a city infested with zombies, the only difference between the undead and the living is who the living chooses to help.

8 Where’s My Mother?

Crane finds that a woman named Aida has been evicted from her village by someone called Harun. When her two children went looking for her, only one returned, with the mother and the son both missing. Crane’s good heart has him search for the missing parent and son, and to find out why Aida was exiled.

This interesting side quest in Dying Light has the player act as a detective, talking to different people and finding different locations and clues. There are many directions that this side quest takes, and hopefully, a peaceful resolution will help Crane sleep at night.

7 The Shadow Of The King

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To activate The Shadow of the King side quest, players will have to complete the Do You Believe? Side quest. It’s well worth the progress, as The Shadow of the King involves a gift to the player that will greatly benefit them thanks to the achievement of obtaining Rais’s gun, a great weapon to show off against the undead and the bandits of Harran.

There’s a mystery in this treasure hunt, and players will need to follow the clues of the prophecy provided by Ishaq and locate Rais’s old room within an abandoned hotel. It begs the question of what mystical powers Ishaq has to know for the things that he does.

6 Goodnight Mr. Bahir

Dying Light: 8 Interesting Side Quests You Should Do (4)

The Tower is home to many survivors, but one has gone missing. Bahir never showed up for his shift, and he locked himself in his room. With strange noises creeping from underneath the door, many survivors are concerned, and Crane has promised that he will look in on it, despite the fears that may lurk behind the door.

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When players find Bahir they will see that he has been poisoned. It’s up to the player to find a way to help Bahir, if he is not beyond saving. There’s searching and fighting involved in this mission, and shows how Crane wants to help anyone he can with his great parkour skills.

5 Gunslinger

Dying Light: 8 Interesting Side Quests You Should Do (5)

Consequences are important in Dying Light, and the Gunslinger quest will see Crane assist a family as they try and get out of the Slums. The first objective is protection, and Crane needs to find a gun for Dawud so he can protect his family, and provide his children with toys to calm them.

However, things quickly turn for the worst, and Dawud escapes with his son, abandoning his wife. Crane can only blame himself for helping Dawud, and it shows that appearances are not all that they seem. Perhaps players will want to pursue this side quest and hope that they can find Dawud.

4 Prison Heist

Dying Light: 8 Interesting Side Quests You Should Do (6)

A repeatable side quest in Dying Light is the Prison Heist, a free DLC that was added to the game post-launch. This mission will see players reach the Harran Prison, where they will explore the corridors and dangers, filled with infected and bandits that protect the treasure inside.

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The objective of the Prison Heist is to make it to the end of the prison in record time, as players are on a timer. The quicker and more effective players are the better loot that they can claim towards the end of the mission.

3 Cease And Desist

Dying Light: 8 Interesting Side Quests You Should Do (7)

Crane can find a group of survivors settled and scared in the school. One of these survivors is Erol, the former Governor of the province. Crane can help these survivors, as it turns out that Rais has ordered the execution of Erol. Crane can help Erol with the promise of getting out of Harran.

This side quest gives players hope that maybe there is a way out of this infection-ridden city. Erol gives his word that by completing these objectives, Crane will be able to escape with Erol on board a helicopter, but can he be trusted?

2 A Baby Is Born

Dying Light: 8 Interesting Side Quests You Should Do (8)

Hearing a woman scream will haunt the ears of many, and players can locate the sound of a screaming woman to begin a side quest in Dying Light. As it turns out, a man is helping his wife give birth, but he is lacking the alcohol he needs to disinfect. It’s a cause for concern, and tragedy could follow unless Crane helps.

Although the quest is a fetch quest for the majority of its time, it’s a story mission that will keep players interested in the outcome. Morality is important in Dying Light and helping could mean the difference between life and death. Or, perhaps not.

1 Mother’s Day

Dying Light: 8 Interesting Side Quests You Should Do (9)

Crane is directed to a man named Gazi in search of anti-seizure medication. When Crane finds Gazi, he finds that the man is rather challenged, and has been stock-piling the medicine that Crane needs for years for his mother. The only problem is that Gazi is unwilling to share, and the medicine he has been hoarding is for his mother, even though his mother is dead.

It’s an interesting story in Dying Light, and shows the capabilities of open-world horror storytelling. It involves the player helping Gazi to gain his trust and get the medication he needs to save Brecken. It shines a light on other survivors, and how badly they are coping with the stress of the outbreak.

Dying Light is available now for PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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