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Dying Light 2: Stay Human (PC).


I could use your help have you checked the job board lately, judging from your tone, it's something serious, not just another bandit problem.

Right? Yes.

One of my men, deserted, his post, that's serious, who was it that's? What pisses me off? It was a friend, a guy named bart maybe it's my fault.

I know he had it rough here.

I tried to protect him.

I guess it wasn't enough to protect him from who the other soldiers.

They had a problem with him, which was their problem.

Not bart's believe me, I know what it's like to be the odd man or woman out in old-school military culture, but here's.

My problem desertion alone will get him the death penalty.

But what he took could get others.

Good men killed.

What did he steal let's call it a map that's? All I can tell you the rest is on a need to know basis only.

And you don't need to know you need me to track him down, yes with everything going on.

I just don't have the manpower to spare, but I must get that map back.


I get the map.

But what about bart when you bring the map back just tell me where he is and leave the rest to me it's, my job, okay, where should I start looking try his bunk it's in the barracks, a deck above us? Can I ask anyone about bart sure he was pretty well known whether he liked it or not he was popular among the new recruits, try asking mateo he's, usually hanging around the armory.

Then there's magda never had a kind word to say about bart, nor anyone for that matter she works in the hospital on the next floor.

Okay, I think I can take it from here.

Good luck.

Aidan, hey, you seen the quartermaster anywhere.

Rainer's man, got a huge what a sweet sweet.

Hey, you matteo.

We've met new dawn park.

You were looking for lieutenant ro.

You saved me from the renegades.

Oh right.



Meier sent me I'm looking for bart bart, uh, thanks for saving me and all.

But I can help you with board.

I just wanted no sorry.

I haven't run across him for a while anyway.

Try garrett I saw him walking toward the barracks.

Okay? Okay, I'm leaving right here.

Excuse me.

Ma'am, can you help me who are you mamming? What do you want I'm busy I'm trying to find someone a man named bart you familiar with him? Bart [, __, ].

Yes, don't get me started.


So you know him, yep, but I got no time to talk to you, especially about a perv like bart, besides boss says, I gotta watch my mouth, that's, [, __, ].

If you ask me, can't, tell me anything I just did you [ __ ].

Do I have to spell it out for you people like that shouldn't be around children? If you ask me, but that's all I'm saying, I see, thank you.

You garrett I'm trying to find bart here.

You know, him, maybe not depends your friend to fall, uh, undecided, cute.


You can count me as one of bart's friends.

(Video) Dying Light 2 (PC) - The Deserter (Take the Documents)

But as for those rumors that bart's done something wrong, total [.

__ ].

Give me a break whatever's going on it's, a setup, I'm sure, the other pk's are behind this, which pks throw a rock.

You'd probably hit one and it'd bounce off and hit another.

And so on how'd, they set up one of their brothers like this don't believe, everything you hear about dignity and brotherhood around here.

I see so you know where bart might be I don't.

But even if I did don't know, if I'd tell you mr, undecided right? Well, thanks for the insight.

Damn rain.

I hate can I ask you a question? Okay, but then scram before we both get in trouble, um, looking for a guy named bart.

You know, him sure do he's famous not in a good way have you been acting suspicious or anything lately.

I don't know, never met him actually fresh off the boat as of today.

Ah, got it.




Hope you find him.

I'd be happier, knowing I don't have to bunk with a guy like that.

Interesting I'll, keep looking pigs.

I didn't mind that even it's, not my most private surprisingly, barracks so I'm, looking for a guy named bart you seen him, can't say that I have son and I'm sorely disappointed.

Why is that kinda hard general saul a little out of place here to be honest was with us for about a year? I cut above the typical military neanderthals around here.

He was kind, but not weak stood up to the bullies, whether the bullies were targeting him or younger recruits.

I've seen him get a bloody nose, defending the greener recruits from being hazed.

But as they say you should have seen the other guys hazing incidents have gone down since bart's arrival, there's some crazy rumor going around about bart that has mayor up in arms.

But I don't buy it.

Bart wouldn't, go rogue it's, not in his nature.

When you do find him, I'm sure he'll have a reasonable explanation for all this.

If I can find him, well, his bunk is right here.

Take a look maybe you'll find something to help you a good idea.

Thanks find something.

So what did you find son? Hmm, you know anything about this, not really but it's good full cream work.

If you ask me who drew it couldn't, tell you I've seen bart with pictures like this off and on over the last year, but as far as I know, he doesn't have children of his own.

Ah, children, mine are all grown.

Not all is still alive.


Sadly, but I remember when they were young and happy drawing constantly, they scribbled their way through boxes and boxes of crayons the kid who drew that he's a happy kid.

Now, if bart doesn't have kids where to get it, probably a child of a friend or something he was kind to everyone here there everywhere, unless you were a bully, hmm, this doesn't help.

Now what do I do? You might ask stack over at the canteen seen them together, a few times bart helped him when he was in some trouble helped everyone a lot.

Thanks I'll.

Go talk to that star star.

I was told, you know, bart who doesn't know, bart what's this all about anyway, oh he's been accused of theft.

Well, that's nonsense that is.

Bart is honest as the day is long, he's got no reason to steal from anyone the ceo doesn't want to believe it either.

You mean, meyer, hmm, you hear any other [ __ ] about bart.

I left his post, he's accused of desertion son of a [ __ ].

He finally went for it good for him, good for them.

If I were you, I'd just leave him be.

We all should this probably happened because meyer can't keep a leash on her men that's.

All I've been told trust me a lot of other pk have had it in for bart since day, one meyer's, respected, mostly.

(Video) Dying Light 2 - The Deserter - Obtain Treasure Map - Meyer Duties Side Quest Gameplay Walkthrough

But when it came to bart her, men refused to follow her lead.

I trust you so I'll, tell you this bart's loyal military, but he had another side like the outdoors always out near the fields as the field workers on top of the old office building at the intersection of van pale and saint paul boulevard it's right here in new dorne park.

Thanks I'll.

Do just that sometimes sometimes I wake up at night and forget the fall even happened.

It's about the only time I smile I'm looking for bart hasn't been here for a while I might be watching andy's kid been doing that more and more lately.

Andy yeah, bart's friend and he's got the cutest kid liam the way bart acts.

You'd think that he was liam's, father, huh? Where can I find him don't riley, no.

I've only seen it when they brought lame here, but you could ask around thanks for the tip.

Sweet weapon.

You got there aiden is it new? Why don't you [ __ ] off with your blue friends? Sometimes I wake up at night, you know, a guy named bart, of course, is he here? I mean, he usually brings me books and I'm excited for the next one.

I see I'm looking for him actually damn.

I really want to talk to bart about the last book.

He loaned me, the bhagavad gita man.

Some of the material in that book was well challenging to say, the least just because you got holes in your shoes, doesn't mean, you're, poor, hi, looking for bart.

Can you tell me anything about him? Oh for one you're, not his type, wait wait, what relax honey.

I was just pulling your leg.

The look on your face.

My to answer your question, I can tell you that bart is as fine a man as I've ever known high praise.

I know, but I'm not just talking his looks he's.

Brave kind caring loves children, especially andy's, son, liam, andy bart's, bestie.

Andy those two are like two peas in a pot and liam he's.

Well like a spring pea.

I guess how bart notes on that boy, hmm.

So where can I find him? Probably at andy's, they had a few of us up for some cool drinks just yesterday, such kind souls up where andy's place is over there.

Not far you can get there quicker.

If you're any good at climbing, yeah, good to know.


A lot.

My pleasure you tell those boys I said, hi, sometimes if I stay out too long, I get the feeling that there's, no one left in the city, and then this horrible funeral.



What does this mean looks like I'm? In luck? Let's have ourselves a little chat.

Introductions are norther.

Your birth, I presume, no, uh.

Why do you ask? No, then you must be andy nope wrong again, then stop wasting more time and tell me who you are a competitor, apparently so you're after back, too, I am huh.

She must be really jones.

And for what barrett's thought she's heard in an old.

Tom ticker hardy.

I didn't realize this was a horse race, either normally situations like this piss me off.

But if moyer hired us, both means we're on the same side and can share an intel.

So did you dig open numbered nada, besides, not sure how being hired by the same person makes us partners? Suddenly then get the [ __ ] out of my way.

And let me work.

Ugh aidan.

Here you familiar with some guy named steve.

You mean, slippery, steve what's.

He got to do with bart.

I don't like the sound of that, but sure I know, steve haven't, you met him.

He comes to the canteen, most nights, stay close to your radio I'll.

(Video) Dying Light 2 - The Deserter Quest

Let, you know when he shows up you two can have a chat.

Then, thanks doc.

Aidan out of me.

People will always complain.

Yeah, steve just rolled in he's in the main room with a deck of cards, scrolling his name on the jokers when you fly.

So this car belong to you.

Well, it sure does where'd you find it.

How may I serve you? Well, you can serve me by telling me what you know of bart and andy never heard of him.

Even if I had, I take client confidentiality, very seriously.

And I take finding them very seriously, how seriously stop [ __ ] with me.

You want something for the info say it wasn't asking for charity, uh, well, that changes everything.

Okay, I'll, tell you what you need to know, but, but you gotta do something for me in return.

First, yeah, like what like, oh, I don't know, oh give me a sec.

I want to come up with something good.

If you're just gonna waste my time.

I hold up hold up.

Okay, almost got it.

Uh, yes.



I know what you need to do you gotta sing.

Excuse me.

You look like, you got a set of pipes on you let's say, you belt, one out valid, uppy, number doesn't matter to me, oh, I know rap, yeah, I don't think so okay.

Well, if you want me to tell you about bart, then you'll, do it that's ridiculous? Judging by your reaction might be therapeutic, he got the music in you let it out.

You can't, be serious last chance to get your vod rap like no one's listening.

Although everyone in this place, most certainly will be unless you want the pks to know, you're, hiding their fugitive are you out of your [ __ ] mind.

I ain't hiding, no one if so what you'll have to explain yourself to him so talk, fine, your bobsy twins hired me to make sure they.

And their kid got to the colonel safely paid well, easy job really.

But we ran into a peacekeeper patrol along the way, nasty bunch.


Your boys freaked the hell out worried about the kid and had me leave them right? Then and there.

I mean, what do I care? They paid up front all right? Then tell me where you left them, okay, there's an old coffee shop, not far from here by the off-ramp from the e-12 by a metro stop.

You can figure it out from there.

God, I hear pks were butchered in the vnc tower.

Um, uh, signs of a fight recent too, very recent.

And the weapon broke looks familiar they're, hiding nearby based on this.

They gotta be ugh.

Ugh who the hell are you.

And what do you want? Whoa, calm down.


Just here to talk.

You look familiar.

You, bart, yeah, you're eating demeyer, sent you, yeah, she told me to find you and get back what you stole, but I talked to star and more than a few others about you maybe think there's more to this situation than meets the eye meyer tried, but she couldn't help.

I couldn't take it anymore.

Day after day, will you two? Keep it down liam's asleep in the next room? Whatever your personal issues are desertion and theft are serious.

She plans to center men for you she'll get a lot of volunteers for the search team.

I'll be executed on the spot.

If they find me, probably why she sent you give me a running start.

(Video) The Deserter Side Mission | Dying Light 2

So you did steal the map it isn't, a map per se, but tells the location of some secret pk, stash weapons.

I bet it's all I could think of to offer in exchange for the colonel granting safe haven to the three of us.

I see like hell people like you never do you never see andy stay out of this it's too late for that.

You know, it [ __ ], this map or stash or whatever the [ __ ].

It is the pk are the monsters here.

Surely you understand you'd have taken this from me by now.

If you didn't is that what you think I do, if you go back to meyer and tell her, you've killed us.

I'll give you the coded message and my dog tags do this.

Please just let us be.

I sympathize, but desertion and theft are serious crimes.

And I have a job to do.

Please this isn't desertion.

This is survival, not just for me, but andy and liam as well, would you please just help us? Sorry? But meyer already hired me for a job to get this so-called map and tell her where to find you, but you can't we'll, give you everything we've got now and more once we reach safety.

I swear, you have to let us go for liam's sake.

If not ours leave us alone, calm down I'm.

Not here to hurt.

You just give me stay away.

Andy go to liam lock the door, I'll, make sure you don't report back to mayor.

Can you take it? Nothing must have given the map to andy for safe, keeping daddy, stay behind me.

Liam, whatever you do please don't hurt my son, he's, just a child, and I would sacrifice anything for him, bart had already given up his life for my child.

And that was before you slaughtered him.

Okay, andy where's.

The map give it to me in this ends now, but I'm not leaving without it.


Here's bart's dog, tags, your trophy for killing bart.

And the map just take it and go barta plan on going to the ship's library to find some books that could help him decipher it.

But things went south real quick sweet to run before he could and maybe I'll check I'm curious.

What this is all about who the [ __ ] cares what it says, won't, bring bart back just keep your son safe looks like we got a little party going on here.

You're clint's.

Man, I gather.

Yep, here, we're kitten, you're, a real blow down to track these pervs down like you did well look who we have here managed to escape.

Our boss did you kind of wish? One of you'd gone down would've meant bigger shares of the bounty for the rest of us.

There'll certainly be a bigger share with you out of the picture you gonna walk away or have.

We gotta convince you violently.

You talk, tough think you can back that up well, we're going to back it up all right, kill him, I'm gonna enjoy killing.

You I'm gonna enjoy you're back.

And and your boy clint was a real charmer.

Thanks for that.


I had to double down on finding bart tell me you found him, at least I did and here's his dog, tags, he's, a little too dead, right now to need them anymore, but aidan, you weren't supposed to kill him, even I wasn't gonna let that happen.

He attacked me.

I had to defend myself.

I I see, but the map tell me you at least got the map right here as promised.

And I know, it's, not a map, whatever.

Thank [.

__ ] christ.

If the colonel or anyone had gotten a hold of this.

It would have [ __ ] up months of planning.

(Video) Dying Light 2 The Deserter

Things are now unfucked.

Thanks to you I'm glad to hear it raiders man.


What is the deserter code in Dying Light 2? ›

Get close to the safe and enter the code from the note: 3-21-67. Grab the explosives inside to complete the side quest.

Should I say yes or no to Clint Dying Light 2? ›

He thinks you're Bart, and you can either go along with it or tell him the truth. If you tell him you're Bart, Clint will attack, and you need to fight him. If you tell him you're not Bart nor Andy, then Clint will ask you to team up, agree, and he'll give you Steve's location.

Should I agree to help Andy Dying Light 2? ›

Agree to help Bart and Andy to get the treasure map. This will lead to another side quest after completing this one if you decide to keep the map for yourself at the end. After the cutscene, bounty hunters will show up. Kill them all and leave the building.

Can you romance Thalia Dying Light 2? ›

She has an interest in Aiden and can be romanced. She appreciates Aiden Caldwell for his mind and quiet insight, she isn't shy about it, either. After every Book Club quest complete, to begin the next one, the player must speak to Thalia.

Who triggers Meyer Dying Light 2? ›

His third question is about Meyer, and mentioning of which person triggers her. There are three options, Jack Matt, her daugher, and her father. Her father is the correct answer.

Are the Peacekeepers bad in Dying Light 2? ›

While joining either faction has no bearing on the storyline, Peacekeepers are slightly better than Survivors in Dying Light 2. This is because when you join the Peacekeepers, you receive much better rewards such as car traps, electrical traps and the PK Razor Canon.

What is the hardest ending in Dying Light 2? ›

How to get the worst ending in Dying Light 2. On the flipside of this, if you're a true completionist, here's how to get the worst possible ending in Dying Light 2: Kill Hakon, don't give the VNC Tower to Frank, and save Lawan. To be honest, the only choice that really matters here is saving Lawan.

Should I save Mia or Lawan? ›

Saving Lawan is considered the bad ending of Dying Light 2 and letting her detonate the bombs gives players the good ending in Dying Light 2. Although Mia will die if Lawan detonates the bombs, Aiden will save Villedor, and Lawan may also be saved depending on earlier decisions.

What is the perfect ending in Dying Light 2? ›

Lawan Ending (Best Ending)

It's possible to leave Villedor alongside Lawan, which is generally considered the best ending. This is how you get it: Spare Hakon In Old Villedor. Give The Radio Tower To Frank.

Can you trust Sophie Dying Light 2? ›

Siding with Sophie or Aitor are both valid routes, and you can feel safe going with whichever character or faction you like more. Both choices eventually lead to the same conclusion, as with pretty much every early-game choice in Dying Light 2, so don't sweat too much and go with your instinct.

What to do after killing Rais? ›

After you put an end to Rais, you just have to enjoy the rest of the cutscene. Congratulations! You have beaten Dying Light's main campaign.

What is the best mission in Dying Light? ›

Dying Light: 8 Interesting Side Quests You Should Do
  • 7 The Shadow Of The King. To activate The Shadow of the King side quest, players will have to complete the Do You Believe? ...
  • 6 Goodnight Mr. Bahir. ...
  • 5 Gunslinger. ...
  • 4 Prison Heist. ...
  • 3 Cease And Desist. ...
  • 2 A Baby Is Born. ...
  • 1 Mother's Day.
Apr 6, 2023

What is code 101 in Dying Light 2? ›

Dying Light 2 Nightrunner's Hideout safe code

Inside the Nightrunner's Hideout, make a beeline for the far-right corner to find the safe. In the corner you can move an old wardrobe that reveals a secret room, in which you'll find a case with the safe code inside: 101.

What is the safe code for Dr Tatsumi Dying Light 2? ›

To crack the safe, players simply need to enter the number 973 on the dial. Afterward, they can head back to McGregor to complete the sidequest, and they'll receive a single Inhibitor for their trouble.

What is the first code in Dying Light 2? ›

And there's our safe code: 973. Input the three digits into the safe and you'll open it to find the Biomarker. Defeat the three zombies that spawn and return to the quest giver nearby to complete the side mission.

Is there a secret gun in Dying Light 2? ›

From the top of the VNC Tower, players can also find the hidden weapon Left Finger of gloVa in Dying Light 2. From the tower, players should glide to the rooftop covered in moss with an antenna visible. Once there, players can pull the cable out of the green terminal in close proximity to drop down two levels.


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